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Dafa Practitioner Ms. Li Shuhua Is Blinded, Then Murdered by the Public Security Police

May 06, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Shuhua, 32 years old, of Peiying Street, Yushi City, Jilin Province was murdered by the police on October 6, 2003. When her family asked for the cause of her death, the police said that she died while on a hunger strike. But recently, after watching a Falun Dafa truth-clarification VCD and realizing the cover-up of the staged Self-Immolation in Tiananmen Square and learning of false charges against Falun Gong, a public security official who knew Ms. Li's case revealed why she was tortured to death.

After arresting her, the authorities detained Ms. Li Shuhua in jail. As she refused to answer any questions during the interrogation, the police tortured her. They covered her head with plastic bags and then stabbed her fingertips, arms, back and chest with big needles; her cries could be heard by the other detainees and the jail personnel. This was not an isolated incident. The jail police ferociously claimed, "I will force you to give out your Falun Gong contacts and materials sources!" After sealing her lips they struck her eyes so hard that the force dislodged one of her eyeballs out of the socket. Ms. Li passed out with terrible heart-rending cries of agony. Then the jail police asked for instructions from their superior officer, and the conclusion was that a dead person would be silent. That public security official commented that if Ms. Li had not been blinded, there would have been no reason to murder her.

At first the police thought they would send Ms. Li's body for cremation without notifying her family. However, after sending the body to a hospital to soak in some type of embalming fluid for a few days, plus some make-up and freezing, the needle marks were fading while only one eye seemed to be relatively shriveled and one half of her face was greenish pale. Without close examination her dead body looked somewhat normal. When her family asked about the needle marks, the doctor lied claiming they were due to the failed rescue efforts. However, there were two spots of skin peeling on her face, her fingernails had turned purplish green, and her abdomen was full of bloody fluid. Towels could not stop the flow of the bloody fluid that kept leaking from her body. No wonder some saw soaked sanitary napkins under her lower body. When questioned about the bloody fluid, the legal medical doctor lied saying it was due to her menstruation. How could a dead person menstruate? How could menstrual blood stay in the abdomen? All these were shameless lies!

The telephone numbers of those responsible:

Public Security Group: 86-431-3630358

Zhang Deqing (National Security Brigade Chief):

86-431-3650116, 86-13630547970 (mobile)

Zhou Xianguo (National Security Brigade Deputy Chief):

86-431-3633042, 86-13630530976 (mobile)

Liu Guilan: 86-431-3660089, 86-13630547782 (mobile)

Shi Hailin: 86-431-3628540 or 86-431-3638540, 86-13844150532 (mobile)

Sun Tiejun: 86-431-3636238, 86-13180876268 (mobile)

Qi Li: 86-431-3624881, 86-13844956168 (mobile)

Chen Lihui: 86-431-3643559

Chai Wenge: 86-431-3638154, 86-13089427353 (mobile)

Han Yueyan: 86-431-3615012, 86-13504491096 (mobile)

He Lijuan: 86-431-3621165, 86-13943153899 (mobile)

Liu Yanzheng: 86-431-3644889, 86-13944953838 (mobile)

Li Chunhe: 86-431-3642293, 86-13944849448 (mobile)

Zuo Liang: 86-431-3631089, 86-13504791490 (mobile)

Guo Shiqing (now retired): 86-431-3637526