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Linjia Village Police Beat Dafa Practitioner Ms. Li Xianglan to Death in Zhucheng City, Shandong Province

May 30, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Xianglan, a 48-year-old woman from Linjia Village, Zhucheng City, was taken by Linjia Village policemen Cao Jinhui and Zhu Wei to the police station on May 7, 2001. While detained at the police station, she was subjected to a brutal beating and on the following morning she was found dead.

On the day when Dafa practitioner Li Xianglan was forcibly taken from her home by police, her family, who were rural people, became very frightened that they would also be implicated as a result of the atmosphere of terror created by Jiang and his followers. Because they felt afraid they would be implicated and also that it was a shame on the family that Li Xianglan had been arrested, they did not even go to the local police station, which was less than 500 meters from their home, to inquire about her.

Before learning Falun Dafa in 1998, Ms. Li had suffered many diseases for years. Her amazing recovery from her previous longtime illnesses surprised and was envied by people she knew. In order to let all the villagers to know the facts about Falun Dafa and not be deceived by Jiang's lies, she talked to everybody about the benefits Falun Dafa brings to people. When the police learned she had been clarifying the truth of the persecution to the public, they broke into her home, ransacked it and then forcibly took her to the Township Police Station.

It was 11 p.m. when Ms. Li finally returned from the police station in poor physical condition and barely able to walk. Her husband was still angry about the fact that she had been taken away by the police and wouldn't speak to her. Noticing that her husband was still angry, she said to him compassionately. "Why don't you go to bed? I still have to go back there at 5 a.m. tomorrow." When the husband woke up around 4 o'clock in the morning, he could not find his wife. So he went to look for her and found her lying in the courtyard. He was so scared that he just collapsed onto the ground, not knowing what to do.

He finally started calling for his daughter and son-in-law. They moved Ms. Li to a bed inside and discovered that she had already died. Upon viewing the body, they noticed that her legs were all bruised and missing skin in places. Her back was black and blue all over. Seeing this, the husband had terrible regrets about the way he had acted and that he did not resist the police when they came to take her, did not demand her release at the police station, did not ask about her stay at the police station when she returned in poor condition, and that he did not even pour her a glass of water nor offer her any food. Now that she had died with injuries all over her body, he was still trying to understand how her death had happened so suddenly and so brutally.

When morning arrived, the neighbors and her relatives rushed over upon hearing about her death. The chief of the Linjia Village Police Station, Zhang Ke, also showed up with his people. The Public Security Bureau also sent plainclothes officers to come and mix with the crowd. The authorities prevented people from discussing the cause of her death or asking questions about how Ms. Li died. Some police sat by the bed to prevent people from coming to see Ms. Li's body. Ms. Li's daughter and son-in-law wanted to take pictures of her body as evidence of the persecution, but were prevented by the authorities. Soon, the coroner from the Public Security Bureau came as well. When they saw the condition of Ms. Li's body, they too were shocked. One blurted out, "How could they beat her like this?" Those inside the police station knew that Cai Jinhui was notoriously known as a "Drunkard and Beater." He beat all Falun Gong practitioners. Those who came with the coroner quickly brought him to the courtyard and when they returned, they began fabricating the story that "Ms. Li probably committed suicide by taking some poison." Then the authorities started looking for any type of poison in the household they could use as evidence for their cover-up. Eventually they located a sack of crop fertilizer. The authorities took this information to the family and claimed, "She took this to kill herself." No one in the family had ever seen the fertilizer before. The injuries from her beating were so obvious, how could the authorities say that the fertilizer caused it? Also, the body did not smell like fertilizer at all, as it would if she ingested any fertilizer. Her family was not convinced and decided to have the body put into a freezer to preserve the evidence and look for a lawyer to take the police to court for her murder. As soon as the lawyers heard that it had to do with Falun Dafa, no one was willing the take the case. [One of Jiang's directives against Falun Dafa states that no lawyer can defend any Falun Dafa related case unless the evidence and the case are pre-approved by the authorities before trial. As a result, lawyers cannot effectively defend their clients and if they try they risk being implicated and punished, so they refuse to take these cases]

The body was eventually cremated under orders from the police after it had been in the freezer for five days.

On the day the body was cremated, it was raining very hard, as if heaven was grieving over her death. The villagers all said, "Ms. Li Xianglan died such a terrible death. Her murderers will surely receive their karmic retribution."