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Korea: Group Study and Experience Sharing Conference of Korean Falun Gong Practitioners Successfully Concludes (Photos)

May 22, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) From May 15 to 16, Korean Falun Gong practitioners held an experience sharing conference and large group study in a hotel. Practitioners from every corner of Korea attended the conference and group study.

During the sharing, practitioners exchanged their understanding on how to cooperate and harmonize as one body during the Fa rectification and how to truly look inside in cultivation and qualify as a Dafa disciple during Fa rectification period. The sharing indeed helped practitioners in finding their individual shortcomings and omissions. Practitioners also divided into groups to discuss how to maintain the Korean version of the clearwisdom.net website and manage media teams.

The sharing concluded in the afternoon of May 16.

Sharing conference

Group practice