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Outstanding Teacher Dies as a Result of Persecution -Ms. Gao Shuqin, Practitioner from Daqing City (Photo)

April 07, 2004 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Daqing City

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Gao Shuqin, 51 years old, was a teacher at No. 12 Middle School of Daqing City. She was named an Outstanding Teacher of Daqing City. She lived in room 601, unit 4, building 27 of Kejiyuan, Rang District, Daqing City. Between 12 pm and 12:30 pm on March 27, 2004, she accidentally fell from a building and died while trying to escape persecution.


On March 26, Gao Shuqin's husband, Li Lin, was abducted while distributing truth clarification materials. At midnight, police officers went to Gao Shuqin's house and locked the door from the outside. At noon on March 27, Gao Shuqin made several calls for help but received no response. With no choice left, she tied a bed sheet to a window and tried to climb down. Unfortunately, the sheet tore in half when she was in midair, and she fell to her death.

While Gao Shuqin was locked in her house, she called a locksmith and asked him to open the door for her. The locksmith refused to come when he learned that she was a Dafa practitioner. She had also given a key to her neighbor, who would not open the door either. After Gao Shuqin fell, it even took the riot police a long time using specialized tools to pry open the door.

Before this incident, Gao Shuqin had been abducted twice, and both times the police either ordered a locksmith to open her door or pried open the door to break into her home.

Many people were present at the scene and they saw a bed sheet on the body. The district police arrived and called an ambulance. When the ambulance arrived, the doctor saw that Gao Shuqin was already dead, and so the ambulance left and the doctor asked the police to take the body.

Despite the facts, the police lied to Gao Shuqin's family and told them that Gao Shuqin had locked herself in and then jumped off the building. More than 20 people from Gao Shuqin's work unit attended her funeral. Some people asked the police about her, but the police didn't dare reveal the true details of her death.

Within the month of March alone, four Dafa practitioners - Li Yuanguang, Yang Quanyong, Wang Guofang and Gao Shuqin - died from persecution in Daqing City. The blood of Dafa practitioners is calling the world's conscience. Let us join efforts to stop this persecution.

Our fellow practitioner Gao Shuqin has left us. Her experience of being persecuted is heart-wrenching. (Refer to "Outstanding Teacher from Daqing City Describes How She Has Been Persecuted" at http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/11/9/42088.html)

On January 1, 2000, Gao Shuqin went to Beijing to validate Dafa. Before she got to Beijing, the police on the train searched her ID card and illegally arrested her. They sent her to Shanhaiguang Detention Center. Because she refused to provide her name, the police brutally beat her. After the beating, the police cuffed her hands behind her back with one hand coming down the shoulder and the other hand across her back. Soon the metal cut into her flesh. She held a four-day hunger strike and escaped. She walked for nine days and nine nights and arrived at Tiananmen Square, where she did the Dafa exercises to validate Dafa. She was again arrested and sent to the Qianmen Police Department. The police took turns beating her because she refused to give her name. The police rammed her head against the wall and poured cold water on her before releasing her after midnight.

On June 4, 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal and was detained for 75 days. She was later sent to a brainwashing class hosted by the educational training center, where she was held for two weeks. She was extorted of 2,450 Yuan for two weeks of food and board. She was released after a five-day hunger strike.

On November 28, 2000, she went to Beijing for the third time to validate Dafa. After she returned to Daqing City, she was forced to leave home to avoid persecution. On May 5, 2001, she was arrested at the home of a fellow practitioner in Honggang District. Because she refused to give her name and address, the police slapped her face and forced her to stand in order to humiliate her. Later they sent her to Daqing City Detention Center, where she held a 19-day hunger strike before being released.

At midnight on July 19, 2001, three police officers broke into Gao Shuqin's home and took her away. They sent her to Sa District Detention Center where she held a 36-day hunger strike. Because she refused to cooperate with the force-feeding, the guards verbally abused and beat her every day. Around August 25, she was sent to Harbin Women's Drug Rehabilitation Center. She didn't pass the physical exam, and so she was sent to the district administrative detention center and held for two days before she was released.

In September 2002, the persecutors began ransacking Dafa practitioners' houses and abducting Dafa practitioners. On the evening of September 9, the police broke into the home of Gao Shuqin, put a black bag over her head and took her to the city detention center, where she held a hunger strike. The perpetrators then sent her to Harbin City Drug Rehabilitation Center to continue to persecute her. At the Drug Rehabilitation Center, she was tortured nearly to death and her body was covered with bruises. The bruises on her wrists from handcuffs were clearly visible after a long time. In early October, she became unconscious. The perpetrators were afraid of taking responsibility and asked her family to take her home. Her sisters took care of her for several days before she was able to move. Because she suffered brain damage from beating, Gao Shuqin had slurred speech and lost some control of her limbs for most of that year. Only her mother-in-law, who was in her 80s, was at home, as her husband Li Lin had been sentenced to three years of forced labor for believing in Truth-Compassion-Tolerance. At that time, he was unlawfully held at Daqing Detention Center.

On the morning of November 27, 2003, Sun Shaomin, the head of Rang District Police Department and police officer Liu Yupeng abducted Gao Shuqin from home. They sent her to the city detention center where she held a hunger strike. During the detention, she was tortured with an "iron chair" [The iron chair is made of iron pipes. Victims are restrained on the iron chairs with both arms and legs tied for a long period of time] for many days, and she had to rely on others to help her eat, drink and relieve herself. She was unconditionally released on January 19, 2004.

From June 4, 2000, when Gao Shuqin first went to Beijing to appeal, until her death, her work unit didn't allow her to work and didn't pay her a cent. The perpetrators deprived her of her basic living rights. The school's accounting book claimed that Gao Shuqin was paid 677.9 Yuan every month, which came out to at least 27,116 Yuan in salary. All of this was embezzled by lawless school officials. If it weren't for the persecution, Gao Shuqin would have been paid at least 60,000 Yuan in salaries and bonus money. However, the officials of Gao Shuqin's work unit considered the fines imposed on her and the money spent on the trips, when officials picked her up in Beijing, as Gao Shuqin's obligation. Therefore they claimed that Gao Shuqin owed her work unit over 40,000 Yuan. In July 2003, the labor camp term imposed on Gao Shuqin expired, and she went to her school to ask for her job back. However, the school officials asked her to write a guarantee statement to give up practicing Falun Gong, which she refused to do. Ma Yongwei, the Party secretary of the school asked her to write a return-to-work application, which was a guarantee statement in disguise. However, Gao Shuqin refused to give up Dafa and she did not sign the guarantee statement.

She died from persecution, and her son and daughter who are attending universities in other cities will never be able to see their mother again.

Phone numbers of work unit and individuals responsible (dial 86-459 before each phone number except for the cell phones):

Rang District Police Department in Daqing City.

Zip code: 163453

Address: Rang District, Daqing City

Main switchboard: 6336222, 5985661

Sun Shaomin, head of the police department: 5989411, 6332888, 5989412

Disciplinary Inspection and Supervisory Division: 6339599

Head of the Commanding Center: 6338687

Politics and Security Division: 6121825

Political Instructor of the Security Group: 5183562

Fax room: 6353410

Ranghu Road Police Station in Daqing City

Head office: 5093616

Instructor's office: 6304997

Police officer Chen Yaosong, who extorted money from Dafa practitioners' family members

Daqing Detention Center, 4661762, 4661566

Educational Training Center of Daqing Petroleum Administrative Bureau

Address: No. 15 Xihuai Road, Ranghulu District

Zip code: 163453

Wang Yili, head of the "610 Office" in the Educational Training Center: 5097538 (office), 5517098 (home), 86-13904863286 (Cell)

Cui Haibin, head of the 610 Office in the Educational Training Center: 5596517(office), 5515578 (home)

Zhang Zenglong, the Principal of the Daqing City 12th High School: 4667675 (office), 6665175 (home)

Ma Yongwei, the Secretary of the Daqing 12th high school: 4689153 (office)