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How Mr. Xun Ruilin Was Persecuted Before Death

April 07, 2004 |  


Mr. Xun Ruilin was a Dafa practitioner from Dongguannan, Cheng'an town, Handan City, Hebei province. He started practicing Falun Gong at the beginning of 1997. After he had practiced for only a little while, the blinding headache that had disturbed him for many years vanished without the need for medicine. The manifestation of Falun Dafa strengthened his determination to practice.

After the persecution began on July 20th, 1999, Xun Ruilin went to Beijing many times to peacefully appeal for the fair treatment of Falun Dafa. During the national holidays in 1999, the Beijing police department arrested him for his legal appeal and policemen beat him. He was further tortured when he was later handed over to the Handan city police. They handcuffed him to a chair and beat him badly. Later, he was picked up by the Cheng'an county police who continued to torture him. The head of the police department, Li Zhiqiang, cruelly beat him. Yet, despite all torture, he never renounced his belief in Falun Dafa. Later, he was sent to the county detention center.

In the detention center, Xun Ruilin would not participate in the forced prison exercises, nor recite the prison regulations and continued practicing the Falun Gong exercises. The guards pressured and harassed him many times but he always persisted and explained the facts of the persecution to them. He was released after he had been detained for over a month and was fined a large sum of 5,000 Yuan [the average monthly salary in China is 500 Yuan].

One night in April 2000, police came to Xun Ruilin's home and suddenly arrested him. The policemen sent Xun Ruilin to the detention center again citing "concerns that he might go to Beijing to appeal" although he had not committed any crime. This time, the authorities released him after a two months detention and fined him an additional 3,000 yuan.

In October 2000, when the police learned Xun Ruilin was still displaying Master's picture at his home, they arrested him and took him to the detention center again.

In the detention center, Xun Ruilin was handcuffed for long time and tortured as punishment. In order to protest this unjust treatment, he went on hunger strike. He was only released when he was close to death.

On August 31, 2002, 68 practitioners held an experience sharing conference at Dingzhuang village, Beixiangyi town, but their meeting was reported to the authorities by informers and the entire county police force showed up to arrest the practitioners. Once the chief of the police department arrived, he ordered the policemen to brutally beat the practitioners. The policemen unrestrainedly beat kind-hearted practitioners with leather-thonged whips and ropes. The chief of the police department, Li Zhide, ordered four or five policemen to beat Xun Ruilin, which they did until his white shirt turned red. Later Xun Ruilin was sent to the police station in Chenan town to be tortured and interrogated, however, Xun Ruilin refused to cooperate and did not say anything. Since the police could not get what they wanted, they transferred him to the police department in Linzhang county for more severe treatment. There, Xun Ruilin immediately went on hunger strike to protest his illegal and brutal treatment, whereupon the police from Linzhang county and Chenan county decided to force-feed him as a form of torture. They also did not permit his family members to visit him and blocked all news about his situation. On September 8, Xun Ruilin was tortured to death and the authorities had to notify his family.

In order to conceal the facts of his violent death at their own hands, the police took his corpse to the county hospital and staged a scene, for the benefit of his family members, making it appear as if doctors had attempted to rescue him from the brink of death. They arranged for some policemen to keep watch in the mortuary and prevent his family members from viewing the body. The police falsely asserted that Xun Ruilin's corpse needed to be cremated right away and that his family could not take him back home. The police colluded with staff at the Handan city procuratorate to exert pressure on the family so that the police would not be held responsible.

A truly kind person lost his precious life to Jiang's political group and their followers. There was no family by Xun Ruilin's side at the time of his death. His corpse was emaciated and his eyes were open widely. His neck was obviously bruised and his wrists had deep marks from the handcuffs. After his body was hastily cremated, the police department of Linzhang county foerced the family to sign an agreement absolving them of responsibility in Xun Ruilin's death, which stated that he died after ineffective medical treatments following an illness.

A list of persons involved in the death of Xun Ruilin follows:

The president of Cheng'an county: Wang Haijian 86-310-7211265 (O);

The chief of the Cheng'an county police department: Li Zhide 86-310-7280988 (O), 86-13903305666 (C);

The assistant chief of the Cheng'an police department: Lv Jianzhang 86-310-7280968 (O), 86-13703302182 (C);

The assistant chief of the Cheng'an police department of: Zhou Tian 86-310-7280928 (O), 86-13930080398(C);

The assistant chief of the Cheng'an police department of: Li Qiang 86-310-7280916 (O), 86-13930088091(C);

The policemen: Tian Guisheng, Zhao Wei, Fan X;

The chief of Cheng'an town police station: Wang Xujun 86-310-7211592 (O), 86-13831037999 (C);

The chief of Beiyiangyi police station: Li Junshan 86-310-5338518 (O), 86-13031461515 (C)

The phone number of the Linzhang county police department: 86-310-7866050;

The assistant chief of the Linzhang county police department: Hao X;

The policemen from Linzhang county who participated in the torture: Li Shuang, Dong Li.