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A Falun Dafa Materials Site in Kaiyuan City, Liaoning Province Is Destroyed by Police - Ms. Chen Qing Dies During Police Raid

April 21, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of March 31, 2004, a site containing Falun Gong materials in Kaiyuan City, Liaoning Province was raided and destroyed by police. In order to escape abduction and cruel interrogation by the police, Ms. Chen Qing tried to slide down the side of the building using a bed sheet. Unfortunately, she fell and died.

At around 5:00 PM on March 31 police started to smash down the door of the apartment used as a materials production site. Inside were: Ms. Chen Qing (used to use the name Xu Wen; from Beian City of Heilongjiang Province, 53 years old), Ms. Zhang Xiaonan (also known as Yuan Yuan, 23 years old) and Li Xiaohan (nickname Li Kexin, 7 years old). They refused to open the door. When we arrived at around 7:00 PM, we saw Ms. Chen's body at the foot of the six-story building. She was face down, and there was a big puddle of blood on the ground around her head. At the same time, we saw the long, knotted bed sheet, hanging from the sixth floor window.

At around 8:30 PM, the cremation service drove by and picked up Ms. Chen's body. At around 9:00 PM, the door to the room on the sixth floor was opened and the two practitioners inside were taken by police to the Kaiyuan City Police Station.

Practitioner Yin Welan had gone downstairs at around 4:00 PM to meet a female practitioner named Jun (surname unknown). Later, it was verified that the female practitioner was abducted and Yin Welan went missing. All the other practitioners' mobile phones cannot be contacted.

The things seized by police were: one computer, two printers, one removable hard drive, mobile phone accessories, 20,000 Yuan in cash [500 yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.], and other materials worth 3000 yuan.

Parties responsible: Kaiyuan City Police Station

We do not know the names of the police who were involved in arresting the practitioners. We saw many police cars on site. Their license plates are:

LiaoM0014police (Songliao brand jeep; involved in surveillance and arrest of the practitioners)

LiaoOM0133 (white Jedi sedan; involved in surveillance and arrest of the practitioners)

LiaoOM0160 (red Sutton sedan; involved in surveillance and arrest of the practitioners)














WJ05Xiao62029 (preparing to enter the sixth floor window)