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The Fa-Validating Journey of Ms. Meng Xiao -- A Practitioner Who Died as a Result of Four Years of Persecution (Part 1)

March 05, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Meng Xiao, a college graduate, was a 37-year-old employee and division head at Chengdu Iron and Steel Works. After being savagely tortured, force-fed, tied up and injected with poisonous drugs, Meng Xiao died between January 8 and January 12, 2004 in Jintang County, Chengdu City.

Ms. Meng Xiao obtained the Fa in March 1999. For more than four years, Meng Xiao risked life and death to validate Dafa. She firmly resisted the evil persecution and left many moving stories as she walked her path of Fa-rectification openly and nobly.

I. Going to Beijing to safeguard the Fa

Meng Xiao began practicing Falun Gong in March 1999. Before she obtained the Fa, she was ill and was hospitalized, which cost her thousands of yuan in hospital bills, but the doctors could not give her a diagnosis. She obtained the Fa while in hospital and began the practice. Her illness disappeared without treatment, which reaffirmed Meng Xiao's faith in Dafa. On July 20, 1999, Jiang's group began slandering Falun Gong, yet Meng Xiao, who had obtained the Fa only half a year earlier, still determinedly practiced Dafa. On October 22, 1999, she did the Dafa exercises and was taken to the local police department for one day before her superior of the work unit picked her up. On October 28, Jiang's group slandered Dafa, and Meng Xiao felt that the government didn't know the truth, so she decided to go to Beijing to clarify the truth. On November 17, 1999, Meng Xiao and other Dafa practitioners unfurled a banner that read, "Falun Dafa stands in the world forever." The police on duty beat and kicked her, threw her into a police car and drove to Tiananmen Police Department.

In the interrogation room Meng Xiao refused to answer questions of the illegal interrogation. The police viciously slapped her on the face and kicked her lower abdomen with their heavy army boots.

Later, Meng Xiao was transferred to the Dongcheng District Detention Center in Beijing where she was brutally beaten countless times. She was cuffed with her hands across her back and shocked with electric batons. The police banged her head against the wall while grabbing her hair and they tied her up. During an unconstitutional trial, Meng Xiao refused to cooperate and recited in a loud voice "When the Fa is Right," (from Essentials for Further Advancement), and the court police fanatically beat and kicked her.

On April 12, 2000, Meng Xiao was sent to the Tuanhe Prison. While sitting on the floor she double-crossed her legs (an indication she was about to begin the Falun Dafa sitting meditation), and several inmates brutally beat her. They dragged her into the office and tied her lower body with a rope and immobilized her upper body together with her cuffed hands, so she couldn't move at all. They threw her on the floor and left her there until evening. When they put Meng Xiao in a TV room to sleep, she was still tied up. She was tied this way for nine days straight.

Meng Xiao and another four practitioners were taken to an "art exhibition" while in the labor camp. The guards told them to walk with their heads lowered and their hands over their head. Meng Xiao firmly refused to obey, as she knew she lived an open and dignified life and didn't do anything wrong. Because Meng Xiao refused to cooperate with the evil, the perpetrators beat her up, and they tied her with ropes and threw her to the ground. During this time they also ordered inmates to "train" her to learn to squat and ordered other humiliating corporal punishment. Meng Xiao never gave in and on the ninth day of her detention, she was sent to Sichuan Province Female Prison in Yangmahe, Jianyang.

II. Validating Dafa in prison

On April 22, Meng Xiao was sent to Sichuan Province Female Prison. She was the first Dafa practitioner to be sent there. The guards locked her in solitary confinement with the excuse that they were worried that she might teach others to practice Falun Gong. On April 23, Meng Xiao was beaten for doing Dafa exercises and was again locked in the solitary confinement. On April 25, the guards took away her Dafa scriptures. Meng Xiao resisted and was beaten up, then locked to a bed. On April 27, she was released from the bed and was sent to solitary confinement for the following month. When she was released from solitary confinement in late May, she was directly sent to the Monitored Group where she was watched by people specially assigned to monitor her.

Because she did the Dafa exercises, many inmates beat Meng Xiao, including Zhang Mingying and Jiang Min. Several times, many inmates dragged Meng Xiao by her feet with her body scraping against the floor, and dragged her from the first floor to the forth floor. At every corner of the stairway they beat and kicked her until her body was covered with bruises. Even some inmates found it hard to bear such atrocities, so they tried to stop them. The perpetrators spewed obscenities in return.

In June, Zhang, the head of prison, pretended to be a Dafa practitioner and talked to Meng Xiao to ask her to give up Dafa practice. Ms. Meng Xiao solemnly refused. In August and September, people from the Public Prosecutor's Office and from the immediate court came to the prison and told Meng Xiao she would be treated differently if she gave up Dafa practice. Ms. Meng Xiao refused their offer. On December 2 [Chinese lunar calendar] Meng Xiao got up at night and did the Dafa exercises. This prompted Guo, another head of the prison, to order guards to take off Meng Xiao's clothes except for her sweatpants and a thin shirt, and dragged her out to the hall and forced her to stand there to suffer the cold. Meng Xiao was barefoot and she did Dafa exercises from 2 a.m. until dawn. She did the same the next day.

Later, Jiang's group escalated the persecution, and more Dafa practitioners were abducted and sent to this prison. Because they did the Dafa exercises, common criminals from the Art and Propaganda Group savagely beat them. The inmates at the sewing workshop grew angry and shouted, "Stop beating them!"

On December 2 [Chinese lunar calendar], Meng Xiao came to the understanding that since Dafa practitioners were good and innocent people, they should not be forced by the prison to do slave labor for 13-14 and even 15-16 hours a day, and this was also in violation of the legal labor time requirement by prison law. Meng Xiao therefore refused to work.

Incited by prison officials, nine guards dragged Meng Xiao to the fifth floor while beating and kicking her. When they arrived at the fifth floor, they took off Meng Xiao's clothes and shoes except her sweatshirt and sweatpants. They again beat her up. Then the guards detained her in the solitary confinement. The perpetrators cuffed Meng Xiao's hands behind her back and shackled her feet to a peg on a wall. They also took off Meng Xiao's sweater and placed it outside. She was cuffed this way day and night for several days. Meng Xiao still would not give in. She was then cuffed to the door of the cell for a few days, and later she was hung up on a window frame in the sewing workshop until January 27. For the last five days during that period, she was hung on the window frame during the day and locked to the stairway at night. The perpetrators tried to force Meng Xiao to write the guarantee statements to promise she would no longer do Dafa exercises or talk about Dafa in prison. For almost one month, the guards didn't allow inmates to approach Meng Xiao or talk to her, and gave her nothing but a meager portion of rice and salted vegetable.

Soon after the 2001 Chinese New Year, on January 23, Jiang's group staged the Tiananmen Square "Self-immolation" incident to defame Dafa, and the persecution escalated in prison. The perpetrators found the scriptures Meng Xiao had hand-copied and given to other practitioners. Because of this they brutally beat her up and locked her in the corridor for five days and five nights.

In order to intensify the "transformation" process, for a while the perpetrators organized Dafa practitioners to attend a meeting at the prison office at 2:00 p.m., followed by another meeting at 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. Every practitioner was forced to write their "understandings" and oftentimes these brainwashing sessions lasted until 2:00 a.m.

In order to "transform" Meng Xiao and several other determined Dafa practitioners, the perpetrators hired collaborators from Deyang Prison [former Falun Gong practitioners who gave up Dafa practice after torture and brainwashing] to individually "transform" these practitioners. These firmly committed Dafa practitioners kept telling everyone about their experiences during the persecution, how they were beaten and humiliated in Beijing. The prison authorities wanted them to write Dafa-slandering statements, but these practitioners told how the guards and inmates beat them and tried to force them to the write guarantee statements. They also told how Dafa teaches people to be good. The prison officials admitted that Dafa practitioners were good people in all aspects, and Meng Xiao told them, "Our Master taught us well! Dafa is good! Dafa changed us, and that's why we are good people!"

In the evening of July 17, a bloody public "criticizing meeting" was held in the prison. Zhang, the head of the prison, prison guards, special police officers and other related people attended the meeting. More than three hundred prisoners were surrounded. Chen Yumei and Zhang Hongying were tied up with ropes and escorted to the front stage. Zhang Hongying pleaded with the guards to loosen the rope a little bit since it was so tight that the pain was unbearable. Her request was denied. Meng Xiao and Wang Qunhui stood up to protest the cruelty, but they were beaten and kicked for speaking up and were dragged outside for further beating and kicking. Refused to be tied up, Meng Xiao was thrown to the ground several times before they tightly tied her up. She had several injuries to her face, the arms and legs. Eventually she was tied up tightly with rope. The team leader Cai and several other police officers kept slapping her on the face. Meng Xiao called out loudly, "It's against the law for police to beat people. I will expose your crimes once I get out."

Meng Xiao and Wang Qunhui were escorted to the front stage. Meng Xiao still called out loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" The evil ruffians taped her mouth tightly shut to stop her from calling out, which made it hard for her to breathe. Later, four of the practitioners were handcuffed on their backs and locked into a solitary compartment. Meng Xiao was detained there for over 15 days. When she was released from the solitary compartment on August 1, the rope-injury on her shoulders was still visible.

Because Meng Xiao persisted in practicing the Dafa exercises, she was cuffed to the bed every day and night. The especially assigned people watched her every day until the last day of her term.

III. Resisting the persecution from the work unit and local police station

On November 16, 2001, Ms. Meng Xiao had served the extended term that was arbitrarily added to her time. The prison sent her back to Tuanjie Police Station in Qingbaijiang. Later, someone from her work unit came to take her back.

Because she clarified the truth and distributed Dafa flyers at her work unit, she was reported to the local police station and was detained for 15 days with the charge of "disturbing the social order." After 15 days' detention, they wanted to continue detaining her on a criminal charge, which she adamantly refused to sign. On December 27, Meng Xiao was sent to Tuanjie Police Station again and found out that they wanted to send her back to her hometown Xichong. When the car from her work unit came to pick her up, she refused to get in the car. The evildoing ruffians from her work unit pulled her hair and clamped on to her neck to drag her into the car. Ms. Meng Xiao was pushed down in the car and handcuffed from the back.

On December 27, Meng Xiao was escorted to Xichong and spent a night there. The authorities in Xichong refused to accept her and she was taken back. Her work unit assigned people to take turns watching her round the clock.

January 24, 2004