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The Death of Han Cuiyuan - Caused by Brutal Force-Feeding in Jilin Province Female Prison

March 30, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Han Cuiyuan, a Dafa disciple from Jilin Province, Siping City, went on a hunger strike to protest the prison guards' forced reform efforts while she was illegally imprisoned in the Jilin Province Female Prison. One day in early August of 2002, over a dozen inmates surrounded Han Cuiyuan to brutally force-feed her. A few people sat on her and throttled her neck. She lost consciousness and died on her way to a hospital. Following are details.

Han Cuiyuan had been sentenced to four years in prison for distributing Falun Gong truth clarification materials. She was sent to Jilin Province Female Prison in July 2002. In order to force her to write the "four statements" and give up Dafa practice, prison guards deprived her of sleep and tortured her. Han Cuiyuan began a hunger strike.

One day in early August, over a dozen inmates force-fed Han Cuiyuan without the presence of a physician. Inmate Jiang Lihua pried Han Cuiyuan's mouth open with a pair of forceps, and one of her teeth was knocked out. Inmates Cheng Yan, Wang Lihua and others sat on Han Cuiyuan's body with their full body weight. Inmate Zhao Tianrui even rode on Han Cuiyuan; There were over a dozen inmates who surrounded Han and tried to hold her down. Some of them choked Han and caused her to lose consciousness White foam and mucus came out of her mouth, and she couldn't close her mouth anymore.

Then Zou, a prison guard from the education section showed up. Zou is evil and is in charge of newly arrived prisoners. Ten minutes later the inmates awoke Han Cuiyuan by pinching an acupuncture point. Han could not close her mouth and nor speak anymore. She gestured to ask for paper and pen to leave a will. In her will she wrote that she missed her child, and hoped her child would study hard and be a decent person. The prison doctor gave her two shots, which didn't help. Han Cuiyuan passed away on her way to a hospital.

Jilin Province Female Prison blocked the news that Han Cuiyuan died as a result of the persecution. Instead, they lied that Han Cuiyuan had been sent home. The prison guards threatened inmates who were at the scene not to reveal the true story if they were asked. We don't know what fabricated stories the prison told her family.

March 12, 2004