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Dafa Practitioner Mr. Li Yuanguang, Master's Degree Holder from Daqing City, Dies as Result of Torture (Photos)

March 28, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Yuanguang received a Master's degree from East China Normal University. After suffering more than four years of persecution directed by Jiang's group, he passed away on March 4, 2004 at the age of 34.

Li Yuanguang's wedding picture Li Yuanguang's picture at the time of his death

Li Yuanguang suffered from severe kidney problems while in graduate school and could no longer go on with his studies. Classmates and his mentor convinced him to practice Falun Dafa. He learned to practice Falun Gong, and soon after he recovered and graduated with outstanding marks.

He could have gone to the U.S. to study, but he gave up the opportunity and went back to contribute his knowledge to his hometown. The government awarded him 2,900 Yuan for giving back to his community. People in his hometown welcomed him with open arms. Wei Xingzhu, the deputy mayor of Daqing City at the time who was in charge of education, personally received him and praised him for returning to his roots. Mr. Li was assigned to work at the Daqing Education Institute.

Mr. Li conducted his life according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. He worked hard and treated people with kindness. Just as he was serving his people and his country, Jiang and his followers started the persecution against Falun Dafa. During the more than four years of persecution, Mr. Li Yuanguang was one of the main targets because he was the assistant at the Dongfeng New Village practice site.

On July 29, 1999, Li Yuanguang returned from the Appeals Office in Beijing. His ID card was confiscated. He was forced into daily study of so-called "reform materials" at his work unit and was also interrogated at the Sha District Police Department. In the end, he was forced to speak at a local TV station and say things against Dafa.

On April 3, 2000, Li Yuanguang went to the Appeals Office in Beijing for the second time to appeal for Dafa. Plainclothes police officers arrested him and sent him to the Huafeng Hotel in Beijing, where the Daqing City Dispatch Center for Falun Gong practitioners is located. On April 5, police officers from a police department in Daqing and from Li Yuanguang's work unit took him back and held him in the Sha District Detention Center for 15 days, during which time the guards beat him many times. On April 20, he was transferred to the Sha District Custody Center and held for 30 days, during which time his work unit officials expelled him from the Party, fired him and put him under watch for two years.

After he was released, he was transferred to another post and was not allowed to use computers or copy machines. He also had to formally ask for a leave of absence when he left town. He was thus deprived of his personal freedom. The authorities cut his salary from over 1,000 Yuan to 400 Yuan. His wife didn't have a job at the time and his child was only seven months old. However, Li Yuanguang still went to work on time and worked hard.

In the afternoon of July 12, 2000, Jing Aiguo, the local police head and other police officers including Xia Yanbing arrested Mr. Li Yuanguang. Eight police officers led by Sun Wanku ordered a locksmith to open the door to his home. These people even opened a sealed sack of rice to search for things. They found several hand-copied texts of Master's lectures and used it as an excuse to throw Li Yuanguang into the Sha District Detention Center, and kept him there until September 7, 2000. Because of overcrowding in the detention center and the wet floors, many detained Dafa practitioners developed scabies all over their bodies. It made them itch so bad they could not sleep at night. The scabies Mr. Li developed didn't improve until six months after his release.

On April 24, 2001, Shang Fuchen, head of the Xinxing Police Station, He Jianqiu, instructor of the police station and Xu Tiemin, Party Secretary for the Daqing Education Institute searched Mr. Li Yuanguang's office. They didn't find anything, but then proceeded to ransack Li Yuanguang's home. When Li Yuanguang confronted them, police instructor He Jianqiu said, "You better behave yourself, or we'll kill you! What do you think policemen are?"

They took Li Yuanguang to the police station, where many people beat him, cuffed his hands behind his back, shackled him and tied him to a metal chair. Numerous police and security officers monitored him. At around 9:00 p.m. they sent him to the Sha District Detention Center. The Special Case Group officers, specializing in persecuting Falun Gong, tortured Li Yuanguang in order to make him sign an interrogation report. They forced him to sit on a metal chair, thumped his eyes, put lit cigarettes in his mouth, force-fed him drugs, put mustard in his nose, stomped on his body and fingers, slapped his face and threatened him. Li Yuanguang refused to cooperate, and the perpetrators eventually gave up.

In order to protest the barbarous treatment under the persecution, Li Yuanguang went on a hunger strike right after he was sent to the detention center. Beginning from April 27, the perpetrators at the detention center force-fed him daily. On May 5, he was on the brink of death and was sent to the city hospital for emergency treatment. The medical team diagnosed him with heart failure and kidney failure. He received three units of intravenous injections, after which he was taken back to the detention center. On May 6, he was taken back to the same hospital. The detention center authorities were afraid of taking responsibility for his death, so they conferred with the police department, the local police station and his work unit and told him, "You can go home now."

All of them left and Li Yuanguang laid there by himself receiving the intravenous drip. His supervisor at work notified his family. His family arrived at the hospital and learned that Li Yuanguang had been handcuffed and shackled when he was sent to the hospital.

Because the hospital stay was expensive and Li Yuanguang's work unit refused to pay him, his family had to take him home. His work unit later conspired with the hospital and claimed Mr. Li Yuanguang left the hospital because he had fully recovered, when in actuality the head doctor and other doctors did not sign Li Yuanguang's release document when he left the hospital, which is a violation of hospital policies. Li Yuanguang's wife had just found another job, but the officials at Li Yuanguang's work unit influenced his wife's new work unit to fire her.

Li Yuanguang's family was forced into a desperate situation where they could no longer live a normal life, yet the police still didn't let up. During the time when he stayed at home, the police told him that he was sentenced to two years of forced labor and after extorting 20,000 Yuan from his family, they told him that the labor reform can be carried out at home. Li Yuanguang was sent back to his hometown. By then his family was drowning in debt.

Li Yuanguang's health never recovered. In early March 2004, he was near death and his family returned to their home in Daqing City. The police quickly learned the news and went to his home. During the morning of March 4, the local police went to his home and inquired if Li Yuanguang can walk, because they were worried Li Yuanguang might go to Beijing to appeal during the "Two Party Conferences." Li Yuanguang's mother said, "My son is about to die because you savagely tortured him. He can't go anywhere now! Get out of here!"

Two hours after the police left, Li Yuanguang passed away.

Li Yuanguang weighed less than one hundred pounds when he died. Everyone present could not help but cry when they looked at the wedding picture of the handsome Li Yuanguang and then at the one with the stark physical changes in the photo taken at his death.

Names of perpetrators (dial 86-459 before each phone numbers except the cell phones)

Dong Fenglin: former head of the Politics and Security Division from the Sha District Police Department, presently instructor at the Fuqiang Police Station in Sha District, 6692269(office), 6186809, 86-13845928158 (cell)

Shang Fuchen: former head of the Xinxing Police Station, currently head of the Huizhan Police Station: 6322826(office), 6686800(home), 86-13339591777 (cell)

He Jianqiu: former instructor at the Xinxing Police Station, currently head of the Tuanjie Police Station, 6361576(home), 86-13945958138(cell)

Sun Wanku and Jing Aiguo: head police officers at the Xinxing Police Station. Sun Wanku is currently a political instructor, 6394460 (home), 86-13936706110 (cell)

Xia Yanbing: police officer at the Xinxing Police Station

Xu Tiemin: Party Secretary at Daqing Education Institute, direct persecutor

Liu Jingxin: head of Daqing Education Institute, retired

Liu Guangwei: head of the Party Committee at Daqing Education Institute