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More Details on the Death of Dafa Practitioner Ms. Tong Guijie

March 27, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Tong Guijie, in her fifties, was a worker at the Baicheng City Post Office in Jilin Province. On December 11, 2001, she was arrested for hanging a banner about Falun Gong. The police from the local Xingfu Police Station took her to the detention center, where she was detained for 17 days. She went on a hunger strike in protest. By December 28, she was in critical condition due to the abuse she suffered, and she passed away on her way to Changchun City Heizuizi Female Labor Camp.

We learned from family members of the former director of Xingfu Police Station that before sending Ms. Tong to Changchun City, the police asked the local "610 Office" director, "She is in critical condition, do you still want to send her to the labor camp?" The answer was, "Yes, send her even if she dies. No one will be responsible for her death." After Ms. Tong's death, the detention center lied, saying that she died from a heart attack. We are still investigating the details of the abuses Ms. Tong suffered.

Responsible parties:

Han Yanhua, Director of Baicheng City "610 Office", 86-436-3241288 (home), 86-13804369781 (cell)

Jilin Province Baicheng City "610 Office", 86-436-3345610

Jilin Province Baicheng City Xingfu Police Station, 86-436-3326244

Jilin Province Baicheng City Detention Center, 86-436-3226945