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Persecution Cases of Practitioners in Hongcheng Village, Handian Town, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province

March 21, 2004 |  


We describe here the persecution cases of practitioners in Hongcheng Village, Handian Town, Shuangcheng City since July 20, 1999:

1. Ms. Jiang Minghua, 38, began practicing Falun Gong in 1996.

On July 20, 1999, Ms. Jiang went to the provincial capital Harbin to appeal to the authorities and to expose the wicked lies of Jiang's regime about Falun Gong. After she returned home, the village official Liu Jianjun and party secretary Liu Yingwu asked her to turn in her Falun Gong books and pledge not to practice or appeal in the future. They sent people to watch her and deprived her of her freedom.

On September 9, 1999, Ms Jiang went to Beijing to appeal again. There she was arrested and brought to the provincial liaison office in Beijing. Zhang Dianqi, Gu Zhenlong, Yu Zhanjun and Sui Guangcheng conducted a body search on her. They sent her and a dozen other practitioners back to Shuangcheng City and locked them in the Shuangcheng Detention Center on September 11. Liu Chunyang and Zhang Shiyue of the "610 Office" (1) interrogated them and forced them to write pledges promising not to practice Falun Gong again. They were jailed for 82 days before their release. During the process, they were each extorted 2,500 yuan by Handian Town Office, 500 yuan by the town police station, and 3,000 yuan by Shuangcheng Detention Center, on top of the 670 yuan meal expenses they were forced to pay (500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China).

Liu Jianjun, who was responsible for watching Ms Jiang, was fired because of her going to Beijing to appeal.

In April 2000, Ms Jiang went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested again. She was brought back and put into Shuangcheng Detention Center by a group of policemen including Yu Zhanjun and Liu Yingwu of Handian Town Police Station. On the way there, policemen Sui Guangcheng and Yu Zhanjun abused her, one using a book to hit her head and the other slapping her face, asking her if she would continue to practice. She replied: "Definitely. All my illnesses have gone away since I began, how can I not keep practicing?" After they got out of the car, Sui slapped her again twice. In the detention center, because she wanted to practice the Falun Gong exercises, she was handcuffed and shackled, and left standing for a whole afternoon. The staff only unchained her when they began to interrogate her. She was kept in the detention center for thirty-one days.

In March 2000, she went to visit a fellow practitioner and was spotted by the village chief Liu Xiaoping. He and a group of others ran after her and dragged her back home, beating her and kicking her on the way.

On May 13, 2003, someone reported that practitioner Tan Chengqiang was posting Dafa materials that explained the facts of the persecution. The authorities went to his home but did not find him. Then they went to Ms. Jiang's home and tried to arrest her, but she managed to escape. (Tan was later arrested and died on July 19 that year from the persecution he received while being detained.)

2. Ms. Wang Zhifen, 54, was pushed into a police car by ully armed police on the night of July 21, 1999, when she went to appeal to the provincial government. They first took her to a stadium, then to the Sixty-Ninth High School. Finally Zhang Dianqi and Li Zhu brought her back to the Town Office and released her at midnight. Later, village official Liu Jianjun and Liu Yingwu went to her house and asked her to write statements pledging that she would ask for permission to travel anywhere in the future, and that she would not travel to appeal for fair treatment for Falun Dafa with other practitioners. Essentially she was asked to give up her constitutional rights. When questioned, the authorities said: "It is not our fault. The higher authorities ordered us to do this." Under such unfair treatment, she went to Beijing on September 9, 1999 to appeal and tell people the true story about Dafa. Upon arrival she was seized by police and sent to the provincial liaison office in Beijing. Zhang Dianqi, Gu Zhenlong, Sui Guangcheng, and Yu Zhanjun searched her and took away her 27 yuan. The next day they brought her back to Shuangcheng Detention Center and detained her there indefinitely. Later they forced her to sign papers pledging not to practice cultivation, nor to go appealing, nor to rally with other practitioners. They even found someone to cosign the pledges as a guarantor. The town office and the detention center each extorted 3,000 yuan from her, and she was forced to pay 670 yuan for meal expenses. She was not released until 81 days later.

After Ms Wang's release, the village officials Liu Xiaoping, Wang Hongsheng, and Xing Zengchun wanted her to sign papers pledging not to go to Beijing to appeal, and asked her son to cosign, saying that they would arrest her son if she goes to Beijing again. In addition, they wanted to put a lien on her house. She rejected the whole thing and tore their paper up.

3. Mr. Wen Yonghua, 39, began practicing Dafa in 1996. On July 21, 1999, he went to appeal to the provincial government and was brought back to Handian Town Office.

The next day, village officials Liu Jianjun and Liu Yingwu, and town official Su Liguo went to his house to search for Dafa books. They asked him to write pledges not to practice nor to participate in any appeal with other practitioners, or else they would send him to detention center. On November 5, 1999, someone reported him visiting a fellow practitioner, so the village party secretary Liu Yingwu brought him to the police station. The station chief Wang Guangzhong and political and justice secretary Wang Jinzhu ordered their subordinates to interrogate him and beat him up. They tried to find electric batons but did not find one. In beating him, Li Keji broke the broom he used. Sui Guangcheng broke a wooden bench that he used to hit Mr. Wen's legs and soles. They kept him in the police station for another day after the beating, and then they sent him to the Shuangcheng Detention Center. In the detention center, the guards directed the inmates to beat him and verbally abuse him. The deputy director Zhang Shiyao extorted 4,500 yuan from his family, and forced him to write pledges and turn in 240 yuan for meals. They released him after a month.

In 2000, Wen Yonghua exercised his legal rights and went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. At Tiananmen Square he was pushed into a police car and driven to the Qianmen Police Station, and was beaten and verbally abused on the way there. After detaining him for a day, the police took him to the detention center in Yanqing County that night. There he was beaten and detained for 7 days, until Handian Police Station policeman Li Keji and village party secretary Liu Yingwu took him back to Shuangcheng Detention Center. There the inmates beat and insulted him. His eyes were blackened and became so swollen that he could not see. They punched him in the throat, so that he could barely breathe. For two months, they disallowed him from sleeping on the bed and only let him sleep on the cold cement floor. They even restricted his toilet privilege. The village officials tried to extort money from his family, attempting to put a lien on their house and to force them to comply. His family rejected the blackmail, but was eventually extorted of 2,000 yuan by Zhang Shiyao, plus an additional 240 yuan for food expenses. Wen Yonghua was finally released after 80 days.

The village officials have been constantly going to Mr. Wen's house to harass him, causing his wife severe mental stress.

4. Ms. Zhang Xiuqin, 34, began practicing Dafa in 1996. She went to Beijing to appeal on July 6, 2000 and was arrested. The village chief Wang Hongsheng and party secretary Liu Yingwu forced her family to pay 500 yuan in expenses for Hangdian deputy party secretary Wang Jinzhu and police station driver Lang Fenggui to travel to Beijing and get her. They brought her back on July 12 and put her in Shuangcheng Detention Center for a 15-day jail term, but they did not let her go when the term was up. A guard, Mr. Du, poured cold water on her, scolded her and forced her to stand while she was in the detention center.

When Zhang Xiuqin's family went to visit her, Chief Zhang told them that they would release Ms Zhang if the family paid 800 yuan. Her family could not help but pay the 800 yuan, on top of 120 yuan in meal expenses. Jin Wanchi from the "610 Office" took the money. When they got back to the village, they were fined another 1,250 yuan. The village sent Xing Zengchun, Liu Xiaoping, Wang Hongpo and Liu Zhilong to watch her. Liu Xiaoping and Jin Changhong tailed her constantly and took her identification card away. When she tried to get it back, Liu Yingwu asked her to sign a paper pledging not to practice Dafa but she refused. The village commission sent Su Limin to her house to harass her from time to time, creating constant disturbances to her whole family.

Phone numbers of responsible organizations and people

(Zip code of Handian Town is 150115)

Shuangcheng City "610 Office": 86-451-53165610

Shuangcheng City First Detention Center, chief Li Zhongxiu: (Office) 86-451-53124803; (Home) 86-451-3117887; (Cell) 86-13603672188
Shuangcheng City First Detention Center, director Ja Shuangfu: (Office) 86-451-53124803; (Home) 86-451-53115891; (Cell) 86-13804636627
Shuangcheng City First Detention Center, deputy Chief Guo Qingwen: (Office) 86-451-53124803; (Home) 86-451-53116009; (Cell) 86-13054279932

Shuangcheng City Second Detention Center, chief Liu Qingyu: (Office) 86-451-53122717; (Home) 86-451-53117978
Shuangcheng City Second Detention Center, director Sun Shiyou: (Office) 86-451-53122717; (Home) 86-451-53116188; (Cell) 86-13504818966
Shuangcheng City Second Detention Center, deputy chief Zhu Xiaopo: (Office) 86-451-53122717; (Home) 86-451-53115376; (Cell) 86-13604812389

Political and Justice Secretary, Handian Town, Shuangcheng City, Sun Jihua: (Office) 86-451-53230081; (Cell) 86-13936489088; (Cell) 86-13199527365

Police Station Chief in Handian Town, Shuangcheng City, Zhang Chunhua: (Office) 86-451-53230407; (Home) 86-451-53115873; (Cell) 86-13945116883

Police Station Deputy Chief, in Handian Town, Shuangcheng City, Yu Zhanjun: (Office) 86-451-53220407; (Home) 86-451-53230286; (Cell) 86-13104080676; (Cell) 86-13936045882

Sui Guangcheng in the Police Station Deputy Chief, in Handian Town, Shuangcheng City: (Office) 86-451-53230407; (Home) 86-451-53230386; (Cell) 86-1350481848

Responsible people in Shuangcheng City Police Department

Chief, Wang Xiangyu: (Office) 86-451-5117888; (Home) 86-451-53160878; (Cell) 86-13904661711
Director, Gu Chenglin: (Office) 86-451-5315059; (Home) 86-451-53115259; (Cell) 86-13945122299
Deputy Chief, Zhang Guofu: (Office) 86-451-53115596; (Home) 86-451-53115778; (Cell) 86-13503667077
Deputy Chief, Zhao Lianjun: (Office) 86-451-53115562; (Home) 86-451-53116668; (Cell) 86-13936116668
Deputy Chief, Zhang Shengchen: (Office) 86-451-53115571; (Home) 86-451-53125677; (Cell) 86-13936110777
Deputy Chief, Li Xinsong: (Office) 86-451-53163077; (Home) 86-451-53111888; (Cell) 86-13804621188
Deputy Chief, Li Ze: (Office) 86-451-53115211; (Home) 86-451-53165366; (Cell) 86-13936611555

(1) The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems.