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Belated News - Dafa Disciple Mr. Wang Shubin is Tortured to Death While Detained in the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp in Shantou City, Guangdong Province

March 18, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa disciple Mr. Wang Shubin was detained for over a year in the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp in Shantou City, Guangdong Province. He suffered extremely abuse and mistreatment. His body lost its normal shape and his weight dropped by more than 35 kilograms [approximately 77 lbs]. He died unjustly on October 5, 2003 and was only 28 years old.

Dafa disciple Wang Shubin, who formerly lived in Waisha Town, Chenghai City, now known as Shantou City/Waisha Town in Shantou City, went to Beijing again to validate Dafa in June 2000 and was arrested en route. During the two days it took for the police to escort him back to the local Waisha Police Station, he was tortured and interogated day and night. More than a dozen policemen beat him simutaneously. One policeman stabbed his neck with a toothpick. His chest and throat were stepped on and swelled up from the inside and on the outside, and his blood was all over on the ground. His wounds did not heal completely, even after two years. The physical torture and mental abuse brought him to the breaking point where he could not tolerate any more abuse.

During the few days that he had been held at the Baisha Detention Center, he suffered tremendously from the police officers' verbal abuse and threats.

During the several months of illegal imprisonment at the Chenghai City Detention Center, he was subjected to the agonizing torture called "Horse posture," which is to keep the body half standing and half squatting for an extended period. He was also forced to work like a slave.

Originally, Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang had been sentenced to one year of forced labor but that was extended by four months after October 2001. At the beginning of his year and a half in the Sansui Forced Labor Camp, policemen were trying to brainwash him, pretending to be very nice. They learned that their tactic did not work. Then their evil nature came forth. They forced Mr. Wang Shubin into a position called "flying the airplane" (both hands were pulled up from backside and held up onto the basketball net girder with two feet slightly over the floor), exposing him thus to the hot sun during high noon in this position for a long time. At night he was locked in a cell and was electrically shocked with several batons and beaten at the same time. The authorities claimed that they could "make you helpless, no matter who you called, the god in the heavens or the lord under ground." After a few months' of high-pressure torture, Wang Shubin suffered a mental collapse on a couple of occasions and wrote the "Three Statements"* under the influence of his disoriented state of mind and regretfully made statements against Falun Gong under coercion.

Even though he wrote the so-called "Three Statements," the other Dafa disciples in the camp had rock-solid, strong righteous thoughts and their unshakable, unchangeable behavior made policeman nervous and awakened Wang Shubin as well. Wang Shubin soon realized what a true Dafa disciple should do. He firmly demanded to have the "Three Statements" he wrote returned from the policeman. However, in retalitation, the authorities put Wang into a cell and abused him using all means. But Wang Shubin had already put thoughts of life and death aside and was not scared a bit even though his head was in pain and bleeding. Ultimately, he finally got his "Three Statements" returned to him on the second day whereby he destroyed it by tearing the paper into pieces.

In order to brainwash Wang Shubin, policemen at Sanshui Forced Labor Camp had sent him to a certain hospital in Foshan City several times and injected unknown drugs into his body. He was jailed three times in a locked cell, electrically shocked with four batons at the same time, exposed to the sun at noon and not given any bed covers during night. He refused to accept the clothes and quilt cover sent by his family members. They also soaked him in the rain on rainy days. While Sanshui policemen persecuted Wang Shubin without a shred of conscience, they extorted money from his family, by threatening to kill their son.

Based on his righteous thoughts, Wang Shubin did not cooperate with the evildoers' demands. But his body was abused so badly and had lost its regular shape. His weight decreased by more than 35 kilograms [77 lbs]. After the perpetrators had used up all means to torture Wang Shubin, they finally released him home when he was on the verge of death. The authorities assigned local "610 Office"** personnel to continue to monitor and follow up with him.

Mr. Wan Shubin's mental and physical suffering was to the extreme. He died senselessly, without having his good name restored, on October 5, 2004. He was only 28 years old.

The relevant telephone numbers for the organizations and people involved in this outrage: (Country code is 86; area code is 754 (it is not necessary to dial the area code before a cell phone number)

Chenghai City Justice Office: (operation) 5866889 ext. 2108
Zeng Baoyou:(work) 5874472, (home) 5723891, (cell) 13902700301
Chen Qiming: (work) 5877500, (home) 5733118, (cell) 13902705093
Xie Huihao: (work) 5866889 ext. 2031, (cell) 13902700438
Xie Dahui: (work) 5866889 ext. 2031, (home) 5797376, (cell) 13802332078
Pan Jie: (work) 5866889 ext. 2010, (cell) 13902721018
Chen Zhenyi: (work) 5886401, (home) 5875150, (cell) 13902742529
Song Yibin: (work) 5887202, (home) 5891111, (cell) 13902742563
Chenghai Detention Center: 5722205
Zheng Lihuai: (home) 5871444, (cell) 13902746384
Xu Yijin: (home) 5879251, (cell) 13809676251
Jin Ying: (home) 5730316, (cell) 13068977316
Wu Min: (home) 5865065, (cell) 13502726058
Waisha Police Station: 5797561
Li Shaoyuan: (home) 5875139, (cell) 13809671139
Lin Guangqu: (home) 5871982, (cell) 13502711981
Xiao Renxiong: (home) 5876018, (cell) 13809674018
Lin Shunmeng: (home) 754-5714919, (cell) 13825811636

Baisha Detention Center
Sanshui Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province

* The "Three Statements" are documents the practitioners sign that state they are remorseful for ever having practiced Falun Dafa; they will never go to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and will not associate with other Dafa practitioners, nor practice Dafa in the future.

**The "610 Office" is an agency specifically established to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

February 22, 2004