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Dafa Practitioner Mr. Zhang Guoqing Dies as a Result of Beatings at the Rujiang Labor Camp in Fuzhou City

March 15, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Zhang Guoqing from Hebei Province was 60 years old. The guards at Rujiang Labor Camp in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province ordered inmates to repeatedly beat him until he was near death. He was sent to a hospital and died on January 31, 2004.

Mr. Zhang Guoqing, 45 years old, from Hebei Province, was a lieutenant colonel. After serving in the military, Zhang Guoqing worked at Zhangzhou Daffodil Refrigerator Factory and was deputy head of the technical section and assistant engineer.

Mr. Zhang Guoqing was arrested and sentenced to two years of forced labor on May 31, 2003 for practicing Falun Dafa. He held a hunger strike in June to protest the mistreatment under the persecution by guards in the Special Division, and was sent to the Jianxin Hospital in Fuzhou City to be force-fed. In August they transferred him to Group Two, Division Two, Rujiang Labor Camp. During that time, the guards enticed inmates with sentence and labor reduction to beat Dafa practitioners. The inmates beat Zhang Guoqing almost everyday, from October 2003 to January 2004. The practitioners told the guards and division head Liu about this, but they were ignored.

Zhang Guoqing was severely beaten on January 19, 2004 and suffered internal injuries. The guards sent him to the Jianxin Hospital in Fuzhou City. The doctors didn't take his injuries seriously and sent him back the same day.

Mr. Zhang Guoqing was on the verge of death on January 29 and was again sent to the Jianxin Hospital, but he couldn't be revived and passed away on January 31, 2004.

Lin Yijin, Li Ting and other guards responsible for Mr. Zhang's death have not been brought to justice. The labor camp is currently trying to block the news from leaking out.