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A list of People Responsible for the Murder of Meng Jincheng in the Hehuakeng Forced Labor Camp, Tangshan City, Hebei Province

February 08, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) At about 9 a.m. on July 7, 2003, police from Zunhua City, Hebei Province, escorted Meng Jincheng, a Falun Dafa practitioner whom they had illegally arrested in their district, to the Hehuakeng Forced Labor Camp. The deputy leader of the Sixth Squad at the labor camp took Mr. Meng to his office for booking and then sent him to officer Li Haihe at the Strict Discipline Class in the labor camp.

Li Haihe and Huang Yongxin barely had Mr. Meng in their office when the sound of "Whack! Whack!" which sounded like beating, as well as Mr. Meng's screams were heard, together with voices ordering Mr. Meng to sign something. After about half an hour of beating, Huang was heard shouting, "How dare you! Pretending to be dead?" They then carried Mr. Meng to a classroom. Huang suggested that they take Mr. Meng to another area because he could not even stand up and was close to passing out. Then Huang ordered cold water to be poured onto Mr. Meng to wake him up. Huang also forced Mr. Meng to drink some cold water. Afterwards, Mr. Meng could just barely stand up. At noon, Huang threatened Mr. Meng: "The next time I am on duty, I will make you give in!"

After a little while, Mr. Meng once again could no longer stand up and was carried to a small stool to rest. He looked extremely pale, with his face turned upward, gasping for breath. At about 3 p.m., he abruptly fell to the ground. Lu Jiang quickly reported this to the authorities. Inmates Wei Shoudi and Chen Fu were instructed to carry Mr. Meng out of the room, with his legs dragging along on the ground. Chen Fu accompanied Mr. Meng to the hospital. As soon as he returned, Chen Fu told everyone: "Meng is sick again. Our brigade has cured him and sent him back home already." It certainly seemed that he said this under police orders.

In fact, Mr. Meng had already been killed by the beatings and torture. To cover up the truth behind his death, the police in the squad had Chen Fu read the following concocted story, "Meng Jincheng, a hard-core Falun Gong practitioner, suddenly became sick while serving his term in the labor camp. He was quickly taken to the hospital for treatment." Chen Fu, Chang Fuhai, and Lu Jiang were all rewarded as a result of their false testimony.

Yet again, another murder remains unsolved and without resolution while good, innocent people are dying unjustly. Hiding behind police orders and conspiracy, the murderers are still at large. The ones who persecuted Mr. Meng were rewarded with promotions or reduced prison terms. In fact, they are still committing the same crimes!

List of People Responsible for Mr. Meng's Death:

Huang Yongxin: A 36-year-old male was sentenced in April 2002 to two years of forced-labor as a result of committing theft. He has been involved in many cases of persecuting Dafa practitioners to the point of severe injury and disability. He is the main culprit behind Meng Jincheng's death. He was released from the labor camp ahead of schedule on December 13, 2003 because of his involvement in Mr. Meng's murder. Huang's home address: 20 Nanbei Blvd., Kaiping Township, Kaiping District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Telephone Number: 86-315-3377628.

Li Haihe: A 38-year-old male was sentenced to two years of forced labor. He is currently applying for release on the basis of medical parole. He is one of the key witnesses to the murder. He is from Fengrun New District of Tangshan City. He used to work at the Fengrun Gear Factory.

Chang Fuhai: A 42-year-old male was directly involved in the murder of Mr. Meng. He was sentenced to two years of forced labor as a result of committing sexual assault against women. Chang's home address: Village of Dujiakan, Little Zhanggezhuang Township, Fengrun, City of Tangshan, Hebei Province. Telephone Number: 86-315-6980233, 86-315-5533056.

Liu Rujiang: Was also involved in Mr. Meng's murder. He was the leader of the Sixth Squad when Mr. Meng was murdered. He is a swindler and was once sentenced to two years of forced labor. He lives in the Fengrun District in the City of Tangshan. Telephone Number: 86-315-3311301.

Gao Ke-ai: Also involved in the murder of Mr. Meng, was then the squad leader of the First Squad. Gao's home address: North Village, Heiyanzi Township, Fengnan District, Tangshan City. Telephone Numbers: 86-315-8544748, 86-315-8544147.

Zheng Min: 42 years old, one of the key murderers of Mr. Meng, is now released from the labor camp. He was the leader of the First Production Squad when the murder occurred.

Yin Lijiang: 41 years old, is also one of the key murderers of Mr. Meng. Li has also recently been released from the labor camp. He was sentenced to two years of forced labor and he was the leader of the Second Production Squad when the murder occurred. Yin's home address: Liuzhuang Village, Yinzhuang Township, Qianxi County, City of Tangshan. Telephone Numbers: 86-315-5989430 (home), 86-13832802107 (mobile).

Wang Yin: Was a hatchet man and served as the leader of the Production Squad. He has been released from the labor camp. Wang's home address: Xinli Village, Guye District, City of Tangshan. Telephone Numbers: 86-315-3616046 (home), 86-13333053225 (mobile).

Song Jianhai: Has now been released from the labor camp and is the main hatchet man. Song's home address: Beiyangzhuang Village, Qianying Township, District of Fengnan. Telephone Number: 86-315-8566709.

Liu Lishun: An accomplice of Li Haihe, he is also accountable for Mr. Meng's death.

Squad Leaders of the Labor Camp Police:

Li Weiping: Main Squad leader

Telephone Numbers: 86-315-2990926, 86-13582901658 (mobile)

Li Xiaozhong: Squad leader

Li's Home Address: Village of Huanghuagang, Sannuhe Township, Fengrun, City of Tangshan; Telephone Number: 86-13011528931 (mobile)

Zhang Jingmin: Squad leader

Telephone Number: 86-13582590478 (mobile)

Zhao Changjiang: Squad leader,

Telephone Number: 86-13131518096 (mobile)