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Panjin City Police Abducted over a Dozen Practitioners and Destroyed Several Material Production Sites in 2003

February 18, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On May 25, 2003, Panjin City Police Department, Panjin City "610 Office" and Panshan County Police Department illegally abducted 18 Dafa practitioners. Several material production sites were destroyed. Most of the Dafa practitioners were sent to labor camps for further persecution. Meng Jian was unlawfully sentenced to imprisonment. Liu Dejun was tortured to death.

On May 25, 2003, over 30 Dafa practitioners were sharing experiences in Zou's home. At about 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon, Panjin City Police Department, Panjin City "610 Office" and Panshan County Police Department gathered many policemen and police vehicles and surrounded Zou's home. Dafa practitioners abducted there included Ms. Meng Jian (42 years old), Ms. Wang Youmei (43 years old), Mr. Pan Xueshu (30 years old), Ms. Li Baojie (32 years old), Mr. Meng Liang (37 years old), Ms. Wang Fengqin (in her 50's), Mr. Jia Baoqi (in his 60's), Ms. Teng Lianxiang, Mr. Qu Zhiluan (in his 50's), Ms. Zhang Yuexiang (37 years old), Ms. Li Suyun (in her 50's), Ms. Pang Xianzhi (in her 50's), Mr. Zhou Liming (about 40 years old) and Mr. Xu Xiangfu (in his 50's). Afterwards the above 14 abducted Dafa practitioners were unlawfully detained in Panjin City Detention Center.

At about 6:00 p.m. the same day, Dafa practitioners Mr. Liu Dejun (in 50's) and Mr. Chu Defu (33 years old) were also abducted from their homes and taken to the detention center. Dafa practitioner Lu Bowen (48 years old) was abducted while she was distributing materials and was taken to the detention center by "610 Office" officer Qi. At about 6:30 p.m., the police also abducted Wang Youmei's son (Dafa practitioner, 14 years old), Wang Youmei's older brother and younger sister (neither are practitioners) and took them to the detention center. The same day, Zhou Laixing and Li Yonghua from the City "610 Office" said, "Sentence Meng Jian to imprisonment, send the others to the Masanjia Labor Camp for three years of forced labor, and send the male practitioners to Panjin City Labor Camp for forced labor."

During their unlawful detention, Dafa practitioners went on a group hunger strike to protest the persecution; they also sent forth righteous thoughts, practiced the Falun Gong exercises, recited Fa and sang Falun Dafa songs. When the police called out their names for interrogation, none of the practitioners cooperated with their demand. Section head of the detention center Han instructed other prisoners to carry Meng Jian and Wang Youmei out by force. Pang Xianzhi was carried out on a prisoner's back against her will. The practitioners refused to answer any questions from the police. Five days later, under the instructions from Zhou Laixing, head of the Political Security Section of Panjin City Police Department, and team leader Li Youhua, the police at Panjin City Detention Center tortured female Dafa practitioners; they forced the practitioners down, spread-eagle, and instructed the nurses from No.1 People's Hospital of Panjin City to insert tubes into their stomach and ordered criminal offenders to force feed them.

For the male Dafa practitioners on hunger strike, the police instructed male criminal offenders to hold their heads to force feed them. Dafa practitioners were separated, one in each cell. Liu Dejun, Xu Xiangfu, Jia Baoqi, and Pan Xueshu were each forced to the ground by seven or eight criminal offenders, who used toothbrushes to pry open their mouths to brutally force-feed them. Their mouths were bleeding from the prying. The head of the criminals constantly yelled at the practitioners and kicked their heads. Several days into their hunger strike, Pan Xueshu and Liu Dejun were handcuffed to the steel bars of the cell windows for as long as six hours. After they were let down, they lied on the ground, unable to get up.

After 9:00 pm on June 2, 2003, Li Yonghua and Wei Qun from the Political Security Section of the City Police Department, together with two other police, unlawfully sent Pan Xueshu, Zou Liming, Xu Xiangfu, Jia Baoqi, Qu Zhiluan and Liu Dejun to Panjin City Labor Camp without any legal procedures. Because Dafa practitioner Meng Liang's feet were injured, he was taken home by his family as soon as he arrived at the labor camp.

Since the labor camp asked for health checkup reports of these Dafa practitioners, the police sent the practitioners to No.1 People's Hospital of Panjin City for physical checkups. The police held Dafa practitioner Pan Xueshu in the vehicle and did not want him to have the checkup, the other five Dafa practitioners were all examined. (Previously, Pan Xueshu had high fever after he was abducted on May 25 and was sent to No. 2 Hospital of Panjin City, where he was handcuffed to a patient bed for four days and his X-ray showed that he had tuberculosis. The police tried to hide Pan Xueshu's illness because they wanted to send him directly to the labor camp.) Zhou Laixing, head of the Political Security Section of Panjin City Police Department also drove to the hospital to personally arrange for the Dafa practitioners to be sent to the labor camp. Liu Dejun's physical checkup showed that the condition of his brain and other parts of his body were not acceptable for detainment in the labor camp. But, Zhou Laixing said that Liu Dejun was a leader and he should not be released. The police then took these Dafa practitioners back to the labor camp in a vehicle.

When they arrived at the labor camp, the police sent Zou Liming, Xu Xiangfu, Jia Baoqi, and Qu Zhiluan to the fourth floor to be strictly monitored. Liu Dejun was carried upstairs, while Pan Xueshu was lying on the floor. The labor camp insisted that they needed to see Pan Xueshu's physical checkup results. Police Li Yonghua had to take out Pan Xueshu's X-ray photograph and the hospital's diagnosis of his physical condition. The camp police refused to take Pan Xueshu as soon as they found out that he had tuberculosis. Li Yonghua had to inform Pan Xueshu's family to take him home, and he extorted 1,000 Yuan from the family before Pan Xueshu was released.

On the morning of June 3, 2003, Li Yonghua, Wei Qun and Zhang (a policewoman) from the "610 Office" of the City Police Department wanted to send female Dafa practitioners Teng Lianxiang, Li Baojie, Wang Fengqin, Zhang Yuexiang, Li Suyun and Lu Bowen to Masanjia Labor Camp without following any legal procedures. As Li Baojie became extremely weak due to the persecution in the detention center, Zhou Laixing from the "610 Office" told her family to take her home, and he extorted 1,000 Yuan from them. When Teng Lianxiang, Zhang Yuexiang, Li Suyun, Wang Fengqin and Lu Bowen were taken to Masanjia Labor Camp by "610 Office" police Li Yonghua, Wei Qun and policewoman Zhang, all of them failed their physical examination since they had been on a hunger strike at the detention center. Zhang kept putting cash into the hands of some police at Masanjia Labor Camp, who then accepted three practitioners--Teng Lianxiang, Li Suyun and Zhang Yuexiang (They are still detained in Masanjia Labor Camp at the moment). Lu Bowen and Wang Fengqin were released after having 5,000 Yuan extorted from each of them.

On the same day, Zhou Laixing from the City Police Department's "610" Office extorted 10,000 Yuan bail from Wang Youmei's family and Pang Xianzhi's family, respectively. They were then taken home by their family members. After Wang Youmei got home, she found out that her son (a Dafa practitioner, aged 14) and her brother and sister (non-practitioners) also had 10,000 Yuan bail extorted from each before they were taken home by other family members.

On the same night after the above Dafa practitioners were arrested, May 25, 2003, their material production site was ransacked as well.

The material production site run by Li Baojie, Pan Xueshu and Meng Jian lost a desktop and a notebook computer, four printers, a cell phone, 20,000 Yuan in cash and other personal belongings. When Pan Xueshu's family members demanded his personal belongings be returned, they only received his luggage and some old clothes. Other valuable clothes and goods all disappeared; even a quilt cover was removed and taken away. Zhou Laixing refused to return his bicycle, saying it was used as a means of transport for Falun Gong. Li Baojie and Pan Xueshu were forced to leave home and became destitute. Meng Jian is currently held in Dabei Prison; she was unlawfully sentenced to13 years' imprisonment.

At Dafa practitioner Chu Defu's truth-clarifying material production site, police robbed 40,000 Yuan in cash, plus one desktop and one notebook computer. Chu Defu is currently held in Panjin City Detention Center.

At Liu Dejun's material production site, he lost one desktop computer, one printer and 9,000 Yuan in cash. Liu Dejun resisted the persecution with a hunger strike during his illegal detention at the labor camp. Later, he was taken to No. 1 People's Hospital of Panjin City for emergency treatment. When Liu Dejun's wife went to visit him, Zhou Laixing, head of the Political Security Section of the "610 Office" told her that they would release him if she came up with 20,000 Yuan. Since Liu Dejun's wife did not have 20,000 Yuan, the "610 Office" sent Liu Dejun to Panjin Detention Center, where he died as a result of the persecution three days later (the officer on duty that day was section head Han.)

Zou Liming was sent home after he protested with a hunger strike in the labor camp. Jia Baoqi was released after he started vomiting blood badly and having blood in his stool during his detention in the labor camp. Qu Zhiluan and Xu Xiangfu were transferred to another region (location unknown).

This was a planned and organized persecution with despicable methods, such as using location detectors on cell phones, secretly taking practitioners' photos and tailing practitioners for a long time. This act of persecution was mainly directed against Dafa practitioners and was aimed at destroying their material production sites.

Some telephone numbers of the persons responsible:

Zhou Laixing, head of Political Security Section of the "610 Office" of Panjin City Police Department (former criminal division head of Panjin City Police Department, nicknamed Zhouda), 86-427-2810214(work), 2832857(work), 13604277978(cell), 86-427-2838165(home)

Li Yonghua, team leader, staff Wei Qun, Qi and Zhang (female); Note: Li Yonghua, Wei Qun and Qi have been following Zhou Laixing all these years in persecuting Dafa practitionersJing Desheng, head of Panjin City Detention Center: 86-427-2682566

Han X from Education Section, Panjin City Detention Center

Head of National Security Brigade Office, Xinglongtai District Police Department: 86-427-2683315

Deputy Head Liu's office: 86-427-2683326, General Office: 86-427-2683316

Wei Guobao, head of Liaohe Oilfield Police Station, Panjin CityPersonnel of the "610 Office" of Liaohe Oilfield, Panjin City: Director Yu Qingshan (male, 58), 86-427-7820160(work)

Deputy director Guo Zhenyu, male, aged 51, 86-427-7827786, 7823227 (work)

January 28, 2004