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Remembering Meng Xiao

February 12, 2004 |   By Gao Yiqing, a practitioner from New Zealand

(Clearwisdom.net) Upon hearing the shocking news of Meng Xiao being tortured to death, I could not stop crying. I could still remember her smile and voice vividly.

I knew Meng from January 2000 when I was in Beijing's Dongcheng Detention Center. Seven of us practitioners from New Zealand went to Beijing to validate Dafa in December 1999, and we were arrested in the hotel before we even got to Tiananmen Square. All seven of us were sent to the Dongcheng Detention Center on New Year's Eve of 2000. I was locked in the room of the first department for women. After a week, quite a few practitioners were transferred to Dongcheng, and Meng Xiao was among them.

Before she was came, there were three practitioners in the first department. The three of us did the fifth exercise everyday, but not the first four exercises until later because of our attachments. Especially for me, my heart could not stop pounding whenever doing the exercises under the surveillance camera. It was like I was going through a huge test. Meng Xiao was encouraging for me because of her firm belief in the Fa and her courage. It surprised me that with less than one year's practice, she had a very clear understanding of the Fa. She said, "We need to tell the police that practitioners must do the exercises, and there will be consequences for whatever they do. Besides, if someone were really punished because of us doing the exercises, wouldn't this person be rewarded with blessings in the future for his sacrifice for Dafa? We have to create the environment for doing the exercises."

One time after we did the exercises, the police handcuffed Meng to a metal door. She loudly recited Teacher's articles, "Determination" and "Digging Out The Roots." Many prisoners were in tears, moved by what she did. Meng Xiao memorized many of Teacher's articles. She told me that she memorized them whenever she had time, so that she would never forget them and would always be in the Fa.

Meng Xiao was taken to the Dongcheng Detention Center because she went to Tiananmen Square with two other practitioners and displayed a banner with the words, "Long Live Falun Dafa in the World." She was later transferred to the Beijing Police Department 7th Division (a division for the serious criminals), and then transferred back. She said that the banner she displayed spoke to her heart the most. After the persecution of Falun Gong began, she bravely withstood the pressure coming at her from family, work, and others around her, and was determined never to give up the practice. I will never forget her firm belief in the Fa and her courage in facing the evil. She said that after the 4-25 event, she was able to see that the sun was no longer the sun--it had become a spinning Falun.

Because of the persecution, that young life had been taken away. I could not stop crying in front of the computer. Meng Xiao, my fellow practitioner, you used to tell me that every time when you recited Teacher's poem "Predestined to Return to the Sacred Fruit Status",

"Looking for the teacher for many years,

One day the chance to meet appears;

Obtain the Fa and return through cultivation,

Achieve Consummation and follow the teacher home."

you always cried because this poem touched the deepest part of your soul. I believe that you will return to your true home.

Meng Xiao's death was reported at