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Additional Information about Peng Guangjun's Murder at the Beijing Tuanhe Labor Camp

October 20, 2004 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Peng Guangjun lived in Huairou County, Beijing. On January 15, 2004, he was transferred to the Third Brigade of Tuanhe Labor Camp from the Beijing Forced Labor Camp Distribution Center, which is part of the Department of Forced Labor Education in Beijing. The head of the brigade at the time was prison policeman Zhao Jiang, who is notorious for his brutal persecution of Dafa Practitioners. For his role in the persecution, Zhao Jiang was awarded the title of "second-class hero-model of the Judicial Department." He gave a speech on the platform of the Great Hall of the People and was received by Luo Gan, Jia Qinglin, and other leaders from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China who have persecuted Falun Gong.

On January 22, 2004 (the first day of the Chinese New Year), when the labor camp was holding the flag-raising ceremony in front of all prisoners, Dafa practitioner Peng Guangjun loudly shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" Flying into a rage, guards crowded around him and dragged him away with his mouth muffled. He was immediately sent to the Central Training Section to suffer brutal torture. Zhang Baoli was then the Central Training Section head. Guard Liu Jinbiao, the first of the four most notorious persecutors in the labor camp, was the team leader directly responsible for torturing Peng Guangjun in the Central Training Section.

The Central Training Section received orders from their leader asking for the "reformation" of Peng Guangjun within three days. Forced by high pressure and tempted by the promise to shorten their terms, prisoners made out a written "military pledge" to accomplish this goal to the prison head.

Guard Liu Jinbiao once was the head of the Central Training Section. Since he tortured Dafa practitioners and injured or disabled many of them, he was sued by the practitioners' family members. His supervisor was forced to demote him to the position of a team leader. Guard Zhang Baoli was before the vice brigade head of the Seventh General Education Section. Since his electric-shocking of a prisoner caused the prisoner to eventually die, family members of the prisoner appealed to the Department of Forced Labor Education. He was demoted to be a group leader in the Fourth Brigade of General Education for eighteen months. Later, the camp wanted to aggravate the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, and he was promoted by camp director Li Jingto, who was transferred from the Xin-an Women's Labor Camp, to be head of the Central Training Section. After being promoted, Zhang Baoli employed many brutal means to persecute Dafa practitioners. Practitioners Zhang Jiuhai, Qian Shiguang, Li Xupeng, and Xue Fuchun have been tortured by him in the Central Training Section. Qian Shiguang was older, and graduated from the Oil University and was an expert on geology. His cervical vertebra was broken by torture in the Central Training Section.

Peng Guangjun suffered violent beating, electric shocking, and sleep deprivation, and was tortured to death within less than four days. On the way to the hospital for "rescue," Peng Guangjun was already dead. The Department of Forced Labor Education of Beijing City held an emergency meeting that very night to deal with the aftermath of the death. The policemen who knew the facts were strictly ordered to keep the truth a secret. To outsiders, they claimed that Peng Guangjun died of a heart attack.

However, only two days later, the Minghui website reported on this death-by-torture case, and leaders of the Department of Forced Labor Education of Beijing City were furious. They went all out to find out how the truth was leaked out.

The persecutors tried to deceive and threaten Peng Guangjun's family members. A leader from the Department of Forced Labor Education once said to his co-workers, "(Peng's family members) are just farmers after all. They are not educated and are easily deceived. Peng Guangjun's case will only cost us a little more than thirty thousand Yuan to settle. But last time it cost more than three hundred thousand Yuan to settle the case." (He was referring to the case of Falun Gong practitioner Lu Changjun, whose body was bent and put into a wash-basin, then squeezed underneath a bed with four persons playing cards on it, causing his cervical vertebra to break, and thus paralyzing him.)

To further deceive the public and cover up the truth, the Department of Forced Education arranged a "medical examination" in the Tuanhe Labor Camp for the prisoners. The labor camp promoted its propaganda to the public and those inside the labor camp. Meanwhile, they conducted a secret investigation to find out who divulged the facts about Peng's death, but could not find anything.

We sternly warn the perpetrators who still persecute and kill Dafa practitioners: You will one day be brought to justice. Nowadays, a lot of policemen and judicial officers have awakened and don't want to go against their conscience or aid Jiang with his evil deeds. Wake up to the danger and remedy your crimes!