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Changchun Nanguan Substation and No.1 City Station Arrest, Torture, and Attempt to Extort Confessions from Dafa Practitioners

January 30, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) From November 14 to November 28, police from the Changchun Nanguan Substation and the No.1 City Station illegally arrested the following Dafa practitioners from their homes: Ms. Che Shufen (73 years old), Ms. Pan (58 years old), Ms. Dai Shangling (64 years old), and two others. The police tricked them into opening their door, and without any explanation, they started to carry the practitioners out. The practitioners weren't even wearing coats or shoes.

Practitioner Ms. Li Xuewei, 35 years old, was arrested on November 18. The police then took her to a white bungalow and interrogated and tortured her for two days. They forced her to sit on an iron chair while they took her clothes off and poured cold water on her. One policeman used a plastic bag to cover her head while another policeman hit her chest with his fist. While Li Xuewei was handcuffed, the police fixed something between her two arms and pulled them over her head while dragging her back down. Li Xuewei sustained many wounds on her head, and her chest was so painful that it was hard to bear. The conditions of her injuries were so bad that she could not eat. The people responsible for this are officers Yang Gang and Yi Dong from the No.1 city station. That Saturday night at 5pm, the police interrogated her again and browbeat her saying, "We can kill you without paying with our lives," and "We'll beat you to death without bearing any responsibility--it's the same as you committing suicide." Afterwards the police sent her back to the detention center at 7am on Sunday morning.

On November 28, Dafa practitioner Ms. Xu Shuxiang (48 years old) was arrested from her home. The police interrogated her for 48 hours and they punched and kicked her head. She is now unable to speak.

On November 28, Dafa practitioner Chen Liying (38 years old) was illegally arrested from work by police from the No.1 City Station and the Jingcheng Branch. She was then taken to the No.3 Detention Center. One week later, she was interrogated. During the interrogation, the police forced her to sit on an iron chair and tortured her. Chen Liying was injured all over her body and she suffered from chest pains and hematemesis at the same time.

On November 24, Dafa practitioner Zhang Shufang, a 58 years old woman who lived on Hongqi Street, was arrested from her family-owned shop. The police illegally detained her, attempting to extort a confession from her, and threatening her with all sorts of mind torture methods for up to 5 days. Her family sent her meals during this time. Then the police sent her to a detention center.

During this time, a young Dafa practitioner was arrested when she wrote, "Falun Dafa is great" in the corridor. The police beat her savagely until she was badly wounded. Afterwards, they sent her to the Military Police Hospital. She was detained in the No.3 Detention Center, room 305.

All the above practitioners are illegally detained in the No.3 Detention Center.