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Exposing the Inner Workings of the "610 Office" Brainwashing Class in Weifang City Shandong Province (With Statistical Data and Photos)

January 30, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On the north end of Xinhua Road in Kuiwen District of Weifang City, Shandong Province there is a place identified by two wooden signs. One says "Kuiwen District School of the Chinese Communist Party" and the other says "The North Branch of the Public Health School of Weifang City" (Figure 1). Inside the yard a locked iron gate separates an area. A triple-locked wire fence encloses a "yard within a yard." Next to the gate hangs a copper sign "Legal Training Center of Weifang City for Shandong Province." Inside the small yard sit rows of single-story buildings, on both the north and south sides. The south side has the kitchen, the on-duty office and the executive office. The north side has about ten rooms with five entrances. Leading from the door on the west end are three rooms. Every room has a surveillance camera installed. The east end room has a sign saying "Electronic Audio-Visual Classroom." Every room also has thick iron bars on the windows and doors. This is the brainwashing class set up by the "610 Office."

Location of the brainwashing class:

1) Xinhua Road; 2) Location of the brainwashing class

Mapped plan for the brainwashing class

1) Main gate; 2) Iron-gate leading to the "yard in the yard"; 3) Kitchen; 4) On-duty office for the brainwashing class; 5) Executive office of the "610 Office's" brainwashing class; 6) Electronic audio-visual classroom

Since October 2000, this place has become the base for illegal detention and cruel persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Weifang City. During the last three years in this outwardly quiet place, enforcers from the "610 Office" have never stopped their mental and physical torture of Falun Gong practitioners, deeds that have been covered by lies and deceit. I. Perpetrators involved in the persecution in the brainwashing class

Song Jiwu, male, about 50 years old, is the former director of the municipal "610 Office." He has long been working in the area of information collection.

Since the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, Song Jiwu has collected Falun Gong-related information and has masterminded schemes for city leaders on how to persecute Falun Gong. Since becoming chairman of the "610 Executive Office" he has worked harder to persecute Falun Gong. He personally went to the labor camps and the brainwashing classes to plan and direct various acts of persecution. The Weifang City "610 Office" brainwashing class is the "testing ground" for Song Jiwu to carry out the persecution of Falun Gong. It is fair to say that Song Jiwu is one of those mainly responsible for the fact that Weifang City has become one of the worst regions in China for persecuting Falun Gong, and the place where more than 30 Falun Gong practitioners died as a result of torture. Because of his "appreciated hard work," some authorities in the city decided to promote him. They promoted him from assistant county head to county head, and then appointed him Chief of Weifang Municipal Bureau of Appeals.

Xu Yujun, male, around 45, is the deputy secretary-general of Weifang Municipal Party Committee. He became director of the "610 Office" after Song Jiwu left that position. He frequently goes to the "610 Office" brainwashing class to act hypocritically and often satirizes, threatens and abuses practitioners.

Kou Jianhui, male, around 41, is the deputy director of the "610 Office." He was originally the secretary for Wang Lifu, the deputy secretary of Weifang Municipal Party Committee. Wang Lifu was solely engaged in the persecution of Falun Gong, and was promoted to the chairmanship of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference at the beginning of 2002. He died of lung cancer not long after. Kou followed Wang closely in persecuting Falun Gong, masterminded many schemes and did lots of bad things in this persecution effort. For example, after April 25, 1999, he immediately reported to authorities all practitioners who practiced Falun Gong exercises in the yard of the staff living quarters in the Municipal Party Committee.

After he started working in the "610 Office" he became more actively involved in masterminding abuses, mistreatment schemes and tormenting acts. In 2001, Kou wrote to Li Lanqing, head of the national "610 Office" and offered some suggestions for persecuting Falun Gong, which were followed later. His suggestions have had an unforgivably detrimental influence on the nationwide persecution of Falun Gong. Kou is one of the masterminds of Weifang's "610 Office." He has participated in the persecution for a long time and is very experienced. Although he does not show up very often, he constantly gives instructions on the persecution from behind the scenes. It is fair to say that Kou is involved in all the arrangements, methods and decisions in the persecution of Falun Gong in Weifang City. He often visits the brainwashing class at the Industrial Cadres School and teaches the perpetrators how to torture practitioners. He even personally instructs them how to mentally and physically abuse Dafa practitioners.

Fu Jinbin, male, 46, is the current deputy director of Weifang Municipal "610 Office" and chief of the "610 Office" Weifang City brainwashing class. His persecuting methods are very cruel. He often insults female practitioners who are in detention there, especially those who are young and pretty. Many have seen him behave in a base manner or use obscene language towards female practitioners, young or old, and harass or provoke them freely. He often touches the faces, heads, backs, shoulders, legs, etc. of female practitioners. His filthy acts and words are prolific. Sometimes he even lifts the bed covers of female practitioners. Fu is in charge of the brainwashing class and has used all his tricks. He has personally turned this brainwashing class into a horrifyingly evil camp.

The cell phone for Fu Jinbin, chief of the brainwashing class of Weifang "610 Office": 86-13853646838

(Country code is 86; area code is 431 (do not dial area code before a cell phone number)

Other perpetrators involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners in Weifang Brainwashing Class include:

Li Tongkui (deputy director of "610 Office");

Lou Jinhong; Slandered Dafa and Master in very despicable ways;

Cell phone of Lou Jinhong: 1350 6360 6117

Guo Lidong, Li Huanchang, Du Qiang (major staff);

Liu, Yan (Public Safety Bureau), Ms. Wang (female, section chief);

Sun Xianzheng: former director of the "610 Office" of Kuiwen District, cell phones: 13070761878, 13017671878;

Liang Bin, Cell phone: 13006561258;

Gu Zhiyong, head of the Dongguan Police Station, 8226940(home); he resides in the living quarters of the People's Hospital

Some collaborators (former Falun Gong practitioners who betrayed their conscience and went to the other side) who participated in the persecution:

Guo Jing, female. She has spent the longest time in the brainwashing class persecuting Dafa practitioners. After she denounced Dafa, she has been very cruel to Dafa practitioners. Now she makes a living by persecuting Dafa disciples. Guo's phone numbers: 8254171 (home); 8808786 (her mother's home).

Ma Changling is a teacher of the Eleventh Middle School in Weifang City. She has done her utmost during the last three year to aid and abet these perpetrators to persecute Dafa practitioners. Here is merely one example of what this person has done: Dafa practitioner Zhang Liang was tormented for half a month and not allowed to sleep and had to stand all the time. Ma Changling poured water on him from his neck down when Zhang Liang was taking a nap when he was too tired. Ma's cell phone: 13070776705.

Qiu Shigang, 6312272 (home). He is a native of Zhucheng who physically abused Dafa practitioners very cruelly, both young and old, male and female.

Ding Aili, 8950878 (home). She makes a living by persecuting Dafa practitioners in the brainwashing class.

Sun Guizhen, 8214715 (home).

L?Lijuan, 8879851(home).

Zhang Xiuyan, 2311021(home). She is an accomplice in persecuting Dafa disciples.

Wang Hong, 8310950. She often "borrows" money from Dafa disciples without returning it.

Fu Ping, 13953636207(cell).

Guo Wenjie is a native of Qingzhou and was the former chairman of Qingzhou Women's Association. She cruelly persecuted Dafa practitioners.

Wang Haowen, (0536) 8257681(home); home address: living quarters of the Diesel Engine Factory in Weifang City.

Li Ailian and Li Youyan et al.

II. Major persecution methods include the following:

1. Limit personal freedom.

Every Dafa practitioner is closely watched. All rooms are outfitted with TV cameras and the practitioners' movements are restricted. Relatives and other personnel looking after practitioners are also closely watched and restricted in their movement. At night, both practitioners and non-practitioners are locked together in the same rooms; nobody is allowed to go in or out, and nobody is allowed to even go to the bathrooms. Both men and women are locked in the same room using one spittoon as a "toilet." Dafa practitioners strongly protested against this unethical and unlawful treatment, but the center simply ignored the protests.

2. Make up lies to twist and distort the truth of Dafa, defaming and slandering Dafa.

3. Force Dafa practitioners to watch videotapes which defame Dafa.

From morning when the center personnel come to the center until in the afternoon when they leave for home, the center personnel force Dafa practitioners to go to the so called "audio-visual classrooms" to view tapes that defame Dafa. The tapes are full of lies with which the center tries to force Dafa practitioners to change their minds. Dafa practitioners' heads were numb from the forced tape-watching every day and at night. Frequently collaborators came to try and brainwash Dafa practitioners.

4. Threaten Dafa practitioners with "refusing to be transformed will result in being sent to a labor camp."

The evil personnel frequently threaten Dafa practitioners with "refusing to be transformed will result in being sent to a labor camp." Resolute Dafa practitioners were sent to forced labor camps. Before the center sent the Dafa practitioners to the forced labor camp, the "610 Office" personnel assembled all the Dafa practitioners, stood them in line in the yard, to watch Dafa practitioners being taken out of the center and to the labor camp. Meanwhile, the "610 Office" personnel would yell out at the top of their lungs, "This is the result of refusing to be transformed." They try to intimidate all the Dafa practitioners in the center this way.

5. Forcefully transform Dafa practitioners with violent means.

Dafa practitioners who refuse to co-operate and do not comply with the center's illegal requirements are further mistreated. Those who refuse to be deceived by the lies and are not intimidated by the threats of "refusing to be transformed will result in being sent to a labor camp," are violently tussled, beaten and kicked. For example, when one Dafa practitioner was abducted from her home and taken to this brainwashing center, Fu Jinbin and his gang yelled at her to kneel down. Because she refused and shouted out "Falun Dafa is great!" Fu Jinbin, Lou Jinhong, Gao Xingchang, Guo Lidong, Li Huanchang, section head Wang (female, "610 Office" personnel), Liu, Yan (City Public Security Department personnel) and others attacked her. They gripped her throat, pulled her hair and pushed her down on the ground. Then they violently beat and kicked her all over her body. Another time, Guo Lidong dragged a nearly 60 years old woman from the yard to a room and violently threw her to the floor. After her rib area bumped against a table leg, the woman was in pain, breathing heavily and was not able to get up for about half an hour. When another Dafa practitioner did not give in to their demands, Fu Jinbin struck her continuously with his hand, causing her to cry out from the beating. Another time, Fu Jinbin suddenly locked the practitioner's arms with his hands and threw her on the ground using a marshal arts technique normally used to capture an enemy. This kind of violence against Dafa practitioners was frequently seen in this center. This is the place where Dafa practitioner Wu Jingxia was tortured to death in the beginning of 2002.

6. Torture Dafa practitioner with "stew the eagle" method.

One brutal torturing method in the center is called "stew the eagle."(Dafa practitioners are continuously tortured for many days and nights and are not allowed to close their eyes.) After Dafa practitioner Zhang Liang was deceived into going to the brainwashing center by the personnel of the "610 Office" he refused to cooperate. Fu Jinbin directed thugs to torture Zhang Liang with the "stew the eagle" method. Zhang Liang was forced to stand for 24 hours a day continuously for over a month and was not allowed to sit or sleep. During the torture, the persecutors took their turns to yell and scream at him, slandering and defaming Dafa and Master Li. They tussled and beat him countless times. This torture caused him to become numb and he could not understand simple directions. He bumped into walls and fell to the ground. His legs and feet swelled, and his skin and flesh looked pale and transparent, as if it could open up any time. His lower legs swelled to the same size as his thighs. He could not put shoes on and could not stand and was very difficult for him to even just walk one inch. One of Mr. Zhang Liang's relatives, works in the medical field could not take it any more. He told Fu Jinbin and his thugs, "You cannot treat him like this any longer! If you continue, his lower limbs may be permanently paralyzed from the torture for the rest of his life." The personnel were afraid of taking the responsibility and finally ended the "stew the eagle" torture.

7. Mental torment.

In the earlier phase of brainwashing the center broadcasts lies through loudspeakers with a deafening volume every day, trying to mentally torture Dafa practitioners. Later, Fu Jinbin found a person named Guo Wenjie from Qingzhou, a former Dafa practitioner who had denounced Dafa and actively aided and abetted the evildoers and those from the "610 Office" to persecute Dafa and the practitioners. Guo Wenjie led other former practitioners and now personnel in this center, including Wang Haowen, Guo Jing, L?Lijuan, Ma Changling, Wang Hong, Ding Aili, Li Youyan, Qiu Shize, Sun Guizhin and others, to gang-abuse the practitioners. They slapped and beat practitioners' chest, heart area, head, and back. They struck a Dafa practitioner's ears with their palms and named it "twin gusts storm the ears." They rolled cardboard into cone shaped cylinders and pushed a megaphone into a Dafa practitioner's ears then they took turns to yell into the megaphone, slandering Dafa and Master Li. The strong, noisy attack and mental torture made one Dafa practitioner lose his consciousness during the gross abuse. Every time they used this method, perpetrator Fu Jinbin had personally arranged for it. Fu Jinbin would give Guo Wenjie a visual clue, and then Guo Wenjie would lead five to six people and push a Dafa practitioner onto a bed. They scratched, pinched and dug their fingers into the practitioner's body everywhere. They chose the sensitive areas such as the underarms, ribs, inner thighs, head and neck to rip, to twist and to pinch. There was no place they would leave alone. This practitioner's body would be covered with blue and swelling bruises and her chest would be discolored from the beating. She even would have to hold in her scream of pain, no matter how painful it was. If she made a sound, they would yell at her and pinch the same area even harder. The scene was too brutal to watch! This vicious means was even introduced for extended use. Dafa practitioner Zhang Chuanhua had been on hunger strike for 11 days and she was force-fed many times through her nose. She was not allowed to sit and sleep for as long as 26 days. Swelling developed from her feet all the way to her lower abdomen. While they were depriving her of sleep, the perpetrators pushed the cone-shaped paper megaphone into her ears. They hurled abusive words loudly into the cylinders and slandered Dafa. They also used this vicious means to torture her by pushing her down then they scratched and pinched her all over her body. Dafa practitioner Yu Lili was also tortured in this way.

8. Torment individuals with affection toward family members.

For the resolute Dafa practitioners, the center thugs came up with another means of threatening and stirring discord. They instigated Dafa practitioners' family members to come to the center to pressure practitioners to give up their belief in Dafa. When practitioner Mr. Zhang Liang still did not yield to their brutal torture of many days, they made Zhang Liang's father, grandma and aunt come to the center to put pressure on him. Even more crueler, the evil thugs gave no thought to human ethics and forced Zhang Liang's 70-80 years old grandma to kneel down to him.

9. Force feeding.

Some practitioners went on hunger strike to protest the cruel treatment. But the perpetrators then escalated the abuse by force-feeding Dafa practitioners. Fu Jinbin was again to blame for this. In order to force feed a practitioner who had been on a hunger strike for 7-8 days, Fu Jinbin and seven other people held down the practitioner's arms, legs and head, choked his neck and inserted a tube into his nose. The practitioner struggled with all his strength and screamed loudly. The scene was chaotic, with screaming, vomiting and yelling. The practitioner was exhausted, and his entire body was covered with wounds. The practitioner was force-fed multiple times during the 13 days of his hunger strike. A woman in her 60s was on hunger strike for 5-6 days and was very weak. In order to force feed her, several people held her down, and Fu Jinbin sat on her arms to take charge of the forced feeding. She could not withstand such torture and almost died.

Kuiwen District Dafa practitioner Du Xiuhua when on a hunger strike to protest against the criminal treatment after having been abducted and taken to the brainwashing class. She was force-fed through a tube, even though she was in very poor health. She kept struggling and they failed to put the tube in. The perpetrators then cuffed her arms and legs to the bed and held her down. A few days later her arms and legs had become paralyzed and she couldn't move any more. The perpetrators then ordered doctors to give her injections and a certain IV drip. She was later sent to Wang Village forced labor camp.

10. Sexual attacks and harassment towards female practitioners.

Many people in this brainwashing class observed Fu Jinbin sexually harassing female practitioners with obscene gestures and foul language. He would often fondle the women's head, face, back, shoulder, arms and legs. Obscene language and gestures were rampant; once Fu Jinbin stuck his hand into a woman's armpit while using foul language. On another occasion, Fu Jinbin removed a young female practitioner's blanket when she was still in bed. He had to stop what he was doing when another person stepped into the room. Other people, such as Guo Lidong and Li, have followed Fu's example and behaved in a similar way.

11. Corruption.

Every abducted Falun Gong practitioner had to pay 2,000 yuan "room and board" per month, paid by the individual or his/her employer. When leaving the "class," a "transformation fee" also has to be paid. The minimum was 2,000 yuan. The actual payment amount depended on an individual's family situation, his/her employer's situation and his/her attitude. The amount was determined arbitrarily, from 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, 7,000, 10,000, even up to 20,000 yuan. Some individual Dafa practitioners refused to pay. There are no regulated transactions procedures in place for these charged fees since they are not justified. All the money is collected "under the table." A brainwashing class head was once heard talking with an employer, "Send us a few people [Dafa practitioners] with money! Don't send them if they don't have money!" Collecting money is an important aspect and favorite method in this persecution. Under the disguise of "transformation" and taking advantages of family members' wishes to "help detained Dafa practitioners," officials in the brainwashing class demand money arbitrarily, coercing family members to bring "gifts" and do favors, and these officials and guards shamelessly accept bribes and favors. Fu Jinbin and other staff also pocketed the money they collected from Dafa practitioners. At the same time, they threaten those so-called "transformed" practitioners and their family members, and force them to send silk banners praising those doing the "transformation" work as a gift and they put them up on the wall to deceive people who do not know the truth.

12. Arbitrary detention of practitioners' family members.

Fu detained some of the Dafa practitioners' family members who came to visit in the brainwashing class without due cause. For example, a woman came to visit her mother-in-law and Fu Jinbin locked her up. She strongly protested the situation and was let go only when she began to climb a wall. Another woman came to visit her elder sister and was also detained. Dafa practitioner Yang Feng's mother came to visit him and was detained for a month in the brainwashing class by Fu Jinbin and other staff. After the woman returned home from this unconstitutional detention, she suffered from high blood pressure and brain blood vessel constriction and was sent to a hospital's emergency room. She recovered and spent thousands of yuan in medical costs.

III. Appealing for Justice and Conscience

The bloody persecution of Falun Dafa orchestrated by Jiang has caused suffering of countless innocent people, and numerous happy families have been torn apart. In Weifang City alone, 30 people are dead as a result of the persecution, and more than 300 people have been sent to forced labor camps and prisons. Weifang City's "610 Office" is at this very moment tormenting, abusing and mistreating Dafa practitioners. We hope everybody who knows the truth can resist the evil's persecution and extend a helping hand to rescue those who are detained in the brainwashing class, and to all Dafa practitioners who are illegally detained and being persecuted.

All Weifang Dafa practitioners

December 31, 2003

Weifang City "610" brainwashing class telephone: 86-536-8650205