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Sixty-Year-Old Lady from Inner Mongolia Dies After Being Released from Labor Camp

January 27, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Ruxin was a 60-year-old retired worker from the Forest Construction Bureau in Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia. In late April 2001, the security section of her work unit illegally arrested her. When the police tried to videotape her arrest, she said facing the camera, "I'll cultivate Dafa to the end!" Without any legal procedure, the police sentenced her to two years of forced labor education and sent her to the Tumuji Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia.

While in detention the police tortured her relentlessly. A once healthy elderly lady was turned into a person plagued with illnesses. The labor camp hospital diagnosed her illness as breast cancer. Not wanting to take any responsibility, the labor camp released her on medical parole. After Ms. Wang returned home, she went to her work unit to ask for her pensions. However, her work unit colluded with the "610 Office" and again sent her to labor education. This time she was detained at the Huhehaote Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia.

Because of the torture, Ms. Wang's breast cancer worsened and was diagnosed to be in the late stage. The labor camp did not want to increase its number of deaths by torture, so they sent her home. After she returned, her work unit not only stopped her pensions, they also came to harass her frequently. In late October 2003, Wang Ruxin died from the illness and non-stop harassment.