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Inner-Mongolian Autonomous Region: Two More Practitioners Die as a Result of Abuse and Torture

January 21, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Chief Li Cai from the police precinct in the Guhongshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has never stopped persecuting Dafa practitioners since the inception of the Jiang Zemin-ordered persecution in 1999.

1. Ms. Geng Xiulan was arrested while she was distributing Dafa truth-clarifying flyers a few days before the 2001 Chinese New Year. Chief Li Cai and his teammates forced Ms. Geng to provide a list of practitioners who participated in this event by beating her, using an electric baton and wrapping wire around her two fingers (index finger and ring finger) to electrically shock her. As a result of being tortured with electric shock, her cardiovascular system was damaged, she now has constant seizures. Later, police handcuffed her onto heating pipes. She had to keep a position of half-way squatting on her heels and half-way standing.

Having been unsuccessful in their attempts to force Ms. Geng Xiulan to renounce her belief in Falun Dafa, the police changed their methods to torture her. Chief Li told Ms. Geng that, "You could still return home without signing the renunciation statement as long as you promise not to distribute Dafa flyers again. It would be nice if you could provide us with the list of practitioners involved in the previous Dafa flyer distribution so we could work it out with them." Mr. Geng replied, " I will not tell you because you have already arrested me and you will arrest the others as well." Chief Li promised this was only a routine investigation and police would not arrest anyone or search anybody's home. Ms. Geng foolishly trusted him and discovered that he lied to her. As a result, police put her into detention at the station and in addition arrested several other practitioners and searched their homes as well, as described below.

2. 56-year-old Ms. Zhao Yanxia, lived on Huohua Road was arrested. She went on a hunger strike and died on April 16th, 2002 as a result of force-feeding.

3. Ms. Hao Ping was pushed into a police car from home. This happened on a cold winter day, without her wearing a jacket and boots. In the meantime police searched her home. They put her into detention, which left an only thirteen-years-old child and two elderly family members alone at home. Ms. Hao Ping's family had voluntarily cared for these people for seven years. One of those people was mentally disabled; the other was in poor physical health. When police searched Ms. Hao's home, they stole 500 Yuan in personal savings, which the two had earned by collecting recyclables. Without proper care, the two elderly family members took ill and died. Hao Ping's Dafa practitioner husband had to leave home to avoid arrest. Unfortunately, he was later also arrested, unlawfully sentenced for five years, and is now incarcerated at the Chifeng City's No.4 Prison. Hao Ping appealed several times, explaining her family's circumstances but received no response. Instead, the enforcers of Jiang's unconstitutional rules sentenced her to seven years imprisonment, in the Huhehaote Prison in Inner Mongolia.

4. Ms. Shang Shuqin was forcibly captured by police, even though her blind mother-in-law, in her seventies, tried to prevent this from happening. Ms. Shang was sentenced to seven years in the Huhehaote Prison.

5. Ms. Zhao Yanxia had been detained in the Hongshan District Detention Center. This practitioner died from gross abuse, torture and mistreatment. The police used the same means to torture 35-year-old practitioner named Zheng Lanfeng to death. To hide the truth, police switched medical records with another practitioner who had received medical treatment in the hospital when she was being persecuted. The fact is that deceased Dafa practitioner Zheng Lanfeng never received any medical treatment or had an exam in the hospital. Instead, she was force-fed at the hospital and died there.