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Remembering Dafa Practitioner Liu Chengjun

January 18, 2004 |   By Jilin Dafa Practitioner Xiangyu

(Clearwisdom.net) We were shocked and saddened when we heard the news that that Liu Chengjun had been tortured to death. Jiang's regime has exhausted the resources of the entire country to control the media for the ultimate purpose of manipulating public opinion. Tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have used a variety of methods to tell the facts of Falun Gong to people. Especially, on March 5, 2002, in Changchun, practitioners used television as a means to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. This created a whole new way for truth-clarification since Jiang had blocked the Internet. It did this by utilizing a new media to clarify the truth and reveal the lies.

Dafa practitioner Liu Chengjun left us in the prime of his life. However, in the short course of his life, he left many golden and shining footprints.

1) In the beginning of 2001, at that time, Liu Chengjun had been detained in the Changchun Fenjin Labor Camp for 20 months because he would not give up his faith. One day, a practitioner passed him Teacher's verse for sending forth righteous thoughts when he went to see Mr. Liu on a visiting-day. Afterwards, on a visiting-day, two criminals escorted him to the visiting room, where he was monitored. After the meeting, Mr. Liu managed to walk out of seven of the labor camps entrances. He walked out of the labor camp openly and with dignity. When the police found out, they became afraid that the higher authorities would blame them, so they claimed that he had been released. After Mr. Liu returned home, under the pressure from the persecution, his wife left him, leaving a young daughter with him. However, all of this didn't stop Mr. Liu from doing Fa-rectification work. He left his young daughter with his relatives to be taken care of and entirely submerged himself in truth-clarification.

2) When Mr. Liu was making truth-clarifying materials at a production site in Songyuan City, Jilin Province, to save time, he would often eat only a bag of instant noodles each day. He wanted to save time so they could make 40,000 copies of materials a day. He said to the fellow practitioner working with him, "My life is entirely devoted to Fa-rectification. Hopefully, one day in the future, I can say to myself without regret, I have done my best in the course of Fa-rectification."

3) In January 2002, when Mr. Liu was working at a truth-clarifying materials production site in Changchun, he and other practitioners realized that it was very important to reveal to local people the bad deeds of the evil people in the area. They exposed the crimes of the Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp in Changchun. They contacted fellow practitioners who had just got out of the labor camp and catalogued the evil deeds of the labor camp heads, as well as some guards of each brigade. They compiled the facts, made truth-clarifying flyers, and spread or posted the flyers in locations where the guards or their relatives reside.

When Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Kefei was tortured to death, they conducted a comprehensive investigation of the case and revealed the truth to the public. Their righteous actions also encouraged practitioners in the neighboring areas. Their truth-clarification shocked the local evil people and alleviated the pressure on practitioners.

4) In January 2002, practitioners at the same production site formed a phone-call team to collectively make phone calls to clarify the truth. They used various methods to clarify the truth to local people and allowed many people to learn the evil nature of this persecution. In using television to clarify the truth, as well as in the March 5 event, Liu Chengjun, as one of the coordinators, did a lot of work. With the collective efforts of practitioners, they successfully played Dafa documentary video clips on March 5, 2002. Because of that, Mr. Liu was sentenced to jail and tortured to death by Jiang and his followers. His young daughter lost her father.

5) In January 2002, an overseas news agency wanted to interview Dafa practitioners in Changchun City and Jilin City and to expose the facts of persecution to the outside world. When Mr. Liu learned the news, he actively coordinated the project and helped to locate people for the interview. Ms. Wang Shouhui of Changchun and Ms. Yu Xinli of Jilin were among the people who were interviewed. Later, both of them died as a result of the persecution. Dafa practitioners paid with their lives for revealing the truth of the persecution, which has been covered up with a dark web of lies.

Liu Chengjun, as fellow practitioners in your hometown, we are proud of you. We feel sad that you left so soon.