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Mr. Ma Xuejun, an Officer of the Jiamusi Branch Railroad Department, Is Near Death after Suffering Brutal, Long-Term Torture in Jail (Photos)

January 18, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Ma Xuejun, 49 years old, Head of the Crosstie and Electricity Section, Dean of the Enterprise Administration Office, and Deputy Director of the Old Cadre Board in the Railroad Department, Jiamusi Branch, once suffered from aplastic anemia, cholecystitis, and hepatitis B. Treatment of these long-term illnesses accounted for a large amount of his work unit's medical expenses. At the end of 1994, Mr. Ma was fortunate to attend the last Falun Gong Teaching Conference in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, and personally listen to Teacher's lectures. In a very short time, he recovered totally from all illnesses, became full of vigor, and looked like a new man in every respect. He has walked the path of Dafa cultivation since then.

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Joyous Ma Xuejun After Cultivating Falun Dafa Ma Xuejun After Being Persecuted For A Year

Video: Ma Xuejun in urgent condition after being persecuted for a year. December 28, 2003)

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When the relentless persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, Ma Xuejun became the first to be targeted for persecution in Jiamusi because he was the chief assistant of Jiamusi Falun Dafa Volunteer Center. On the night of July 19, 1999, Chen Wanyou and other police from Jiamusi Police Department broke into Mr. Ma's home and took him away to the Jiamusi Police Department. Mr. Ma was not released until the night of July 20.

On the afternoon of July 21, Chen Wanyou went to Mr. Ma's work unit and took him away to the detention center without any reason. Soon after this incident, the personnel in Jiamusi City Committee, Jiamusi City Political and Judiciary Committee, and Jiamusi City Police Department began seeking him out for repeated questioning. They coerced him to give up cultivation by using both hard and soft tactics and intimidated him into being filmed for propaganda to be used against Dafa on TV. At the same time, they directed the prisoners in his cell to beat and torture him. They poured cold water on him, did not let him sleep or go to the toilet for a long time, etc. Mr. Ma was released about a month later.

On the night of September 9, 1999, the police of Jiamusi City Police Department broke into Mr. Ma's home again and took him to the detention center. The police arraigned him many times in an attempt to force him to give up cultivation. During the detention, Mr. Ma once was very weak and had scabies all over his body. After he was detained for about five months, he was released only because he was on the edge of death.

In the middle of June 2000, Mr. Ma went to Beijing to appeal for justice. He was taken back to the Jiamusi Detention Center. He went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention for eight days and was at death's door. The "610 Office" authorities in Jiamusi [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.] and the Jiamusi City Police Department still sentenced him to three years of forced labor and sent him to the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Ma once went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution for an extended period of time. One and a half years later, his life was in extreme peril. The forced labor camp was afraid of bearing the responsibility for his death and then sent him home.

In April 2002, a new round of persecution began. The police attempted to arrest Ma Xuejun. They went to his home every day setting up watch. Mr. Ma was forced to become destitute and homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested. The police began to search him out. The province-level and city-level "610 Offices" issued a secret order to arrest Mr. Ma and the Jiamusi City Police Department offered a large reward for his capture.

On December 12, 2002, around 2am, about 20 policemen from the Jiamusi Branch of Railroad Public Security Department took away Ma Xuejun and six other Dafa practitioners from the dwelling in which they were staying. Under the operation of the province-level and city-level "610 Offices", Li Shuqing, Gao Zhilun, Chen Wanyou and others from the Jiamusi City Police Department aided the police team of Police Department Dongfen Branch in torturing Mr. Ma for days. They shocked him with electric batons, made him sit in an electric chair, brutally kicked his back, chest and ribs while wearing heavy boots, and smashed his toes with the chair legs, resulting in fractured ribs and vertebrae, his toe nails turning blue and falling off, and the ring finger of his right hand becoming disabled. He could not take care of himself. After suffering the brutal torture, he was detained in the detention center continuously.

Seven months later, the "610 Office" authorities ordered the Jiamusi City Dongfeng District Court to fabricate evidence and heavily sentenced Mr. Ma to 12 years' imprisonment. Mr. Ma went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and sentence. The guards in the detention center handcuffed him to an iron loop on the ground for a week. His esophagus was injured by brutal force-feeding. In August 2003, he was sent to the Xianglan Jail. Because the physical examination found that he was seriously injured, the Xianglan Jail refused to accept him. The prison guards took him back to the Jiamusi Detention Center for continuous detention instead.

Ma Xujun has been at the edge of his life many times, but the Jiamusi City Police Department refused to release him. After family members' many attempts to secure his release and under pressure from the strong protest and condemnation of many people seeking justice, on the night of December 26, 2003, the Jiamusi City Police Department sent Ma Xuejun home on a stretcher, put him down, and left, shirking the responsibility for his condition. At that time, Mr. Ma had become unable to move or speak. The long-term hunger strike made him like a skeleton. Now he is near death and can barely be seen to breathe; he is emaciated and looks like a mummy; his lower limbs curl and are stiff (just like the posture seen in the pictures), so that people cannot bear to look at him.

The parties and persons carrying out the persecution:

The City Committee of Jiamusi City: Party Secretary, Sun Qiwen; Organization Minister, Xu Zhaojun; Propaganda Minister, Yang Dianjun.

Dean of Jiamusi City's "610 Office": Liu Yan.

Jiamusi City Police Department: Director General, Song Jinhe; Deputy Director, Li Shuqing, Li Yunyang (retired).

National Guard Brigade of Jiamusi City Police Department: Gao Zhilun, Zhao Yi, Chen Yongde, Chen Wanyou, Gao Dongxu.

Jiamusi City Forced Labor Camp: Director, Ren Shicai; Deputy Director, Guang Dejun, Yao Debin, Sun Dehong, Xu Lifeng; Unit Leader, Liu Hongguang.

The Responsible Party's Phone numbers:

Country Code: 86 Area Code: 454

Mayor Hot-line of Jiamusi City 8602345;

Dean of Jiamusi City Committee: 8247753, 8240165, 8695106;

Secretary Staff's Office: 8226861;

Party Committee of Unit£º8222826;

Organization Department: 8223193 8600964;

Propaganda Department: 8223744 8244025 8223393;

Political and Judiciary Committee: 8240031 8225320 8222997;

Appeals Office: 8224951 8223205 8223318

Dean's Office of Jiamusi City People Government: 8226254;

Deputy Dean's Office: 8223439 8221222 8225303;

Director of Jiamusi City Police Department: 8631778;

Jiamusi National Guard Brigade: 8298185;

The telephone exchange of Jiamusi City Police Department: 8298114.