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Four Practitioners Who Helped Yuan Jiang are Illegally Sentenced

January 18, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On the night of September 30, 2001, Falun Dafa practitioner Yuan Jiang was illegally arrested in Dunhuang, Gansu Province. Following the requirements of the police department, the Provincial Telecommunications Bureau provided a garden of theirs at the back of the White Pagoda Hill in Lanzhou City as a place to interrogate Yuan Jiang. The police took two carloads of torture devices with them . Yuan Jiang was tortured for nearly two months in that place. Around October 26, 2001, miraculously, he had a chance to escape. With much effort, Yuan Jiang escaped from that den of evil. He was very weak and couldn't walk far. So he climbed into a cave in the mountain. In the cold of late October in the northwestern region, he was unconscious for four days in the cave. Meanwhile, 2,000 police and military men canvassed the whole city of Lanzhou in search of him.

Because Yuan Jiang could not go back home, he went to practitioner Wang Zhijun's home. Seeing Yuan Jiang walking with a limp, Wang Zhijun not only provided him with food and drink, he also found Yuan Jiang a place to stay. With the enthusiastic help of fellow practitioners Yu Jinfang, Xia Fuying and Wen Shixue, Yuan Jiang finally had a place to stay. However, because he had been so badly tortured while being detained, after staying in an apartment of Yu Jinfang's daughter, he unfortunately died on November 9.

After Yuan Jiang escaped, the police department mobilized the whole city's police force to canvass the city's hotels, restaurants and the areas near Yuan Jiang's home, but they could not find him. It was not until after Yuan Jiang died that they learned of his whereabouts.

The evil gang did not just quit; instead, they looked all over the place for people who had helped Yuan Jiang. At that time, they arrested Yu Jiafang's daughter and son-in-law, along with their maid, who were not practitioners, and interrogated them by using torture. Later, they abducted Yu Jinfang, Xia Fuying (Ms. Yu's husband) and Wang Zhijun (Mr. Xia and Wang were eventually released on bail). Even the apartment of Yu Jinfang's daughter (where Yuan Jiang once stayed) did not escape being ransacked and having personal property seized by the police. Because she did not have any place to stay, Yu Jiafang's daughter could only stay at her parents' home. After Xia Fuying was out on bail, he had to look all over for a place stay.

In March of 2003, the police again kidnapped Wen Shixue and took him back to Lanzhou. In mid-November, while Xia Fuying was living in his daughter's home, Hebo, a policeman from Lanzhou's 16th Precinct led five others and paid them a surprise visit. Without any legal documents, the police arrested him. They deceived him into going with them by saying that they needed him to check something. They took Xia Fuying away and sent him to Lanzhou's 2nd Decention Center, where he was illegally held.

In early December of 2002, the four Falun Dafa practitioners who helped Yuan Jiang (Yu Jinfang, Xia Fuying, Wang Zhijun and Wen Shixue) were secretly tried in the Chenguan District Court in Lanzhou City. The guards did not allow the public to attend the trial. The Chenguan District Court in Lanzhou City illegally sentenced the four practitioners on the charge of "protecting criminals." Xia Fuying was illegally sentenced to three years in prison. Wang Zhijun was sentenced to five years in prison and has been detained in Lanzhou City's Siguoyuan Detention Center. Yu Jinfang was sentenced to five years in prison and has been detained in the Chenguan District Detention Center. Wen Shizue was sentenced to eight years and six months and has been detained in Lanzhou City's 2nd Detention Center.

In the terror created by the evil Jiang Zemin, who is deceiving the public into believing that the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" constitutes a crime. Offering a helping hand to Falun Dafa practitioners who are in danger is prosecuted as the crime of "protecting criminals."

The four Falun Dafa practitioners who helped Yuan Jiang have all received illegal sentences. The personal property of Yu Jinfang's daughter (an apartment with two bedrooms and one living room), which was confiscated two years ago still has not been returned to her. Two years have passed, and the owner of the apartment has paid several visits seeking information on the apartment. However, personnel in the police department continue to sidestep responsibility and nobody will take charge of handling this case.

About Yuan Jiang, please see

The judicial officers who illegally tried the four Falun Dafa practitioners' cases:

Chief Judge, Lai Xingping

Chief Judge, Liu Baosen

Chief Judge, Jin Jiyong

Related telephone numbers:

The Chenguan District People's Court in Lanzhou City (252 Wudou Road, Lanzhou City)

Duty Office: 86-0931-8470914

Office: 86-0931-8470936

Political Work Branch: 86-0931-8433718

Party Secretary of the Chenguan District Court: 86-0931-8471405

Supervisory Office: 86-0931-8471272

Investigation and Research Office: 86-0931-8471225

Criminal Court Office: 86-0931-8471159

Civil Court Office: 86-0931-8471653

Court Police Team: 86-0931-8471496

Case Establishing Court Office: 86-0931-8471532

Court of Appeal and Complaint: 86-0931-8471774

Court of Complaint and Appeal: 86-0931-8471744

Court Execution Room 1: 86-0931-8471625

Court Execution Room 2: 86-0931-8471934

Jiuquan Road Court House: 86-0931-8465689

Baiyin Road Court House: 86-0931-8461530

Gulouxiang Court House: 86-0931-8122832

Jinyuan Road Court House: 86-0931-8365577

Gongxingdun Road Court House: 86-0931-8498679

Donggangsi Road Court House: 86-0931-8827265

Weiyuan Road Court House: 86-0931-8271256

Yantan Road Court House: 86-0931-8518194

The Chenguan District Procuratorate in Lanzhou City (8 Caojiating, Lanzhou City)

Duty Office: 86-0931-8465078

Chief Procurator: 86-0931-8460879£»86-0931-8480425

Court Discipline Section: 86-0931-8460823

Indictment Section: 86-0931-8477021; 86-0931-8488898

Internal Affairs Office: 86-0931-8467148

Political Work Section: 86-0931-8475498

Arrest Approval Section: 86-0931-8475778£»86-0931-8475781

Discipline Investigation Section: 86-0931-8475780

Prevention Section: 86-0931-8475782

Technical Section: 86-0931-8477022

Research Office: 86-0931-8477023

Section of Investigation for appeal and filing: 86-0931-8469854

Lanzhou City Police Department

Operator: 86-0931-8462851

Duty Office: 86-0931-8462851

Commanding Center: 86- 0931-8462851

Informant Line: 86-0931-8462922

Main Duty Office: 86-0931-8463043

Homeland Security Protection Team

Operator: 86-0931-8511960

Duty Office: 86-0931-8511738

Public Security Administration Office: 86-0931-8463143

Criminal Laws Police Branch Brigade: 86-86-0931-8462534

Technical Investigation Branch Brigade

Operator: 86-0931-8511960

Duty Office:86-0931-8511738

Safety Administration Office: 86-0931-8463143

Criminal Law Police Branch Brigade: 86-0931-8463143

Technical Investigation Branch Brigade:

Main operator: 86-0931-8122186

Police Guard Division: 86-0931-8465476

Culture Reservation Division: 86-0931-8153333

Office of Jurisdiction

Main operator: 86-0931-8511960

Detention Administration Office: 86-0931-2750078

Chengguan Branch Police Stations

Gaolan Road Police Station: 86-0931-8885705

Train Station Police Station: 86-0931-8611887

Jingyuan Road Police Station: 86-0931-8375780

Linxia Road Police Station: 86-0931-8472994; 86-0931-8487230; 86-0931-8466829

Tuanjiexincun Police Station: 86-0931-8612073; 86-0931-8620726

Weiyuan Road Police Station: 86-0931-8264400

Binhe Children's Park Police Station: 86-0931-8466290

Qingyang Road Police Station: 86-0931-8821510; 86-0931-8460359; 86-0931-8460563; 86931-8460726; 86-098461026; 86-09321-8691314

Qilihe Branch Police Station:

Dunhuang Road Police Station: 86-0931-2346508

Pengjiaping Police Station: 86-0931-2869841

Weiling Town Police Station: 86-0931-2363906

Annning Branch Police Station (9 Yinann West Road, Lanzhou City)

Communist Party Secretary's Office: 86-0931-7666991

Chief: 86-0931-7666981

Deputy Chief: 86-0931-7666613£»86-0931-7666615

Political Work Branch: 86-0931-7669334

Shilidian Police Station: 86-0931-7756382


Silu Police Station

Office: 86-0931-7666187

Phone number for reporting to police: 86-0931-7677647

Liujiabao Police Station: 86-0931-7666696

Shajingyi Police Station: 86-0931-7781534

Sigu Branch Police Station

Sigu City Train Station Police Station: 86-0931-7351198

Huagong Street Police Station

Chief: 86-0931-7358250

Duty Office: 86-0931-7354354

Chenguanying Police Station: 86-0931-7324444

Xincheng Police Station: 86-0931-210416; 86-0931-7361894; 86-0931-7362154; 86-0931-7364729; 86-0931-7365134; 86-0931-7365144; 86-0931-7365184; 86-0931-7365443; 86-0931-7365605; 86-0931-7366461; 86-0931-7367229; 86-0931-7367844

Lanzhou City Chengguan District Detention Center: 86-0931-8368487; 86-0931-8375590; 86-0931-8375653; 86-0931-8367409 86-0931-8375721