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"We'll Kill You To Make You Disappear!"--Tragedies In Banqiao Women's Labor Camp in Tianjin City

January 15, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Shumin, a Falun Dafa practitioner held in the Banqiao Women's Labor Camp, was tortured to death because she believes in Falun Dafa and lives her life according to the principle of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.

No one would suspect that this walled courtyard, surrounded by picturesque buildings, near the Dagang Development Region in Tianjin City was in reality the Banqiao Women's Labor Camp, built under the orders of Jiang Zemin. This is just one of many such places where a huge sums of government money is spent toward the torture of Falun Dafa practitioners. This tragedy affects the entire world, as good and honorable people suffer inhumane treatment each day.

Ms. Li Shumin went to Beijing to conduct a peaceful appeal for Falun Dafa during the period of the 16th Congressional meeting (November 2002), requesting the unconditional release of all detained Falun Dafa practitioners. Police brought her in for questioning in January 2003, and would not release her. When fellow practitioners went to search for her, the police told them they were "working on her." Inside sources revealed the details of her treatment after she was taken away by police. Female officers Han Jinling, Song, Yang, and another with the surname of Feng stripped Li, shocked her with an electric baton, then locked her in a pig sty. Later they locked her in a one square meter, icy cold, solitary compartment. Inside the solitary compartment, Li Shimin was not given any food, or permitted to use the toilet. The police put metal restraints on each of her 10 fingers, tied them with rope, forced her lay on the floor, and then pulled hard on the rope, causing severe pain. One day, police tied her up, gagged her mouth, suspended her in the boiler room, then beat her. She was thrown in a cage after passing out. A little while later, another inmate went to get something in the boiler room, and fainted at the sight of Li Shimin after she received this cruel torture. Afraid that she might expose their crimes, they released her early, claiming she "had a disease."

Falun Dafa practitioner, Ms. Zhao Dewen, 52 years old, is a resident of Beichen District, Tianjin City. Because she resisted the persecution, police Kou Na instructed two female prostitutes, Guo Juan and Wang Jiongd,e along with two others to beat Zhao, lift her in the air, then throw her down hard against the floor. After several rounds of this torture, they stuffed the dying woman in a tiny solitary compartment. At 6 am on June 3rd, 2003, police shouted to all inmates, "All go back to your cells! No one is allowed to look back! No one is allowed to stand up!" They used this time to fabricate a suicide scene and cover up the evidence of their crime. They hung Zhao's body, cut open her veins, and took photographs for false records. Then they put her body in a black garbage bag, and sent her body to the morgue to be stored. (See http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/7/30/38666.html)

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Xu Xinhua, and Ms. Wang Meiqing are both over 60 years old. They were forced to work long hours, getting only 2-3 hours sleep. They were also forced to stand all night. They could not stand for such extended periods, and their blood pressure became very high.

Ms. Chen Yumei, Falun Dafa practitioner from Tianjin City has had her term extended repeatedly because of her refusal to renounce her belief in Falun Dafa. She always tells the truth, and believes in the Falun Dafa principle of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. She was on a long hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. Police cuffed her hands and feet to the bed, stuffed her mouth, and stripped her from the waist down. Covered with a plastic sheet, she was forced to excrete on the bed.

Ms. Gao Jianling is a 38 year old Falun Dafa practitioner from Wuqing County. Because she was practicing the Falun Dafa exercises, police instructed drug addict Kang Na (female) to tie Gao up, and beat her suspended body. Kang Na often pushed Gao down on the bed or floor for no reason, sat on her, and hit her in the head with a heavy shoe. Sometimes she would grab Gao by the hair and slam her head into the wall. Female police Wang and Chai both pretended not to see this torture.

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Xiuying is over 60 years old. She was tricked by police and arrested on Chinese New Year's Eve of 2001. The police told her they had just "a little business" with her, but that was just an excuse they used before they sent her to a forced labor camp for 18 months. The police beat her, pulled her hair and shocked her with electric batons. She was locked in a metal cage, and also a pig sty numerous times for maintaining her belief in Falun Dafa. Other times, she was deprived of sleep, and forced to peel beans all night long. The regular inmates were ordered to beat her and try to suffocate her with a comforter. Prostitute Wang Jiong (female), along with collaborators [Falun Dafa practitioners who, under the pressure of persecution, renounced their faith and assist with the persecution] Shao Xiuzhong, and Lu Lu dragged Yang into a solitary compartment to beat her. They fractured her thumb, and injured one of her feet. Female guard Kou Na locked her in a one square meter, icy cold solitary compartment. Once police tied Ms. Yang to a tree in the yard, and set a police attack dog upon her to viciously bite her. When her term ended, the police refused to release her and instead extended her term without any legal justification term and transferred her to the No.1 Team.

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Fenjia, is a Muslim resident in Tanggu District. She was sentenced one year in a forced labor camp. Her term was extended an additional year and then extended again for an additional two years. While in the forced labor camp she was tortured. Her face became swollen and unrecognizeable and her body was covered with wounds from the brutal beatings she received. Her hair was pulled out of her head, and she became emaciated.

Ms. Li Jinyan is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Dagang District. She was seized from her home by Gangbeijie Substation police in October, 2001 and taken away from her one year old daughter who was still nursing. Li was sentenced to three years in a labor camp for clarifying the truth of the persecution of Falun Dafa to the public. She was forced to work 17-18 hours each day in a workshop that is 40-50 oC [104-122oF] in the hot summer and freezing cold in the winter. She only was permitted to sleep 2-3 hours per day. Because she refused to attend the brainwashing session that forced all attendees to listen to speeches defaming Falun Dafa, several police, including Kou Na, Yang, Liu, Li, and Zhang (all female) instructed drug addict prisoners to beat and kick her. Police Officer Yang kicked her lower back hard, and Police Officer Xia said to her while pointing at her, "We'll kill you to make you disappear!" Police Officer Liu Bin (formerly from the Fifth Team) said, "We want you to know that Woks [cooking pots] in the Labor Camp are made of metal!" [a chinese saying meaning police are tougher than practitioners]. These two police both live in Dagang District.

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Feng Zuoru was locked in a wet, dark room for three months. Police would not allow her wear clothes, eat, or use the toilet. She was beaten many times, and reduced to skin and bones. She has been transferred to the No.1 Team.

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Xia is from Cangzhou County, Hebei Province. She went to Tianjin to visit her relatives and was abducted. She was sent to a labor camp for three years, where she was frequently beaten by gangs of inmates under direction from the police [inmates are often ordered by police to beat Falun Dafa practitioners in return for reductions of their sentences or their sentence is threatened to be increased if they refuse to follow the police' orders].

Falun Dafa practitioner Li Jing was an employee of Dagang Shopping Mall. She was tricked and seized from work by the police who then put her in a forced labor camp for two years. Her term was extended an additional year because refused to give up her belief in Falun Dafa when her first term expired. When she was detained in the Fifth Team, she was often beaten and suspended in the bathroom. She was locked in a solitary compartment twice, once for three months and another time for seven months. In the summer, police forced her to stand in the exercise yard to be bitten by the swarms of mosquitoes or bake in the hot summer sun, while in the winter, they forced her to repair the broken pavement with pieces of brick. She is currently detained in the No.1 Team.

If Falun Dafa practitioners in the Labor Camp refuse to curse Falun Dafa according to police' orders, they are beaten by the prisoners. Police violate practitioners basic human rights, depriving them of food, sleep, use of the toilet, family visits, and communication with family members. Packages from families are confiscated. When supervisors came for inspection, police tied up Falun Dafa practitioners who would not renouce their belief, gag their mouths, and hide them away. They prepared fake reading materials, and had prisoners pretend to be "transformed" Falun Dafa practitioners to be used to create fabricated videos and poisons the minds of the public against Falun Dafa.

The following Falun Dafa practitioners are still detained and suffering from torture in the forced labor camp: Gao Tianhua From Yangliuqing Town, Ms. He Qingying From Tian Jin City, Ms. Wu Yuting from Wuqing County, Ms. Liu Qing from Xiwangzhuang Town, Ms. Guo Chengru, and sisters Zhang Xingyun and Zhang Guiyun all from Tianjin City.

The brutal persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners continues. For obvious reasons, the investigation of these accounts of torture is very difficult, and all the details have not been uncovered yet.

Please support righteous and kind people. Show that you know the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa and extend your help. We cannot let Government Officials continue to commit crimes of torture and murder. The responsible parties must be brought to justice!

Tianjin City Jiangxin Labor Camp, zip code, 300211.

Below are names, area code (put 86- in front), and phone numbers:

Wang Zongsheng (22)-88252363

Li Guangqi (22)-88250988

Xia Wenhua(22-88250186

Camp Police Departemnt (22)-88254564

Office Management(22)-88250580

Fifth Team (22)-88251887

Sixth Team (22)-88250186

Tianjin City Police Station zip code, 300020

Operator, (22)-27319000

Switch Board (22)-27318987

Reception Office (22)-23397513

24 Hour Guarding Office (22)-23313434

Appeal Office (22)-23397570

Tianjin Beichen Distirct Government

Legal Control Office (22)-26393429, ext. Legal or Discipline Office.

"610 Office" (22)-26823602

Beichen District Police Station zip code, 300400

Operator, (22)-26392185-86

Political Security Office, (22)-26390303

ext. to Director, or:

ext. to Legal section (85288)

ext. to"610Office" (85239£©

ext Discipline Office.

Shuangjie Police Substation (22)-26970257

Yushan Labor Camp (22)-29149197

Banqiao Women's Labor Camp in Dagang Distirct, Tianjin City zip code, 300270

Director He Demin cell phone, 1380306179

Main Office, (22)-63252203

Address, P.O.Box 31-49, Dagang, Tianjin.

Han Jinling cell phone, 13012282063

Camp Office, (22)-63251479

Zhang Chunyan (No.1 Team) cell phone, 13702121262

Office (22)-63251415

Police Liu Yan (22)-63228798

No.2 Group in the Fourth Team, (22)-36251823

Liu Junying (No.2 Team) cell phone, 13920956101

Office (22)-63251423

Shuangkou Labor Camp zip code, 300401

No. 1 Team (22)-86839003

No. 2 Team, (22)-86839017

No.3 Team (22)-86839012

No. 4 Team (22)-86839006

No. 5 Team (22)-86835276

Other Departments (22)-86839001/(22)-86839100/13502191549

Liu Shunyou, Legal Representative in Labor Camp, also in charge of Discipline, (22)26374290; address: Jiefanglu, zip code: 300042

Appeals Office of Tianjin People's Congress of Tianjin City, (22)23303229

Reception Office fax, (22)23303229

Tianjin City Government Overseas Chinese Office, (22)23313622

Appeal Office Secretary Office, (22)23306490, zip code: 300040

Reception Office, (22)23305555

Secretary Office, (22)23313056

Discipline Control Office, (22)27129186/(22)27129786, zip code: 300073

People's Procuratorate Office, (22)27425066

General Office, (22)27425011

Secretary Office, (22)27425004; Procuratorate Office, (22)27425026

zip code: 300042, The Political Consultation Conference Secretary Office, (22)23303581

Propaganda Office, (22)23138771

Union Operator, (22)23310823

Union Reception Office, (22)23313559

zip code, 300070. Broadcasting and TV Department Director Office, (22)23601655

Radio Station Office, (22)23601993

Zip Code, 300073 for Court, (Middle) Court Operator, (22)27476902/(22)27388102

Main Office, (22)27388108

Case Office, (22)27420124

Legal Office, (22)27411117

Retired Senior Employee Office, (22)27388100

Execution Court, (22)27388138

Jury Court, (22)27388086

Forensic Medical Office, (22)27384128

Filing Office, (22)27388148

Court Police Station, (22)27473575

Tianjin City Economic Cooperation Office

General Office, (22)23316851

Reception Office, (22)23317371

International Labor Office, (22)23316813

International Trade Office, (22)83850096