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Remembering Ms. Cui Ningning's Death by Torture in the Heizhuang Detention Center

January 14, 2004 |   By a Dafa disciple

September 4, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) It's been more than a month since Dafa practitioner Cui Ningning, passed away. I cannot forget her beautiful face and her gentle and kind expression. I want to write down an account of the details of the persecution she endured while detained in the Heizhuang Detention Center, Jinshui District.

I was abducted by the authorities and taken to the Heizhuang Detention Center on April 25, 2003, when a driver reported me for distributing VCDs that clarify the truth. The security guards of Henan Agriculture University captured Cui Ningning on May 18. They said they found many Falun Gong VCDs on the campus, and that they believed Cui Ningning distributed them. They conducted a body-search on her right there, but found no evidence. They looked her up in their computer database and identified that she practiced Falun Gong. The police station at Dongfeng Road sent her to the Heizhuang Detention Center that night. The policemen kept her purse and the keys to her home. (Cui lived by herself.) The next day the policemen ransacked her home. They interrogated her on the third day. They showed her a list of what they had taken: one computer, more than 100 blank VCDs, Master's picture, and Falun Dafa books. They confiscated everything that pertained to Falun Gong.

Cui Ningning protested the policemen's unreasonable actions. She started a hunger strike a week after she arrived at the detention center. On the sixth day of her hunger strike, Li Xinjian of Zhengzhou City Police Department, Li and a policeman from Dongfeng Road Police Station came in with a woman in a green uniform. She looked like someone who had been trained to force-feed Falun Gong practitioners. She carried a heavy plastic bag of about 45 centimeters in length and width, with her tools inside. They called 4 or 5 male criminals to be their assistants. They started to torture Cui Ningning in a prison cell that had no other people. First they turned on all the ventilation fans in all prison cells. The noise of the ventilation fans was very loud. Practitioners who had stayed there before knew that they used the noise to cover the sounds of practitioners being tortured. They tortured Cui Ningning repeatedly. Her heartrending cries were much louder than the ventilation fans.

Cui Ningning was brought back after being gone a long time. The police put the two of us in the same cell. From then on, Cui Ningning would get a little broth at mealtime. She would drink a couple of sips if the bad people were watching her. She wouldn't drink anything if no one watched her. She didn't want to be force-fed again. On July 1st, the police station on Dongfeng Road sent Cui Ningning to the Shibalihe Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City. Since her body had been severely injured from their torture, the labor camp refused to accept her and sent her back to the Heizhuang Detention Center. In order to get her in better condition to be sent to the labor camp, they gave her an IV transfusion and then did the same kind of force-feeding to torture her. From then on, the authorities wanted her to stand in the corridor to eat at mealtime. She refused. They had to allow her to go back to the room. On July 15, the police station on Dongfeng Road took Cui Ningning to the No. 6 Hospital in Zhengzhou City to examine her health. If no problem was found, they planned to send her to the Shibalihe Labor Camp again. Cui Ningning recognized their plot and started a total hunger strike.

Since her body had been severely injured, her hands and feet started twitching involuntarily on the morning of July 17. She almost fainted twice. A criminal in the cell, Liu Xian, called the staff many times, and told them that Cui was in critical condition. The heartless policemen did not care and didn't bother to come. I stood by the door and yelled, "Someone is about to die. Do you care?" At that moment, I thought about the days that I spent with her. I saw her solid faith in Master and Dafa. And I saw her compassion and kindness from cultivating Dafa. I started to cry.

The policemen came down. One policeman said, "We know Falun Gong is good. But we have no choice but to follow the orders by the higher authorities." After a little while, the director Cheng Haitao said, "Take Cui Ningning to the People's Hospital for an exam now." Later the police from the Dongfeng Road Police Station took her to the No. 5 Hospital for an examination. The results were the same. After two months' of torture, both her mind and body had been damaged badly. She coughed up lots of phlegm each day. She had renal failure and heart problems. The police extorted 3000 Yuan from her family as a guarantee fee before they released her. And they told Cui Ningning that after she went back home, she could not leave the yard, nor could she go to work, make phone calls, etc.

They released Cui Ningning on the morning of July 18. And she passed away on the 29th.