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More Information on the Brutal Murder of Mr. Zhang Xiaodong in the Xiguoyuan Detention Center, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province

January 14, 2004 |  


On October 24, 2003, Mr. Zhang Xiaodong, from Chaimen Village, Huining County, Gansu Province, was beaten to death in the Xiguoyuan Detention Center at the young age of 32. At 5:00pm that afternoon, his family was informed, but by the time his family members arrived, the police had already covered up scene of his death.

Because Zhang Xiaodong persisted in believing in Falun Dafa and Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, he was illegally detained in the Xiguoyuan Detention Center for two years since November 10, 2001. He was secretly sentenced to 6 years in prison. For the two years that he was held in the detention center, Zhang Xiaodong suffered all kinds of torture and humiliation. Also, Zhang Xiaodong's family members were not allowed to visit him.

Zhang Xiaodong's mother is in her 70s. Because of his tragic death, his family members brought a lawsuit against the Xiguoyuan Detention Center through the Lanzhou City Procuratorate. However, as a result, the detention center's policemen retaliated against Zhang Xiaodong's family members by continuously harassing and threatening them.