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Malaysia: Falun Gong Practitioners Participate in Ipoh City's "Bougainvillea" Parade (Photos)

January 10, 2004 |   By Malaysian Falun Gong practitioners


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50 practitioners in Yellow suits hold Bougainvillea Dancing in front of the rostrum Heavenly Maidens Scattering flowers
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Falun Gong float Demonstrating Falun Gong exercises on the float
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Overview of practitioners' procession

On the morning of January 4, 2004, Ipoh City, Perak State held a parade with the theme, "Bougainvillea," which is the city flower of Ipoh. 35 groups participated the 3.1 km long parade. Falun practitioners also participated and displayed the beauty of Dafa to Ipoh residence.

When Ipoh practitioners heard about the parade and started to contact the organizers, there were only 2 weeks left. Upon hearing the introduction of Dafa by practitioners, the person in charge of the parade dispatched staff to our practice site to learn more about Dafa. After this investigation, he accepted practitioners' application to participate in the parade. However, he was still very concerned whether practitioners could do well in their preparation in such a short time.

During the preparation, practitioners from other areas offered great help and support. Practitioners from Cameron Highlands provided a lot of fresh flowers. One day before the parade, practitioners from different areas came to decorate the float. Because practitioners worked together wholeheartedly, the decoration process was very smooth and finished swiftly.

Falun Gong practitioners' procession was the only group showing traditional Chinese culture. Many Ipoh Chinese residents were excited to see practitioners' float, Heavenly Maidens and "Falun Dafa is Good" banner. Along the parade procession, practitioners also distributed many Falun Gong truth-clarifying fliers.