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Commemorating Fellow Practitioner Ms. Cui Zhengshu

September 08, 2003 |   By Wu Wo, practitioner from Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.net, August 22 news) Ms. Cui Zhengshu, 36 years old, had obtained the Fa in 1997. She was of Korean descent and had a professional college degree.

In the days after July 20, 1999, all the roads to Beijing were strictly blocked, and checkpoints were set up everywhere in order to prevent practitioners from going to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. Cui Zhengshu and another female practitioner were stopped at Xingcheng City in Liaoning Province. To carry out their plan to clarify Dafa, they used all their money to rent a taxi. They arrived in Beijing on July 22, after overcoming lots of difficulties.

She was subsequently illegally detained in Beijing's Fengtai Stadium. Later, she was taken back to Jilin City, and was illegally detained by persons from the Jilin City Chuanying District Zhihe Local Police Station. The political instructor from the local police station tried to force Cui to write the "Guarantee Statement"* to give up practicing her faith, but she sternly refused. After being imprisoned for one night, more than a dozen policemen drove Cui home, to forcibly search her house. They threatened that they would take away Dafa books and Teacher's portrait. Even in this serious situation she warned the wicked police to stop doing wicked deeds; treat Dafa and Dafa practitioners kindly. Meantime, she blocked them with her own body. The policemen were frightened by her righteous actions at that moment. They released her then and there and did not take anything away. Dozen of neighbors and people from around the area were watching them. Most of them expressed indignation to the policemen's illegal activity, and understood and supported Cui's righteous action. Surrounded by accusing voices of the masses, the policemen left dejectedly.

Jilin City's practicing environment was also seriously damaged. Police and evil authorities started to go to local Dafa practitioners' residences to search for Dafa books and destroy them. The police tried to force practitioners to give up practicing Falun Dafa. Once, when Cui was studying the Fa at home, suddenly two policemen broke into her home. Seeing Dafa books and the tapes, the policemen intended to snatch them. While blocking the police from getting the books, she spoke righteously and sternly to stop the police. She also told them the truth about the persecution. For several hours they all refused to give in. The policemen's attempts to further persecute her failed due to the strength of her righteous thoughts. At that time, with the sudden and overwhelming lies by the media, some practitioners felt somewhat lost and helpless. In this kind of serious sitation, Cui layed down her personal safety and wrote an open letter to the mayor of Jilin City. In the letter she wrote about the huge, beneficial changes in her after she started practicing Falun Gong. She also wrote that Falun Dafa was the righeous Law of the Universe, and other things. She included her home phone number at the end of the letter. Her letter frightened the evil, clarified the truth and encouraged and helped more fellow practitioners to step forward and clarify facts about Dafa.

On September 5, 1999, with no place locally for her to appeal, three other practitioners joined Cui to once again go to Beijing to peacefully appeal for Dafa. The police arrested her at her temporary residence in Miyun County, Beijing. She was taken back to Jilin and again illegally detained for 15 days. Because she persisted in practicing Falun Dafa, she was abducted to Jilin City's so-called "forceful transformation training class," to receive forcible brainwashing. Inside the brainwashing center, she and other practitioners studied the Fa, practiced the exercises and established an environment. The police saw that it was impossible to "transform" her; on the contrary - she influenced the other practitioners. So they sent her to detention center to illegally detain her for another 15 days.

Before the Spring Festival in January 2001, Cui Zhengshu and other practitioners exchanged their opinions and realized that validating Dafa, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings should be done under any circumstances. Around 9:00 a.m. on February 7, 2001, Cui Zhengshu and other practitioners, a total of more than 200 people, spontaneously came out to practice in front of the Jilin's city hall to validate Dafa. The evil was shocked and terrified when seeing these Dafa practitioners still practicing in such an adverse situation. Several hundred police officers were organized to abduct these 200 practitioners, Cui Zhengshu among them.

The government of Jilin City categorized this public practicing an important case and instructed Jilin Police Department officials to find out the organizer and planner, at any cost. Eventually, Jilin Police Department's Chuanying Branch claimed that Cui was the one. They hurt her severely. The police used a rubber hose to whip her, used leather boots to step on her and move back and forth. Her head was swollen and hurt, but the police could not get a single word from her. Finally, the police sentenced her to one year of forced labor without due process of law.

She was sent to the Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun City and illegally imprisoned in the No.4 Division. Cui Zhengshu suffered all kinds of tortures there. After the one-year sentence was up, her term was extended for another month. She was not released until April 2001.

The local authorities still didn't leave her alone after returning home. Police instructor Jiang from the Chuanying Zhihe Police Station and other policemen, together with the hoodlums from the Chuanying District abducted her again and sent her to the Chuanying District brainwashing center. They didn't release her until they extorted 600 Yuan** from her family. Since then, whenever a sensitive day came, the police station officials and the street committee head would send people to irrationally harass Cui Zhengshu at her home. It disrupted the normal life of her family.

In 2002, the evils again arrested Cui Zhengshu when she was making Dafa truth-clarifying materials; this time it was the enforcers from Jilin City "610 Office" and also those from the Chuanying Police Station. They sentenced her to another three years of forced labor.

She was imprisoned and tortured at the No.4 Division in the Changchun Heizuizi Labor Camp. During the time in the No.4 Division, to "transform" her, the police head Zhang Guimei and police officer Zhang Xuesong instigated criminals to persecute her. Often a dozen hoodlums and collaborators*** surrounded her, to forcibly brainwash her. Every time she resisted with her righteous thought and clarified the truth to them. The most depraved police officer instigated these vicious persons to not allow her to rest for more than 30 days. She had only slept for 22 hours in 33 days. She had difficulty walking or eating by herself. Even under those severe torments, policewomen Zhang Guimei and Zhang Xuesong even forced her to carry another steadfast Dafa practitioner on her back for more than one month. When the Labor Camp saw Cui Zhengshu had difficulty eating, not being able to take care of herself and was extremely weak, they were afraid to take the responsibility for her possible death in the Labor Camp. So Cui Zhengshu was sent back home with the designation "hospitalization respite" on April 18, 2003.

She had been tortured so severely in the camp that she was merely skin and bones when she got home. She suffered both physical and mental torment and torture. This former talented and vivacious lady became silent. She could not take care of herself and had difficulty walking. She was in constant physical pain all over her body. Although her family took care of her, she coughed day and night, could not get to sleep or eat, not even millet congee because of severe injuries from torture. Finally, she could keep any food down. Her hands and feet gradually lost sensation. She had to be supported, even for walking.

At the beginning of August 2003, her situation grew worse. She could not move at all. She could no longer hear. She could not swallow anything. Her body was extremely emaciated, to only about 60 lb. Her eyes were sunken in their sockets and her mind was confused. At last, because of severe injuries to multiple parts of her body, she died around 9:00 a.m. on August 12, 2003.

She left behind her parents who are in their seventies, her baby and husband. A formerly happy family was destroyed.

To save more innocent Falun Gong practitioners, I hereby appeal to kind people all around the world to lend your hand to stop this brutal persecution and restore righteousness to this world.

* "Guarantee Statement": A statement to declare that he or she is remorseful for practicing Falun Gong and guarantees not to practice Falun Gong again, not to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and never again associate with any Falun Gong practitioners.

** Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.

***Collaborators: Former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture.