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Severely Emaciated, His Teeth Pried Out during Force-Feeding, Dafa Practitioner Mr. Zhang Xuewen Dies from Torture (Photo)

September 07, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net August 18, 2003)

On August 8th a member of Mr. Zhang Xuewen's family received news from the Hulan jail (formerly Gezhi jail), claiming Mr. Zhang was critically ill, and requesting the relative to come to the jail. The family member rushed to the jail to find that Zhang Xuewen had died. His body was misshapen and horrible to look at. He had been tortured terribly and reduced to skin and bones. His teeth had been pried loose during force feeding and all had come out.

The prison informed the family member that Zhang Xuewen's condition was the result of his stay in the Hulan county detention center and this prison only accepted him under the pressure of the higher authorities. Zhang Xuewen had died from a disease that had nothing to do with with them. They requested that the family member cremate his body, and offered to pay the funeral expenses. Zhang Xuewen's body was cremated on August 9th under alert status of several policemen from the Riot Defense Team in the Hulan County Police Station.