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Dafa Practitioners in Shanghai Arrested and Sentenced to Labor Camp Again

September 07, 2003 |  


Practitioner Mr. Lu Xingguo was arrested again and illegally sentenced to 3 years in a labor camp. Currently he is being jailed in the 3rd labor camp in Qingpu, Shanghai. The warden forces him to perform heavy labor daily, tormenting him physically and mentally.

Lu Xingguo, around 40, was one of the practitioners from the first batch ever sentenced to labor camp in Shanghai. He was sent to 1st labor camp of Shanghai at the beginning of 2000, and was released in early 2002.

Mr. Hu Jian, another practitioner in Shanghai, was also arrested again. He accepted transformation out of fear last time. Later he suffered a mental collapse and was bailed out of the labor camp for treatment.

Practitioner Ms. Shen Fang was arrested and sentenced to one and a half years in labor camp after a collaborator (former practitioner who has turned against Dafa under pressure) named Hu Lingdi betrayed her by reporting her to the authorities. Many practitioners called Hu up to stop her sinful act. She not only did not show any remorse, but reported all those who called her to the "610 office," and went around the labor camps spreading her evil lies.

Practitioner Mr. Li Wenyu was sentenced to labor camp for 3 years after he was arrested for the second time. According to police, the reason for the sentence was that he hung a traditional Chinese couplet with Dafa content on his doorframe during Chinese New Year. The police tore it down three times, but he hung them up again. Later police searched his home and found Dafa material, so they arrested him again. Currently he is imprisoned at the 3rd labor camp in Qingpu. He is said to be in poor health, and has already been to the prison hospital once. Li's child is in high school at present and is negatively affected by it.

Practitioner Mr. Ma Yuguan was sentenced to one year in the labor camp after his second arrest. Now he is found to have high blood pressure on physical examination. Ma's wife, Lin Minyan, is unable to take care of herself due to hemiplegia. The district office has sent Lin a housekeeper, but in reality, she is there to monitor the Ma's family. Any visitor to the Ma home is reported to the district office. Ma's daughter has been harassed a number of times and placed under surveillance; her husband, who doesn't practice Falun Gong, has been harassed and pressured.

Other practitioners in Songjiang (a county near Shanghai) have also been threatened. Their warning is: "All must be transformed by August; otherwise they will be sent to brainwashing classes." At present, the police are busy searching for the sources of CDs and printed materials about the truth of Falun Gong that appeared in Songjiang, and are attempting to block the news to the area.

The telephone number of Songjiang "610 office": 86-21-57740057