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Falun Gong Practitioners Detained in Changchun City's Chaoyanggou Labor Camp Are Cruelly Tortured

September 30, 2003 |   By a Dafa disciple in China


The 1st, 3rd, and 4th brigades of Chaoyanggou Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province brutally torture and constantly scold and beat Falun Gong practitioners who are steadfast in their beliefs. 1st brigade officials ordered practitioners to sit still and not move on benches from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. without a lunch break. Other than allowing for one short break to walk outside the cells during the SARS epidemic, the officials had not granted practitioners any outdoor activities. The meals offered lack nutrition. Practitioners are given one small bowl of rice water, a small steamed bun, and a small pickled vegetable to be shared among four people. Carrot or cabbage soup without any oil or flavor is served for lunch and dinner. Many practitioners suffer from malnutrition as a result of living off these meals for a long time.

Mr. Bai Xiaojun, a thirty-five-year-old former Northeastern Normal University lecturer with a master's degree was once held in the 1st brigade. Immediately after completing a one-year sentence in a labor camp in 2001, Mr. Bai was sent to a brainwashing class and then re-sentenced to a three-year term in a labor camp. Despite severe punishment, Mr. Bai was steadfast in his belief and continued practicing while detained in the labor camp. He was mercilessly persecuted, and later suffered from tuberculosis, which caused him to cough a lot. He also had blood in his stools. Later Mr. Bai could not eat anything and became very weak. He depended on others to take care of him. In the end, not until he suffered from muscle spasms and went into a coma did the labor camp officials send him to a hospital. After he was examined in the hospital it was discovered that both of Mr. Bai's lungs were decayed. Mr. Bai died in early July 2003. Not long before his death, camp official Zhao Jianping beat Mr. Bai twice; once was in the recreation room, and another time in the dining area during lunchtime because Mr. Bai was no longer able to eat. Using his fists, Zhao Jianping had beaten Mr. Bai's head and face in front of the crowd, scolding Mr. Bai by saying that he was pretending to be ill. Zhao Jianping also ordered Mr. Bai to continue sitting on a stool for a long period of time. The brigade leader Fu Guohua and the deputy Fan are also responsible for Mr. Bai's death.

Being held in the 1st brigade, Falun Gong practitioner Pan Gang, was regularly scolded and beaten by the labor camp official in charge and the other prisoners. One time, when laboring the field, aided by his righteous thoughts, Mr. Pan escaped from the camp. However, he was later captured, locked in an isolated cell, and his term was extended by three additional months. During the sentence extension meeting, when a collaborator (a former Falun Gong practitioner who went astray due to brainwashing and torture) defamed Dafa, Mr. Pan responded by shouting "Falun Dafa is great." Thus he was pulled out of the meeting, severely beaten, and sent to an isolated cell. The evil Police Captain Wang Yanwei was so angry that he verbally extended Mr. Pan's term for another year and withheld his family visiting right. Wang Yanwei also threatened to send Mr. Pan to a brainwashing camp after his term expired, and then take him back to the labor camp for another term.

Yan Guozhu, another Falun Gong practitioner in the 4th brigade, successfully escaped the camp with his righteous thoughts when laboring in the field. He was unfortunately captured ten days later. His sentence was extended for an additional six months.

Falun Gong practitioner Geng Zhi, a seventy-two-year-old retiree from the Traditional Performing Company in Tonghua City, is also being held in the 4th brigade. He was sentenced to a three-year labor camp term due to practicing Falun Gong. In November of 2002, Mr. Geng refused to write the five guarantee statements that would refute his belief, so he was mercilessly beaten by Zou, a camp worker with a degree from the Chinese Political and Law University. Out of control, Zou not only hit and kicked Mr. Geng but also used an electric baton to shock him.

Sheng Baowei, twenty-three years of age, was severely beaten after going on a hunger strike to protest his arrest. Zhang Shunlong was beaten by a group of policemen led by the labor camp director Wang Jiangang when Mr. Zhang practiced the exercises despite it being prohibited. Mr. Zhang was shocked with electric batons by two policemen at the same time and was later locked up in a solitary cell. The police extended Xie Rongchun's term because he refused to write statements renouncing his belief in Falun Dafa. They also beat and force-fed Mr. Xie when he protested via hunger strike. Common tools used by the police to beat practitioners are iron tubes, bamboo boards, and V-belts.

Deputy Leader of the 4th Brigade, Fan, is an evil person who loves to gamble and is fond of food. He is very used to gambling with a group of people, and even did so while working on night shifts during the SARS epidemic. He would order prisoners to patrol while he gambled with the crowd. He frequently takes food from Falun Gong practitioners, and scolds and beats them whenever he feels like it.

Meanwhile, Falun Gong practitioner Wang Shuqin went blind and became incontinent during sleep due to mistreatment at the labor camp. He also suffered from psychological trauma and depended on others to help him take care of himself. Up until June of 2003, Mr. Wang had not received any proper treatment for his health problems. His current condition is unknown.

There are fourteen Falun Gong practitioners, including Zhuang Qianyong, suffering from tuberculosis in the 3rd brigade. None of them have been released from the camp.

In March 2003, due to the persecution in the labor camp, Zhuang Qianyong suffered from tuberculosis as well as scabies. Due to medical injections and severe malnutrition, Mr. Zhuang is extremely emaciated and is not able to walk steadily, while both his vision and hearing have also been severely damaged. The labor camp officials have not reviewed his application for early release from the camp. We are very concerned about Mr. Zhuang's health condition.

Name list of labor camp officials:

The evil officials Zhao Hui, Zhang Tiejun, and Han Zhiyuan continue to follow Jiang's mandate. They constantly beat, scold and torture Falun Gong practitioners.