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"Impact Torture" Likely The Cause of Practitioner Ms. Zhao Dewen's Death at Tianjin City Banqiao Forced Labor Camp

September 16, 2003 |  


Zhao Dewen (female), 52, lived at Fourth Block, Tianjin Road Hostel, in the Beichen District of Tianjin City.

In December 2002, police abducted Ms. Zhao and sent her to Banqiao Forced Labor Camp. On June 6, 2003, she was pronounced dead. The police claimed it was suicide, and even lied about its location. When family members arrived at the forced labor camp, they noticed marks on Zhao's neck that indicated she had been hanged, and also that both her wrists were wounded and that her clothes had been changed.

When the family members requested her original clothes, they were informed that the clothes could not be found. While attempting to change her clothing, they discovered that blood was trickling out of a gaping wound under Zhao's armpit, that her back was black and blue, and that she was bleeding from her vagina. Based on these observations, it is likely that she died as a result of internal injuries. Currently, the police are known to use a most vile and evil method of torture: Four people lift the victim up by their limbs and then throw them down to the ground with great force. This "Impact Torture" regularly causes severe internal injuries and death.

Family members of jailed practitioners recently revealed that at present, officials from Banqiao Forced Labor Camp strip naked all steadfast Dafa practitioners and place them in small rooms full of Teacher Li Hongzhi's photographs on the walls.