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Practitioner Mr. Guo Huailing Dies from Persecution in Suihua Forced Labor Camp, Jixian County, Heilongjiang Province

August 05, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net 8/2/2003)

Dafa practitioner Mr. Guo Huailing, 60, lived in Taiyuan Village, Fengle Town, Jixian County, Heilongjiang Province. Local police abducted him from his home in March 2002. He was sent to Suihua Forced Labor Camp and was cruelly tortured because he wouldn't give up practicing Falun Gong. On July 18, 2003, he died in Suihua City Hospital. Details are under investigation. (Police from Fengle Town Police Station have confirmed Guo's death in a phone conversation.)

Related phone numbers:

Public Security Bureau of Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province: 86-455-8255023
State Security Bureau of Suihua City: 86-455-8225623
Suihua City Intermediate People's Court: 86-455-8260115
Office of Suihua City People's Procuratorate: 86-455-8312509

Suihua City People's Government: 86-455-8224808
Jixian County Fengle Town People's Government: 86-469-4931277
Fengle Town Police Station: 86-469-4931222

Suihua Forced Labor Camp: 86-455-835-3860
First Squadron of Suihua City Forced Labor Camp: 86-455-835-3860 ext. 8043

Responsible police officers in Suihua Forced Labor Camp:
Yang Jinlu --- head of the Suihua City Forced Labor Brigade;
Diao Xuesong and Guo De --- policemen of Suihua city Forced Labor Camp;

Ni Jun --- Head of the Second Brigade of Suihua Forced Labor Camp;
Yang Bo --- Political Instructor of the Second Brigade;
Gao Zhonghai --- Deputy Political Instructor of the Second Brigade;
The Second Brigade has three squadrons:
The 1st Squadron: Chen Xinlong and Xi Xuefeng (heads), Liu Wei (political instructor)
The 2nd Squadron: Long Kuibin and Liu Wei (heads)
The 3rd Squadron: Fan Xiaodong and Zeng Lingjun (heads)

Chong Si: Head of the Third Brigade