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Over a Dozen Dafa Practitioners from Jilin Province Have Been Detained Ten Months Beyond Their Original Terms

August 27, 2003 |  

August 12, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) In October 2002, over a dozen Dafa practitioners from Dehui City, including Sun Qian (Dehui City), Zhang Wenfeng (Yangshu Town), Jiang Chunxian (Dafangshen Town), Liu Baijun (Dehui City), Hu Jie (Dafangshen Town), Liu Dianling (Chaoyang Township), Zou Jibin (Dafangshen Town), Jiang Wenbin (Dehui City), Lin Hongfei (Dehui City), Zhang Xiaoyan (Dehui City), Wei Guangxue (Dehui City) and others, were arrested in succession and put into the Dehui City Detention Center. They are still detained there although it is already ten months past their original terms. It was learned that some of the Dafa practitioners in the detention center are on hunger strike now in order to protest the illegal detention and persecution, and to demand their unconditional release. Being put in terrible conditions for such a long time, some practitioners have red scabies on their lower bodies. They are suffering intensely all the time.

Dafa practitioners are a whole body. The persecution of one Dafa practitioner is the persecution of the whole body, as well as interference and damage to Fa-rectification.

The law clearly indicates that detaining people beyond their given term is illegal. Those who have caused this situation and the severe consequences will be punished for their crimes. The legislative and judicial units of Dehui City have violated the law through their detention of Falun Gong practitioners past their given terms. They must immediately and unconditionally release the practitioners and punish the law-breaking officials who are responsible for this crime.

We appeal to Dehui City Dafa practitioners and all people with righteous minds to resort to various means, such as writing or faxing letters or explaining the truth to the legislative and judicial units, so as to rescue the detained Dafa practitioners by asking the legislative and judicial units to immediately and unconditionally release the practitioners. We suggest that fellow practitioners who read this news send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions that persecute practitioners.

At the same time, we appeal to overseas Dafa practitioners to help eliminate the evil through phone calls, faxes, and other means. We also ask the international community to pay attention to this persecution and extend its help to the practitioners who are being persecuted in China.

The related departments and officials:

Guo Guangtian, Chief of Dehui City Police Department, 86-431-7275949 (home), 86-3804397339 (cell)

Wang Chengshen, Deputy Chief of City Police Department, 86-431-7265669, 86-3844111888 (cell)

Ding Richao, Chief of Dehui City Detention Center, 86-431-7273438 (office)

Liu Yuhu, Deputy Chief of Dehui City Detention Center, 86-3086827618 (cell)

Dehui City Detention Center, 86-431-7272785 (The guard at the detention center gate)

The Chief of the Prosecutor's House, 86-432-7272785 (office)

The 2nd Section of Law Suit in Prosecutor's House, 86-431-7272884 ext. 417