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In Memory of Dafa Practitioner Ms. Li Yuling

August 02, 2003 |   By a Practitioner from Beijing

July 20, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net July 21, 2003)

I was so shocked to hear that the police from the Dongcheng District of Beijing had tortured Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Yuling to death. She and I just met on the evening of June 24. She was arrested the next day, and tortured to death on July 4. A lively and healthy life was lost in just 9 days.

Ms. Li Yuling had a happy family. Her husband was a government official at the deputy bureau director level, and her son was studying overseas. Because of her firm belief in Falun Dafa, Jiang's regime took her life.

Since the start of the persecution in 1999, I often heard fellow practitioners mention Li Yuling's name. The police arrested her on numerous occasions for validating Dafa. They even sent her to a mental hospital and to brainwashing sessions. No matter what happened to her, she always tried to find fellow practitioners in order to share her experiences with them, and to encourage and support them. In November of 1999, she went to Guangzhou to attend an experience sharing conference. After coming back from the conference, she devoted herself to validating Dafa.

Last April, since many material sites had been sabotaged, I did not know where to obtain truth-clarifying materials to distribute. I got in touch with Ms. Li Yuling. Every time she delivered materials to fellow practitioners, she considered their situation and let them pick the exchange location. She made every effort to save fellow practitioners' time. Sometimes she had to go miles out of her way. She always cared about her fellow practitioners. I recall that after Teacher's article "Hurry Up And Tell Them" was published last year, she asked me anxiously, "Have the practitioners you know intensified truth-clarification after reading this article? If they are afraid of handing out the truth materials, I could help them make tapes, and they could put the tapes on benches in the parks or in front of residents' doors. That would be a little easier." Her selfless heart moved me greatly.

During the period of the "Double Party Conference" in March this year, the police tried to force her to attend brainwashing sessions. She firmly refused to open the door to them, then she called everyone to send forth righteous thoughts. A few days later, the police withdrew. She then delivered truth materials without a stop. In order to keep from being followed by the police and bringing trouble to fellow practitioners, she always left a few hours early. She moved around quietly, handing out materials, clarifying the truth and looking for living places for destitute practitioners. She has done so much that we can't even list everything. Her great benevolence, selflessness, and constant consideration of others encouraged us all the time. She always made Dafa her first priority. Her firm belief in Dafa made the evil afraid. This time the police arrested her and tortured her 24 hours a day for nine consecutive days, but she never told them a word.

Ms. Li Yuling has left us. We shall continue to fulfill our oath, which was also her greatest wish: assist Teacher to rectify the Fa and save all sentient beings.