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Death by Torture of Dafa Practitioner Mr. Zhang Xuewen from Hulan County, Heilongjiang Province; Force-Fed Boiling Water; Beating Outside a Courtroom in Front of Witnesses

August 17, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) August 13 report: Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Xuewen from Fangtai Town, Hulan County, Heilongjiang Province was abducted several times and illegally detained because he persisted in his belief of Falun Dafa. In April 2003, Zhang Xuewen was detained at the county detention center. The doctor and guards there force-fed him with boiling water. Following these force-feedings, he had blood in his stool for several days. In early August 2003, Zhang Xuewen was transferred to the Hulan Prison in Harbin City. Mr. Zhang died in this prison on the morning of August 8, 2003.

Mr. Zhang Xuewen, 54 years old, was a farmer living in Fangtai Town, Hulan County, Heilongjiang Province. He began practicing Dafa in 1994 and had attended two of Master's lecture sessions. After July 20, 1999, the local police frequently illegally arrested him. In April 2003, police from Erba Township Police Station arrested him as he distributed truth clarification materials. He held a hunger strike for more than 90 days in the county detention center where he was held. In mid July, the guards at the detention center claimed Zhang had appendicitis and forced him to undergo surgery, but the results showed he didn't have appendicitis. [See also the report: The policemen and the prison doctor in the Hulan County Detention Center, Heilongjiang Province, violently force-feed practitioners. http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/8/1/38734.html] Later, the doctor and guards force-fed Zhang with boiling water, as noted above. The legislative and judicial departments of Hulan County sentenced Zhang Xuewen to five years in prison without any due legal process.

During the morning of June 12, 2003, the Hulan County Court held a trial of Zhang Xuewen. The people who were present in the court saw Zhang Xuewen was only skins and bones, though he was perfectly healthy over three months ago. He was seen lying on a seat in a white police car. His face was ashen; his eyes were tightly closed and he couldn't stand. The police ordered Zhang's family to hire people to carry Zhang inside the courtroom and claimed, "If you [Zhang's family] don't do this, you can't come in the courtroom." None of Zhang's family members obeyed the police. According to a witness, the police grew furious. One of them kicked Zhang Xuewen several times in front of the courtroom door, while surrounded by many people. They did not care that Zhang was extremely weak and could not stand up at the time. The perpetrator shouted, "You'll learn a good lesson when we go back." [See also the report: The Persecution of Dafa Practitioner Mr. Zhang Xuewen, http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/6/26/37391.html]

In early August, Zhang Xuewen was sent to the Hulan Prison in Harbin City, formerly named the Gezhi Prison. On the day he was sent, Zhang was on the verge of death because of the brutal torture. The prison authorities were afraid of taking responsibilities for their actions and told his family the following day, "Zhang's situation was caused by the detention center authorities. We accepted him because we got orders from higher authorities."

On the morning of August 8, Zhang Xuewen died in Hulan Prison.

Supplement information:

According to a phone investigation conducted by Falun Dafa Information Center on August 9, Wang Yufeng, chief of the Hulan County Detention Center who is mainly responsible for the death of Zhang Xuewen refused to answer the journalist's questions at the beginning. He only asked, "How did you know?" In the end, he admitted to the death of Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Xuewen. Wang Yufeng's phone number is 86-451-5734-3203.

Recently, a female official from the Hulan Prison in Heilongjiang Province verified the fact that Zhang Xuewen died in the Hulan Prison only days after he was sent there.

The Hulan Prison's Phone number: 86-451-57304738.

Further information - persons directly responsible for the death by torture of Zhang Xuewen in Hulan County:

Chief of the detention center: Wang Yufeng, 86-451-57343203 (office), 86-451-57332968 (home)

Deputy Chief: Zhao Liangui, 86-451-57343203 (office), 86-451-57322567 (home)

Doctor of the detention center: Wang Jianxin, 86-451-57343203 (office), 86-451-57335811 (home)

Hulan County Police Department Deputy Chief: Wang Gongchao, 86-451-55261664 (home), 86-13903665976 (cell)