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Ms. Qu Cailing and Other Dafa Practitioners' Lives are in Danger at the No. 2 Detention Center in Fushun City

July 31, 2003 |  


The No. 2 Detention Center of Fushun City, Liaoning Province illegally holds over thirty female Dafa practitioners. Some of them have severe injuries and illnesses because of the intense persecution, and their lives are in peril due to the lack of healthcare.

Ms. Qu Cailing, 52, has developed acute hypertension, heart disease, dizziness, and numbness because of the persecution. Currently she has been detained for almost a year. With her life in danger, she received no treatment, and was even unlawfully sentenced to nine years in prison. In early July of 2003, she was sent to Dabei prison in Shenyang City. The prison refused her and she was sent back to the detention center. According to the prison guidelines, anyone not admitted to prison due to severe health conditions should be sent to a hospital for further evaluation. If she doesn't meet the physical conditions to serve her sentence, she should seek further medical advice. But the detention center not only abandoned that rule, but is also attempting to use its internal connections to once again dispatch Ms. Qu to Daibei prison.

Ms. Xing Yurong, 40, has been detained for nearly a year. She has developed a severe chest inflammation that hinders her breathing. Presently, her life is in jeopardy. After she was illegally sentenced, she was sent to Dabei prison in Shenyang City. Due to her poor health, she was refused by Dabei prison. Fushun's No. 2 Detention Center neither sent her for treatment nor for further evaluation by the hospital. As a result, her health was deteriorating daily. Eventually, under pressure from different sources, the detention center finally allowed Ms. Xing to be medically evaluated.

Earlier on June 15, 2003, Dafa practitioner Wang Xiuxia was persecuted to death at the No. 2 Detention Center in Fushun City. Please consult the article on June 26, 2003 titled Torture Death of Dafa Practitioner Ms. Wang Xiuxia at the Hands of the Fushun City Police (Photos) and the article on July 2, 2003 titled Details Regarding Ms. Wang Xiuxia's Death and List of Persons Responsible.

Main perpetrators:

Fushun City No. 2 Detention Center supervisor- Chen Dongming: 86-13332126799 (cell)

The No. 2 Detention Center assistant supervisor- Yu Guide: 86-13304233600 (cell)

The No. 2 Detention Center instructor- Zhang Jinghui: 86-13898349689 (cell)

The No. 2 Detention Center female disciplinarian: Guan Jing: 86-13741306688 (cell)

The No. 2 Detention Center female disciplinarian: Zhao Chunyan: 86-13704935075 (cell); 86-413-2438318 (home)

Persons responsible for Wang Xiuxia's death:

The No. 2 Detention Center supervisor on-duty: Cai Lin: 86-13304239368 (cell); 86-413-2786865 (home)

The No. 2 Detention Center disciplinarian on-duty: Lang Xuming: 86-13904935199 (cell); 86-413-7683898 (home)