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Exposing the Torture and Killing of Dafa Practitioner Ji Songshan by the Shuangyashan City "610 Office"

July 29, 2003 |  


At approximately 10 am on June 17, 2003, "610" police officers Li Hongbo and Du Zhanyi kidnapped a 27 year-old Ji Songshan, a male Falun Dafa practitioner. He was kidnapped from the Nanxiaoshi Bus Station in Jianshan District, Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province. He was then taken to the "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) of the city police department. At about 5 pm that day, the police from Lingdong office of the city police department rang Mr. Ji's family and told them that he had jumped from the 7th floor of the police department and was very badly injured. The family was ordered to come to Lingdong office and to bring some money with them to help their son. On arrival they were then taken to the city police department and from there to the City People's Hospital. Mr. Ji's parents asked to see their son but their request was denied. Devastated and unable to see their son, they left the hospital. The next day the police rang Mr. Ji's parents and informed them that at 3 am Mr. Ji was pronounced dead.

The following points raise many questions regarding the police report of the circumstances behind Mr. Ji's death.

1. The police claimed that Mr. Ji jumped from the 7th floor, but the hospital record stated that it was the 6th floor.

2. Why did the police refuse to let the family see Mr. Ji when he was injured? The parents requested to take a picture of their son after he died but the police would not permit this.

3. When the family finally got to see Mr. Ji's body his injuries were not consistent with that of jumping out of a building. Apart from Mr. Ji's ankles being crushed, there were no other broken bones. How could one fall from such a height and only sustain broken ankles?

4. Mr. Ji's body was naked and wrapped in gauze. A family member cut open the gauze and found that Mr. Ji's left eye and cheekbone were bruised and bloodstained. His back and hip had bruises that could only have resulted from beatings, as they resembled the marks from lashes.

5. The family also found that the skin around his wrists and ankles was broken. This indicates the Mr. Ji was hand cuffed and put in shackles. Other Falun Gong practitioners have reported that when they are interrogated by police they are hand cuffed and shackled. Regulations state that during an interrogation two police officers must be present. How could Mr. Ji jump under these conditions? The window that Mr. Ji supposedly jumped from faces the street. There were no eyewitnesses, Why?

6. Why were the family members only allowed to copy the medical records under certain restrictions?

On June 26, the city prosecutor of Shuangyashan City went to the funeral home and performed an autopsy on Mr. Ji's corpse. They opened up his skull. They modified and covered up all the signs of the persecution he received and removed his internal organs for some reason. Later the authorities wanted to have the corpse cremated but family members refused and instead wanted the corpse to be frozen to preserve the evidence. Using an extremely rough manner, the authorities threatened the family members with an extremely high fee of 200 yuan-per-day to freeze the corpse. [500 yuan is the average monthly salary of workers in urban areas.]