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Police Brutally Torture Dafa Practitioner Mr. Zhang Xuewen in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

July 11, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net June 29) When Zhang Xuewen, a Dafa practitioner from Hulan County, Harbin City, was distributing truth-clarification materials, he was reported to the police, who then took him away to the Hulan County Detention Center. As soon as he arrived at the detention center, he began a hunger strike to protest his illegal detention. As of now, he has been on hunger strike for more than 60 days.

The police and judicial department in Hulan County recently attempted to hold an illegal trial for Mr. Zhang. This did not succeed due to Zhang's determined resistance. On June 20, the police said that Zhang needed an operation for appendicitis, and asked his family to pay the detention center. His family members said, "We have no money. How can you ask for money from us after torturing him so badly?" Finally, without the presence of family members nor their signatures, the police ordered the operation, but nothing was found to be wrong. Right now, Mr. Zhang is staying in the First Detention Center in Hulan County. Due to the persecution, he is emaciated and in a life-threatening situation. However, the police in Hulan County Detention Center have not allowed his family members to visit him, nor let Mr. Zhang seek medical care. Every day, Zhang just lies on the wooden board, unattended. Recently, without any legal procedures, he was illegally sentenced to five years in prison.

Following are the contact phone numbers for the police department and related agencies in Hulan County:

The Party Committee in Hulan County: 86-451-7321353, 86-451-7321415
The Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee in Hulan County: 86-451-7322920
The office of Political and Judiciary Committee in Hulan County: 86-451-7321753

Hulan County Police department:
Head: 86-451-7321531
Assistant Head: 86-7322174, 86-451-7321541, 86-451-7321021
The office of political commissioner: 86-451-7322582
The office of assistant political commissioner: 86-451-7322726
The office of preliminary hearing: 86-451-7322102
The office of security: 86-451-7321113

Hulan County Detention Center: 86-451-7321847

Hulan County Procuratorial Department:
Director: 86-451-7321003
Assistant Directors: 86-451-7321919, 86-451-7326147, 86-451-7325114, 86-451-7335766
Director of the court system: 86-451-7322170, 86-451-7321949, 86-451-7322968, 86-451-7329388
Punishment room: 86-451-7324331
Executive room: 86-451-7321877
The court: 86-451-7322929