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Details Surrounding the Torture Death of Liu Qiusheng: Fucheng Police Hide Evidence of Their Crimes, Cremating Liu's Body and Detaining His Family Members

May 09, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On February 2, 2002, Fucheng County, Cuimiao Township, Qingdong Village police arrested Dafa practitioner Liu Qiusheng from home. The arrest included his mother. Mr. Liu Qiusheng was tied to a chair at the police station and was brutally beaten up by the police in the presence of his mother. The policemen involved were Kou Wentong and another. After Liu Qiusheng was beaten for about two hours, both he and his mother were sent to a detention center and were detained separately.

On February 22, Liu Qiusheng was tortured to death. The police didn't notify his family members at that time. The next morning, Fucheng County Police drove to find the village party secretary. Instead of notifying Liu Qiusheng's mother and wife, they went to see Liu Dong, Liu Qiusheng's 16-year-old son who was working in Jiang Village. The authorities claimed that his father was very ill and deceived him into going to Fucheng. The child asked, "Does my mother know?" They answered, "Your mother will go later." Liu Dong followed them in the car. After they arrived at the Fucheng hospital, the policemen started chatting among themselves. About one hour later, the police told Liu Dong, "Go take a look at him." The child said, "I'd rather wait until my mother comes." They said, "We want you to go first. We don't know when your mother will come." Then they took the young man to a small room in the southeast corner of the hospital where Liu Dong discovered that his father had died. The medical examiner was about to conduct an autopsy. The child said, "No! Wait until my mother comes." A few minutes later the medical examiner said, "No. We will perform the autopsy right away." When turning the body to take photographs, the medical examiner probed Mr. Liu Qiusheng's back with forceps and blood came out from his mouth. Liu's ears, face, lips, right shoulder, and right chest were black and blue.

The police did not notify Liu Qiusheng's wife until after the body was autopsied. At 4:00 p.m., after the autopsy report came out, the police asked Liu Qiusheng's family members to come to the police department to talk. Upon arrival, Liu's wife said, "We won't talk unless Liu Qiusheng's mother is notified and gets here." The police promised to call and get her there, but later Liu's family learned that the police didn't call Liu Qiusheng's mother at all. It was claimed in the autopsy report that Liu Qiusheng had no trauma. However, the son had seen that Liu's ear, face, lips, right shoulder, and right chest were black and blue with bruises. The medical examiner claimed that Liu Qiusheng died from "fatty heart," but what did the blood coming out of his mouth indicate?

Liu's wife questioned the police, "Did Qiusheng die from your abuse?" The police answered, "No." Liu's wife said, "You said Qiusheng died from disease. Why didn't you ask us to visit?" The police said, "There is no phone in your home!" Liu's wife said, "When you arrested Liu Qiusheng, there was no phone at my home either. How come you arrested him anyway?" Liu's wife asked, "Did Liu Qiusheng die after being given emergency treatment at the hospital? Who was the physician in charge? Who was the emergency department physician? I want to see the doctor." The police answered, "There is no need to tell you." Liu's wife questioned, "If you didn't beat Liu Qiusheng to death, why did you deceive my young son into witnessing the autopsy? I want to find a medical examiner myself to redo the assessment."

Because the police were afraid of being exposed, at about 5:30 p.m. on the 24th, policemen and plainclothes officers violently dragged Liu Qiusheng's family members away. Five or six policemen handled each one of the family members, holding them forcibly to the ground and not allowing them to shout, talk or move. The policemen who held Liu Dong at that time was the "medical examiner" who did the autopsy.

The police took Liu Qiusheng's body for cremation without the family's consent, and Liu's whole family were detained in the police department. When Liu Qiusheng's wife saw Liu's body for the last time before cremation, she asked again, "When he was still alive, and when the body was autopsied after death, why you didn't let the adults in my family see him? Instead, you deceived a young child to watch your autopsy. In only 20 days, you tortured a healthy, energetic, and good person to death. What's the use to take a look now?"

This is part of the story of Liu Qiusheng's arrest, detention and torture, leading to his death. Kou Wentong must bear primary responsibility for Liu Qiusheng's death.

April 24, 2003