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In Memory of Fellow Practitioner Li Weihong

May 27, 2003 |   By a practitioner from Shanghai


Li Weihong left us on April 19th 2003 after suffering great pain in her body for a long time. This is yet another crime committed by the "610 Office" and the police departments both in Shanghai and other provinces under pressure from Jiang's regime.

In the year 2000, on a day that was heavily overcast, she went with other practitioners to Tiananmen Square in a yellow vest with the red characters for Zhen-Shan-Ren embroidered on it and displayed a banner stating, "Falun Dafa is good" to validate the Fa. Both the police in plain clothes and police in uniforms rushed up to them and kicked them hard while holding their hair. The police took more than thirty of them by force to the police vehicle and illegally detained them in the detention center in Jingan District, Shanghai, for a month and a half.

Weihong continued to distribute truth clarification materials after she was released, though she was in extreme danger. She was arrested again in October of the same year and was detained in a small room on the second floor of New Pudong Police Station. There were two beds in the room with two policemen sleeping on them, while Li Weihong was handcuffed with her hands above her head to the wall. There were also police on the first floor. After suffering physical punishment for a long time, she had a thought and asked for help from Master: "I want to get out of here since there is a lot of Falun Dafa work that I need to do." A miracle truly happened. At 4:00am, she realized that the handcuffs had become unlocked. Then, she passed by the sleeping police noiselessly. One of the police glanced at her with sleepy eyes, turned over, and went back to sleep. Later on, the police could never believe and accept the facts. They could not imagine how such a small and weak looking Falun Dafa practitioner had miraculously disappeared while they kept watch. She had to leave her home, but continued distributing Falun Dafa truth clarification materials under very difficult conditions.

At the end of the year 2000, she and several other practitioners decided to go and spread the Fa in other provinces. The police arrested her and beat her up. She went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention, and the police force-fed her with hot pepper liquid through a tube. It was so painful that she rolled on the floor. Her stomach, liver, and other internal organs were damaged severely. The police blocked the news. However, one prisoner from the same cell was very sympathetic toward her. Being unable to tolerate any more, this prisoner went out and made a phone call to Li Weihong's family. Her family spent more than 20,000 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.] to have her sent back to Shanghai. Then, she was sentenced to a two-year term of forced labor. She was allowed to see the doctor since her health had declined gradually.

She made use of all favorable situations to distribute the truth clarification materials and CDs before she was sent to the hospital. She went to other practitioners' homes and helped with their understanding of the Fa and helped them make progress together. She clarified the truth to people by making use of all opportunities. She was arrested several times, but the police had to let her go due to her health condition. She was sent to the center hospital in Jingan district, Shanghai city. While in surgery, the doctor discovered that her stomach had ulcerated. He concluded that she had "stomach cancer" and that she would only live for three months more. Her husband could not understand this. He divorced her since he could not bear this any more. Her daughter was still in school, and all her family members were crying while looking at her. She nonetheless distributed the truth clarification material to everyone she met in the hospital. Being afraid of her, the Police Department and the 6/10 Agents did not know what to do with her.

Although she had suffered so much, she did not feel regret and resentment. She said: "I just did what a Falun Dafa practitioner should do, and I did not do well in many places." At present, her sister Li Weiling has been illegally sentenced to an eight-year prison term and is detained in the girl's prison of Songjiang district, Shanghai. Her mother (68 years old, illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor reform) was released from the forced labor camp recently. Li Weihong said slowly in her final moments: "Falun Dafa is the great law of the universe. You all must keep going..."

I've written some of what sister Li did for the purpose of encouraging us all. Let's rectify the Fa with Master and be diligent continuously.