(Clearwisdom.net) To help with activities appealing for the release of Lin Wenrong, I stayed in Ruhr, Germany for a week. I had a lot of experiences there that I want to share with everyone.

In our discussions of what is the fundamental purpose of rescue work, some practitioners said that it is to rescue Lin Wenrong, while others said that it is for clarifying the truth. At the beginning, I did not mind the differences between these two ideas, because I thought that both were for Dafa. However, in the process of working things out, I found that these two attitudes could create two completely different effects. The first attitude took the suffering of our fellow practitioner as our own. On the other hand, the second approach was not genuinely sympathetic with our fellow practitioners; that is, it did not really take the persecution others as the persecution of ourselves.

Imagine: if we were thrown into a forced labor camp, wouldn't we want to get out as soon as possible? We would not want to stay there for one more second! Because we practitioners are not supposed to be persecuted, and many lives are still waiting to be saved, we should rescue imprisoned practitioners as quickly as we can. One of the means to rescue her is clarifying the truth to the world. Clarifying the truth is the means, while rescuing our fellow practitioner is the goal. I think that succeeding in rescuing Lin Wenrong would show the utmost rejection of the old forces' arrangements. The most destructive action of the old forces towards the Fa-rectification in this incident was imprisoning Lin Wenrong, because doing so made it impossible for her to continue carrying out her mission as a Fa-rectification disciple to save people in the world. Thus, we cannot confuse the aim with the means.

I remember that in the New Year gathering for German practitioners last year, I watched the Chinese video about the persecution of the practitioners in China. I cried bitterly. That was the first time that I felt the slight trail of indifference long buried deep in my heart being melted by Chinese practitioners'mercy, which could melt iron and steel. I wanted to cry out for my fellow practitioners in China! They were all my family. We were all here for the Fa-rectification, and for the new universe. I could not allow them to be tortured like that! In November 2002, I joined the activity of the 5-day SOS parade. Because I had to connect with the media and government, I joined the activity by car. Though I did not walk by myself, I felt that I was approaching my fellow practitioners in China. I could better understand the selflessness of their sacrifice for others. In my heart, I was one with them.

Master often says that cultivation practice is to cultivate one's heart. I think that every time I do Dafa work, especially when I am very busy, I should ask myself more often whether I am doing it with my heart. Only by having "a compassion that can melt steel" ("Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference") towards my fellow practitioners can I completely root out the indifference in my heart, and really become a part of the indestructible unified body of practitioners.