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Female Dafa Practitioner Xiao Guiying from Hunan Province Tortured to Death

April 14, 2003 |  


Mrs. Xiao Guiying was a Dafa practitioner from Yueyang City, Hunan Province. Before she found Dafa in 1996, she suffered from osteophytosis and other diseases for years. Soon after she took up the practice of Dafa, all of her illnesses went away. She had been following Dafa's principles since then.

Xiao Guiying's husband, Yan Youhua, was the former Treasurer of Yueyang City. Because Xiao Guiying did everything in accord with Dafa, she refused to accept bribes. Yan Youhua was very hostile towards Dafa and wrote some articles to slander Dafa. In order to prevent him from showing disrespect to Dafa, Xiao Guiying reluctantly gave up cultivation of Dafa. Soon her illnesses came back, and she became paralyzed.

After July 20, 1999 when Jiang's regime began the persecution of Dafa, seeing that such a good cultivation practice was slandered, Xiao Guiying made up her mind to step forward to validate Dafa. Not long after she started practicing Dafa again, she was able to walk around with ease.

Yan Youhua, a man over 60 years old, had several mistresses. He had attempted to divorce his wife, but Xiao Guiying refused. He once hired several thugs to go to his home and attempt to kill his wife. After the persecution of Falun Gong started, in order not to be implicated, he intensified the abuse of his wife. In early 2002, Xiao Guiying was forced to leave home. While going from place to place, she kept clarifying the truth to people deceived by the false propaganda.

Yan Youhua and his son colluded with the police and kidnapped Xiao Guiying in Changsha City, her hometown. After they took her back home, they kept her tied to a tree. Later Yan Youhua sent her to a detention center, where she was held for over half a year. Afterwards, Yan Youhua and his son wanted to send her to a forced labor camp. However, she failed to pass the medical examination required by the labor camp. On the way back from the labor camp, Xiao Guiying managed to escape. Later she was arrested again for clarifying the truth. After she was released, Yan Youhua forcibly sent her to the Yueyang City Mental Hospital, where she suffered various tortures and passed away in March 2003.

Xiao Guiying's work unit claimed that she died of lung cancer. However, why would they send her to the mental hospital if she really had lung cancer?

Yan Youhua is not a law-enforcement official; however, he sent his wife to detention centers, labor camps and mental hospitals over and over again. Who bestowed such power on him? It is due to the directives of Jiang's regime that he dared to persecute his wife to death.

Yan Youhua's home phone is 86-730-8842190. The phone number of the Yueyang City Mental Hospital is 86-730-8212477.