(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners have recently launched worldwide activities to rescue Charles Li and Lin Lili. These efforts are unprecedented in their scope, momentum and depth of coverage.

Looking back on our history of clarifying the truth over the past three years, we can see shortcomings in our efforts to save sentient beings. For example, when the incidents of Charles Li and Lin Lili first occurred, the relevant government departments did not have as active a response as we expected. We could also hear intense responses from our fellow practitioners, including complaints towards those departments. Our criticism is not incorrect. With today's degenerated moral standard, people, including government departments, sometimes cannot fulfill their obligations based on following good moral values. However, as practitioners, we need to carefully examine how well we are fulfilling our role as Fa-rectification disciples, and see how we can improve in order to more deeply clarify the truth and help save sentient beings.

First of all, do we clearly clarify the truth according to the requirements of the Fa-rectification? Have we ever thought in depth about whether we have clearly clarified the truth to governments? To be sure, we have clarified the truth at various levels, but the problem is whether we have not clarified the truth well enough. For example:

  • Do we express clearly what is the real reason for Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong?
  • Do we express clearly the real evil nature of this persecution?
  • Do we express clearly why Falun Gong is the top issue in Chinese current events, the one which will decide the present and the future of China?
  • Do we express clearly the current situation of China's politics, economy, law, humanitarian environment, natural environment, the financial environment and the United State's status relates to Falun Gong?
  • Do we express clearly that the persecution happening in China is actually a persecution targeted at the whole world, and the whole of humanity?
  • Do we express clearly why all the governments should pay close attention to the Falun Gong issue and why it is so closely related to the future of the people in every country?

Of course, in many situations, we have to take the people whom we talk to into consideration. It is not that all the sentient beings will necessarily need to learn about Falun Gong in such depth. But in many situations, if we do not clarify the truth in enough depth and detail, the complaints we make against ordinary society are the direct reflection of the fact that we did not do our job well enough in saving the sentient beings. As cultivators, we have no reason to complain about any person or any thing.

Secondly, how can we improve our job in clarifying the truth?

In the past three years, we have gotten used to and become very familiar with all the activities related to clarifying the truth, such as hosting gatherings, parades, practicing the exercises, holding exhibitions, etc., and we can do all these activities very well.

How can we clarify the truth in even further depth and detail? The two most important aspects for us in clarifying the truth are first to clarify the truth to the Chinese people, and secondly, to clarify the truth to the governments of every country. The disappointing response to the recent urgent issues highlights the fact that the governments do not really understand that the persecution of Falun Gong is the most evil thing happening in this world, or at least that it is not any less urgent than the other issues. It may be even more important for the future of the international society. Their lack of understanding is due to our own shortcoming. That shows why they don't have a correct attitude towards us fundamentally.

Under such a situation, it is the high-level decision-making departments of each country that we should clarify the truth to, not only to the executive departments that carry out the policies or the staff of the lower levels. Though it is true that it is our own issue as to what degree we use our heart and how much of the truth we actually clarify to people, it is their own business as to what choices they make after listening to the truth. We should therefore surely clarify the truth well enough to all those living beings, who deserve to hear the truth.

Master said in "Teaching the Fa during the 2003 Lantern Festival at the Western United States Fa Conference," "As you've seen, you are clarifying the facts, sending righteous thoughts, and individually cultivating yourselves--these three things are the three most important things for Dafa disciples to do at present. Clarifying the facts, speaking from the surface principles at the human level, is exposing the evil persecution. Sending righteous thoughts is eliminating those unsalvageable, filthiest beings' persecution of Dafa disciples. From the perspective of principles at a higher level, the true intention of clarifying the facts is to save sentient beings and to prevent humankind from being weeded out."

In clarifying the truth to the highest-level departments of the government, we should not only make breakthroughs in our courage and insight, we should also bring into full play more of our wisdom. We should not be satisfied simply with speaking about the truth. We should break through our own notions and attachments, and clearly clarify the truth in the way that is required by the Fa-rectification. We should help people remove their misunderstanding and bewilderment, and help them understand and accept the truth that is saving them. On all these issues, have we been stopped by difficulties in contacting government officials? Are we afraid of moving ahead, not knowing how to clarify the truth well to them? Are we still following the arrangements by the old forces on many issues, getting stopped by our own notions and thoughts that are not righteous and that prevent us from clarifying the truth well? Whether we have clarified the truth well or not is shown by whether the government adopts a correct attitude in major events.

If everyday society can follow good moral standards to deal with things, it wouldn't be necessary for us to clarify the truth to them. The attitude of the government is, to a large extent, the result of whether we have clarified the truth well with our words and conduct.

The above is my personal understanding. Please rectify with compassion if there is anything improper.