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Policemen Abduct, Torture, and Extort Money from Dafa Practitioners in Cheng'an County, Hebei Province

March 23, 2003 |  


Citizens in Cheng'an County, Hebei Province, had been monitoring and reporting local Dafa practitioners. As a result, on August 31, 2000, Li Zhide, the Director General of Cheng'an County Police Bureau, led all the policemen from the County Police Department, along with every police station, and forcibly abducted 67 practitioners who were gathered together to share experiences. The police maliciously beat the practitioners. Several police surrounded one practitioner, abused him/her using ropes and batons, and pulled practitioners' hair and kicked them. Practitioners were beaten until they were bruised and bleeding. Some were even beaten to unconsciousness.

While in the police station, police officers Lu Jianping, Zhao Peng, Feng Jinghai, Zhang Jiangdou, and others led a group of hired thugs using unconscionable force to torture Dafa practitioners for three consecutive days and nights. They put shackles weighing twenty pounds-plus on practitioners, and used electric batons to continuously shock practitioners with high-voltage. Many practitioners were severely burned. The wounds were horrible to look at. To prevent anyone from hearing the cries of pain, practitioners' mouths were stuffed with socks. Dafa practitioner Xun Ruilin was severely beaten, then sent to Lintong County and tortured to death. Practitioner Xia Wenzhong had been illegally arrested eight times and sent to detention centers, and now has been arrested by a governmental legal department. After suffering excruciating pain from torture Practitioner Li has also been arrested by a governmental legal department.

While practitioners were in the detention center, Chief Fan, Chief Chen, Chief Yi, and Guard Yang spread rumors and slandered Dafa. Director General Li Zhide and Lu Jiangzhang personally directed brutal forced-feeding. Zhang Jiangang, the chief of the Politics and Security Section of the Police Bureau, led others repeatedly to break into practitioners' homes and abduct them in the middle of the night.

These vicious policemen also extorted huge amounts of money from Dafa practitioners' families; at least 5,000 Yuan per practitioner [An average urban worker's monthly salary is about 500 Yuan]. Some practitioners' families were forced to prepare a feast for the police and give them presents. The families spent almost 30,000 Yuan to have those practitioners released. These families not only lost everything but incurred large debts because of the persecution.

Here we solemnly warn those vicious police in Cheng'an County: Stop the persecution against Dafa and Dafa practitioners! Otherwise you will face heaven's wrath.

Related Phone Numbers:

Cheng'an County Police Department: Operator: 86-310-7211245

Vice Squad: 86-791-310-7280986 or 7280979

Cheng'an County Detention Center: 86-791-310-7280989

Cheng'an Township Police Substation: 86-310-7211592 or 7280909