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In Memory of a Panjing Dafa Practitioner--Mr. Liu Dejun

December 08, 2003 |   By a fellow Dafa practitioner


(Clearwisdom.net) I remember that May 18, 2003 was the last time I saw Liu Dejun. At that time, Brother Liu was healthy, strong, and radiant. His smile was full of steadfast belief in Dafa. Recently, I heard that Mr. Liu had been shot by the police at his home. They abducted him and sentenced him to three years of forced labor on May 25. A month later, on June 25, I heard that Mr. Liu staged a hunger strike in order to resist the persecution and his life was in danger. I was informed on July 16 that Mr. Liu had left this world on July 11.

It had only been 41 days since Mr. Liu was abducted. In these 41 dark days and nights, how much had he suffered in that bloody persecution? Thus far, we still do not know.

I remember that I came to know Mr. Liu at a fellow practitioner's home. In the beginning, Mr. Liu did not talk much. We did not do much experience sharing, so neither of us had a deep impression of the other. Later, we traveled together in order to expose the persecution. Since that time, Mr. Liu's bravery, efficient working style, and his words and deeds originating from his righteous belief in Dafa have done a great deal for Dafa practitioners in Panjing City. His true and respectful heart to Teacher and Dafa and his responsible attitude toward fellow practitioners and sentient beings truly moved people to tears. His level of unselfishness, sacrifice, hard work, and forbearance has inspired many fellow practitioners.

Because of his efforts, many fellow Dafa practitioners who are in remote areas and have not obtained Dafa materials have been able to reconnect with Minghui (Clearwisdom.net in Chinese). These practitioners are therefore able to keep up with the progress of Fa-rectification and realize their historical vows for helping Teacher in Fa-rectification. With his coordination and assistance, a Dafa material production site foiled sabotage twice.

Mr. Liu, we will never forget you. We are determined to let everyone know about your suffering and misfortune. The perpetrators will be severely punished in due time.