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Falun Dafa Practitioner Mr. Zuo Guoqing from Daqing Was Tortured to Death

December 23, 2003 |  


Mr. Zuo Guoqing was 37 years old. He was born in Shaodong County, Hunan Province. He was the party secretary of Normal Pressure Workshop in the First Petroleum Refinery Factory, Daqing Petroleum Refinery Incorporated. He was sent to forced labor camp twice for not giving up his belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance" the fundamental teachings of Falun Dafa and for being a kind person. During the second detention in Daqing Labor Camp, he was tortured by forcibly being fed with food and highly concentrated salt water, even though he was not on hunger strike. He was also tormented by the rope tying torture*. The torture brought on pleurisy, tuberculosis and pneumonia. He was released under the guise of "medical treatment." However, in May 2003, he was again sent to Suihua City Labor Camp for continuous detention, which led to the inflammation of his entire body and a life-threatening illness. He died in October in his hometown in Hunan Province.

In 1984, Mr. Zuo Guoqing was admitted to the Daqing Petroleum College with excellent test scores. After his graduation in 1988, he was assigned to a position in Daqing City Petroleum Refinery Incorporated (formerly, Chemical Catalysis Factory). He worked cautiously and conscientiously and received well-worded praises from leaders and colleagues of the factory. Before he died, he was the party secretary of the Normal Pressure Workshop in the First Refinery Factory of the Incorporate, a cadre at the rank of vice division leader.

He started to cultivate Falun Dafa in 1995. He was the contact person of the Chengfeng branch site of Daqing Falun Dafa Assistance Site. Since July 20, 1999, when Dafa began being persecuted, he had been detained four times for validating Dafa. He suffered from various brutal tortures.

In February 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal and to fulfill his duty as a citizen. As a result, he was arrested in the appealing office and was taken back by the local police and was detained in a detention center in Daqing City for 100 days. When he returned to his work, his rank was lowered to general technical staff.

On June 18, 2000, Mr. Zuo Guoqing participated in a collective Dafa exercise. For this, he was immediately arrested by the branch police station. After an unjust interrogation, he was sent to a detention center in Daqing City. Subsequently, he was unjustly sentenced for one year of forced labor in Daqing Labor Camp. For not giving up his belief, he suffered brutal tortures. He was forced to move heavy loads of soil, stood for long periods of time at night and suffered sleep deprivation. He was released one year later.

In October 2001, he and other fellow practitioners were arrested at Daqing Train Station for bringing Dafa materials with them. He was first sent to the city railway detention center for a month and then unjustly sentenced for two years in Daqing Labor Camp. At that time, the situation in the labor camp was very oppressive. Four inmates were assigned to monitor one practitioner; all the practitioners' activities were restricted. One day in December 2001, he was punished with the rope tying torture* for saying one sentence to a fellow practitioner. At the same time, he was also forcibly fed with salt water. Though not on a hunger strike, he was not feed any food. He resisted the torture. The salt water spilled all over him. When his clothes dried, they were covered with white salt crystals. He was tied with the rope three times that day. His body suffered from severe injuries.

Soon after the torture, he could not eat, his chest was congested and he coughed a lot. After the Chinese Spring Festival in early 2002, the staff in the labor camp brought him to a hospital for a checkup and found that he contracted pleurisy, tuberculosis and pneumonia. Later, he was brought to the Second Hospital of Daqing City, a hospital for infectious diseases, for treatment. At that time, he was very frail. Fearing responsibility for his death, the labor camp found a family member to take him out of the labor camp under the guise of "medical treatment." After he returned home, he often studied the Fa and did the exercises. His health recovered quickly. He immerged himself again in the grand stream of Fa-rectification.

On May 7, 2003, several prison guards from Jianhua Police Station, Daqing City suddenly broke into the apartment where he was living. He was knocked to the ground and his hands were tied behind his back and his head was tightly tied with clothes, which nearly suffocated him. After his head was bound, the policemen dragged him out quickly. He was not even allowed to wear clothes or shoes. His house was ransacked and anything of value was stolen, including a desktop computer, a laptop computer and some money. At the same time, practitioner Mr. Bai was also arrested in his house. Mr. Bai is still unjustly detained in Daqing City Labor Camp now.

After they arrived at the police station, the policemen punched and kicked him, then cuffed his hands behind his back. That night, the head of the National Security Brigade of the district police station brought him to the National Security Bureau in Daqing City. He was shown the detention warrant and was asked to sign it. He refused. The policeman roared ferociously, "Detention will be the same, whether you sign your name or not."

In the National Security Bureau, he was cuffed to a chair continuously for over 20 days. He was often interrogated until late at night. He steadfastly resisted the torturing. About one week after he was cuffed to the chair, his body exhibited severe symptoms. First, his feet were swollen and then his head and cheeks became swollen. The National Security Bureau secretly brought him to the Seventh Hospital of Daqing City for a checkup, which confirmed that his condition was acute. It was further discovered that the Daqing Labor Camp released him for "medical treatment," when in fact the prison guards had not released him at all. Instead, despite his condition, they secretly sent him back to Suihua City Labor Camp for continuous detention. This information was sealed and for two months nobody knew he was detained there.

He was not allowed to read the Falun Dafa books or do the exercises. Four traitors of Falun Dafa monitored him. They brought massive amounts of materials to brainwash him. Under this spiritual torture, his health became worse every day. One month later, the inflammation of his body reached the limit. He no longer was able to eat. He breathed with great difficulty and his life was at risk.

In early July, he was forcibly taken to a hospital in Harbin City for treatment. He was always trying to find an opportunity to escape from the evil den with righteous thoughts.

In the middle of August, his health recovered a little and he was again returned to Suihua City Labor Camp. Because his illness was never healed, his body became swollen immediately after he arrived at the labor camp. A few days later, he was brought to hospital again. Finally, he left the hospital quietly when the people watching him fell asleep.

On October 3, 2003, he returned to his hometown in Hunan Province after an arduous journey. However, his health became worse and worse every day. His family members brought him to Shaozhong County Hospital many times for checkups and treatment, but he did not recover. In the end, his family brought him to Shaoyang Central Hospital of Hunan Province. The doctor said that his internal organs were no longer functioning; no medicine could cure him. At 11:00 a.m. on October 27, 2003 (October 3 in Chinese Lunar calendar), he passed away in the hospital.

The Related Telephone Numbers:

The director's office Jianhua Police Station of Daqing City: 86-459-5731001; 86-13359822110(C)

The instructor of Jianhua Police Station 86-459-5731020
Reception 86-459-5731110
Director of Rang District Police Bureau 86-459-5989411
Vice Director 86-459-5985956; 86-459-5989692; 86-459-5987105; 86-459-5989649; 86-459-5988673
Party Secretary 86-459-5989412
Lin Shaoju, the director of National Security Bureau of Daqing City: 86-459-6364109
Party Secetary 86-459-6181233

Ying Chengli, director of the Labor Camp of Daqing City: 86-459-4326808(W), 86-459-6369698(H), 86-13329390528(C)
Song Huidong, party secretary 86-459-4326800(W); 86-459-6378169(H); 86-13329390559(C)
Wang Yongxiang, vice director: 86-459-4680996(W); 86-459-4631816(H); 86-13194599933(C)
Wang Xijun, the secretary of disciplinary committee 86-459-4326776(W); 86-459-6378059(H), 86-13936719220(C)

* Rope Tying Torture - The police tie up the practitioner with a thin rope, circle the rope around the back of the neck, across the chest and tie his hands behind the back. Then the police would use all the force they could muster to tighten the rope. The rope becomes tighter and tighter around the body of the practitioner and this makes it more and more difficult for him to breathe. The pain is so intense that the practitioner sometimes loses control of his bladder. There are instances when the rope was tightened enough to break a practitioner's arm.

December 17, 2003