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Dafa Practitioner and Firefighter Lu Bingsen Is Tortured to Death in Daqing Forced Labor Camp

November 09, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Lu Bingsen was a 39-year-old Dafa practitioner in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province. In mid-October 2003, Mr. Lu was tortured to death in Daqing City Forced Labor Camp. Zhang Mingzhu, Assistant Brigade Leader in the Camp, was the person that murdered Mr.?Lu. Before Mr. Lu died, Zhang subjected him to frequent, atrocious torture.

Zhang Mingzhu was also one of the disciplinary guards directly responsible for the murder of He Huajiang. Because Zhang was highly "accomplished" in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, he was promoted to Assistant Brigade Leader of Daqing City Forced Labor Camp. Zhang once declared, "There is no legal consequence for killing [Falun Gong practitioners.]." Daqing City Forced Labor Camp is currently sealing the records about Mr. Lu's death. When asked about Lu Bingsen's death, the response was the following: "Mr. Lu Bingsen died of heart attack."

Lu Bingsen was a firefighter in the 6th Fire Brigade in Daqing City, and lived in Caikulou area, Ranghulu District, Daqing City. In October 2002, the police illegally abducted Mr. Lu while he was posting Falun Gong truth-clarification flyers on the street, and then sentenced him to two years in prison. Two days before this article was written, Zhang Mingzhu locked Mr. Lu in a small room with no windows and tortured him to death. Mr. Lu Bingsen was the 21st Dafa practitioner who died as a result of persecution in the Daqing City Forced Labor Camp. The details of Mr. Lu Bingsen's death are currently under investigation.

The following is a list of the responsible police officers at Daqing City Force Labor Camp and their Phone Numbers:

1. Mr. Zhang Mingzhu, Assistant Brigade Leader: 86-459-4604902

2. Mr. Ying Chengli, Head of Daqing City Forced Labor Camp: 86-459-4661192

3. Mr. Song, Political Commissar of Daqing City Forced Labor Camp: 86-459-4689260

4. Mr. Liu Qianli, head of Education Section: 86-459-4664860

5. Mr. Han Qingshan, Chief of Administration Section: 86-459-4662724

6. The 1st Brigade of Daqing City Forced Labor Camp: 86-459-4604903

Lai Zhonghui, Brigade Leader; Wang Yingzhou and Qu Weiguang, deputy Brigade Leaders; and Wang Junping, political instructor. (All male)

7. The 2nd Brigade of Daqing City Forced Labor Camp: 86-459-4604902

Wang Xichun, Brigade Leader; Zhang Mingzhu and Wei Junjiang, Assistant Brigade Leaders; Wang Gang, squadron leader; and Zhang Bo, political instructor. (All male)

8. The 3rd Brigade of Daqing City Forced Labor Camp: 86-459-4662808

Xin Guoyou, Brigade Leader; Wang Hongjun and Liu Fucheng, Assistant Brigade Leaders (All males).

9. Security Guard at the Gate: 86-459-4664858

Wang Yongxiang, Deputy Head of Daqing City Forced Labor Camp: 86-459-4680996 (W), 86-459-4631816 (C), 86-13069642099 (C)

Mr. Han Jinshang, 86-459-4662724

Disciplinary Guards of the 4th Brigade [Group Training Brigade]:

Zhang Bo, Chen Ligong, Wang Gang, and Xu Enjun

Fu Qiang, resident physician at the health clinic at the camp

Criminal Inmates: Wang Qinling, Jiang Fa, and Zhao Yanjun