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An Account of How Police in Qian'an City, Hebei Province Brutally Killed A Young Female Falun Dafa Practitioner from Out of Town

November 20, 2003 |   By Falun Dafa Practitioners in Qian'an City


Recently, a witness revealed how on February 21, 2001, a young female Falun Dafa practitioner "L25" (she refused to give her real name) was tortured to death by police in Qian'an City, Hebei Province. During brutal interrogations, police pulled out her eyelashes, pulled off her toenails, and burned her nose with a cigarette lighter. The killer has still not been punished.

Around 10 p.m. on November 26, 2000, police from the Qian'an City Detention Center brought in 14 Falun Dafa practitioners. They came from all over the country, and were arrested because they went to Tiananmen Square to validate the Fa in Beijing. The police lied to them by saying that if they told their names and addresses they would be released. These Falun Dafa practitioners refused to cooperate with the evil, and they were all inhumanely tortured.

The police physically forced these 14 Falun Dafa practitioners to kneel down on the floor, then tied their hands tightly around their necks, grabbed their hair, and used ropes, belts, and shoe soles to slap their heads and faces. Blood gushed down from Dafa practitioners' heads unceasingly.

We only know that L25 was a young female Dafa practitioner. We could guess her career and other details from other people's interactions with her. Prisoner A, who lived in the same cell with her said, "L25 wore a professional business suit, and her personal daily belongings were very expensive. She talked very politely, and even the worst prisoner in the cell liked her very much, and loved to be around her." The lunch they were given consisted of balls of corn bread that were only as big as your palm. L25 always shared a piece of hers with prisoner A every day. She said, "We Falun Dafa practitioners do not pursue worldly gains. We wear clothes to cover our bodies, and we eat just enough to fill our stomachs." Whenever some prisoner asked for her personal clothes or daily items, she always gladly gave them. There are so many little things like this that we do not have enough time to record them all.

Such a kind Dafa practitioner was tortured to death by police from Qian'an City on February 21, 2001. In order to stop the police from committing more crimes, and in order to memorialize this nameless person, who is last known as "Falun Dafa practitioner," we are exposing how the police killed her.

On a morning in January 2001, at 8 a.m., police took L25 out of the cell and tried to force her to tell her name. She told them firmly, "You have no right to interrogate me, since I did not commit any crimes. Falun Dafa practitioners are good people." Police then burned her nose, grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the floor and the wall, which resulted in large areas of her hair coming out. Police stomped on her feet with leather boots until her two feet were bloodied beyond recognition, and her toenails came off. Police also whipped her face with a belt and a rope, which loosened all of her teeth so that she could not eat anything. Her eyelashes were all pulled out. She passed out, and the police then poured cold water onto her body. The police tortured her for 14 hours until 10 p.m., when they carried her bloody body back to the cell. The prisoners dared not look at her. It was a sight that was tragic beyond description. Less than two months later, L25 died in the Qian'an City Chinese Medicine Hospital. In order to validate that Falun Dafa is a righteous Way, and that Falun Dafa practitioners are innocent, she never told her name or address. The intolerable part is that the police who killed L25 are still at large, having received no legal punishment.

The killers' names:

Political and Security Office Director Peng Minghui of the Qian'an City Police Station.

Director of the Qian'an City Detention Center Wang Heying.